Fixed: TF2 Crashes When Joining a Valve Server

We hear a lot of complaints from TF2 players getting errors whenever they try to join a Valve server. 

Most common reasons include outdated drivers or mods. But, how can you fix that? We’ve got the easiest ways for this TF2 problem for you for a fantastic game time. Let’s start!

Fix #1: Update Your Driver

Make sure your drivers are updated as much as possible. If this causes the problem, here’s how you can go about updating your device drivers:

update graphics driver
  1. Launch the run dialog by pressing the Windows + R buttons together. 
  2. When the search box opens, input “devmgmt.msc,” then click “OK.”
  3. Search for “Display Adapters” and click it to open the dropdown menu. 
  4. Right-click your graphics card list, then select “Update Drivers” under the context menu. 
  5. Lastly, follow the prompt instructions to continue updating your device drivers. 

After the process, restart the game, then try joining a valve server. It should be working fine now and prevent your TF2 from having a slow motion server. 

Fix #2: Check or Update Mods

Outdated mods can cause glitches while playing TF2, like server [1] error messages or crashes. 

TF2 update release

Make sure to check for mod updates to get the latest features. Install the latest mods to have access to all the great features and hacks of the game.  

Other Possible Reasons Why TF2 Crashes While Connecting to a Valve Server

There are various reasons why TF2 crashes while joining a Valve server, but a huge contributing factor might be due to the sv_pure 1 system. This server is vulnerable to crashes on the model side (most common in Valve and Skial servers). 

You can deduce the offending models as the C-models for the Crusader’s Crossbow and Sniper Riffle. Removing those ones will likely be the best workaround for the crashes, at least for now.  

TF2 gameplay

Go to Valve and fix whatever bug is causing the issue since they don’t arise on non-sv_pure servers, which we recommend. 

Also, do not forget to get the latest updates from Valve. You don’t want to get left behind, right?


With our two easy fixes above, server crashing issues won’t be a bother anymore. You have ways to resolve the issue right away and go on with your game plan. Cheering on you!

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