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A Quick Guide on Terraria Servers

If you’re a fan of Terraria, you may have considered setting up a server to play with friends. But what’s the point of a Terraria server? 

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of having a Terraria server and what it can do for your game. Whether you’re looking for more challenge, and convenience, or just want to take your gameplay to the next level, here are some of the things that a Terraria server can offer you:

What is the Point of a Terraria Server?

A Terraria server is a platform that allows players to connect via the internet or another network to play multiplayer games. 

Terraria’s server software is included in Windows installations. But server files must be downloaded in order to run on a Linux distribution. 

This server can also be used to play single-player games on its own, and allows you to change the in-game time at any time.

Terraria joining via IP

By default, the server uses TCP port 7777. If you are behind NAT (a residential user), the port used must be port-forwarded so that other players can join. 

If a port cannot be forwarded, a VPN service such as Hamachi or Radmin VPN may be used instead. The default maximum number of players is 8 (16 as of, but this can be changed during server startup and in the server configuration file (serverconfig.txt). 

Non-NAT connections, such as business or data center users, usually do not require port forwarding, but may require port access through a firewall. 

If you’re using a cloud service provider like AWS or GCP, make sure TCP and UDP port 7777 are open to allow connections to the server. This server can be then joined by going to the main menu, selecting Multiplayer, selecting a character, and then entering the server’s IP and port.

Join Terraria Server Via Steam Friends List

Different servers frequently have different requirements in order for a player to join. Some servers will require a Softcore or Mediumcore player to play, while others may require players to be at a certain level of the game before joining. 

A public server will frequently have a /register and /login system, requiring the player to create a character with a unique name and password.

Public servers [1] are typically managed by a team of Administrators or Moderators who enforce or regulate rules. Terraria server mods and hacks, as well as impersonation, are frequently prohibited by these rules. 

Some servers may also allow a player to play online with their single-player character while keeping their single-player inventory. In Multiplayer, however, a list of servers you’ve recently played will be saved under “Join via IP.”

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