exploring early development buildings on Subnautica Subnautica

How to Find Robotics Bay on Subnautica — Your Quick Guide

Subnautica is a survival game in which players can explore alien worlds with unique gameplay features that distinguish it from other “undead apocalypse” games. If you’re one of its many avid players, you might also be looking for Robotics Bay.  

You’re not alone in this endeavor, so we created this guide on how you can locate it in the game!

How to Find Robotics Bay

Robotics Bay is a location in Subnautica that houses the Research Department’s robotic platforms and equipment. It also serves as the location of the Research Lab. 

Finding it can be difficult, but there are several methods you can use to find it. The first option is to search for signs directing you to Robotics Bay. These signs are typically found near water or on elevated surfaces, and they are blue or orange in color. 

exploring early development buildings on Subnautica

Second, scan the ocean floor for a beacon with a green light. Finally, you can use the ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) to automatically explore the area and locate Robotics Bay. 

This location is a new addition to Subnautica which you can access after completing the storyline. It is a large area filled with various machines and devices that the player can use to navigate the game more easily. There are also several items and creatures found only in Robotics Bay [1].

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