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Fixed: TeamSpeak 3 Crashes When Joining a Server

Does TeamSpeak 3 crash when you’re joining a server? Well, many players do. No errors. No messages. The client just freezes and closes. If you get to experience this issue, we’ve got you covered! 

Today, we will nine effective ways to resolve this TeamSpeak 3 (TS3) problem. 

Fix #1: Re-install TeamSpeak 3 or Install the Latest Client Version

First, you may want to re-install TS3 and install the latest Client version. Update TS3 by downloading the new server version. 

installing latest TeamSpeak 3 Client

Unzip the new Client version into the old TS3 server directory, then start your TS3. It will automatically connect to the server once the update is successful. 

Fix #2: Run Program as Administrator

If TS3 cannot access specific Windows components, it might be because it does not have the necessary permissions. You can try running the program as an administrator to try and resolve the issue.

Fix #3: Delete or Rename Plugins in the Client Folder

You can try disabling or renaming the plugins in your Client Folder. Alternatively, we suggest deleting the old ones that might be causing the TS3 to crash. 

TeamSpeak 3 Client folder

After removing the plugins, join a server and check the behavior of TS3. 

Fix #4: Disable Hotkeys

Another resolution is by disabling HotKeys on TS3. Go to TS3 “Settings,” then select “Hotkeys.” If needed, change the menu from “Default” to “Keyboard and Mouse Only.” Next, click “Hotkeys” again, tap “Edit Hotkeys,” and check “Discard.” 

After implementing these new settings, the keyboard input will be successfully erased. The functions of the original keys are not being passed through to the running applications.

Fix #5: Disable TeamSpeak 3 Protocols

Try disabling TS3 protocols if the program still crashes. Navigate to “Server Group Permissions,” then disable all File Transfer. That’s it! 

TeamSpeak 3 Protocols setup

Fix #6: Check Firewall on Windows and Security and Privacy Settings on Mac

Also, you can try checking your Windows Firewall or your Mac’s Security and Privacy Settings. Your firewall settings may be blocking the TS3 from working correctly. 

Fix #7: Check Antivirus Settings

If your antivirus program keeps scanning the program, then it might cause crashes. You can disable it by navigating to your Control Panel. Then, add TS3 to the exception list. 

Fix #8: Restart Your Network

Often, Wireless Networks cause the programs to crash. You can try restarting your network and joining a server again. 

wifi router and cable

Or, you can try connecting without using the WLAN [1]. We suggest using an Ethernet cable. 

Fix #9: Clear Temp Files

Lastly, if the issue still arises, you may want to try deleting temporary files. Like in most games, clearing files in the app folder resolve the crashing or timeout issues. So, you can try this step in TS3 as well.


If TeamSpeak 3 crashes when joining a server, it can be due to various factors like outdated Client version, firewall and antivirus settings, network connection, etc. With our quick guide above, you can now resolve this issue and continuously use TS3 for in-game purposes. 

Also, you can freely access TeamSpeak 3 hosting servers or make your own private TS3 server.  

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