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How to Find Moonpool Fragments on Subnautica

Finding moonpool fragments in the game Subnautica can be a tough task. But with this guide, you’ll be able to find them with ease! So make sure to follow these steps and you’ll have no trouble finding them. 

Where Do You Find Moonpool Fragments on Subnautica?

The Moonpool is a Seabase module built with the Habitat Builder. It is the only room where the Vehicle Upgrade Console can be placed and serves as a dock and charging station for a Seamoth or Prawn Suit. 

For it to be useful, it must be placed below water. The Moonpool can only dock one vehicle at a time and is accessed by approaching the structure’s underside. 

As soon as you enter the access area, robotic arms will reach down and pull the vehicle out of the water, securing it for charging while a short animation of Ryley exiting the vehicle plays. From here, the player can access the vehicle’s upgrade slots and cargo storage, repair it, or re-enter it, after which it is automatically released back into the water. 

They can also access a Prawn Suit’s shoulder-mounted Power Cells, though they must jump into the water to access a Seamoth’s Power Cell. The Moonpool Blueprint can be then obtained by scanning two of its Fragments. 

searching for Moonpool fragments

These can be found in the Mushroom Forest or Wrecks. To dock vehicles, the Seabase to which the Moonpool is attached must have power (except in Creative Mode). However, it can release vehicles that are powerless. 

Vehicles docked will be charged from the base’s Energy, restoring an equal amount of Energy to the vehicle’s Power Cells. Charging at a Moonpool is much faster than charging at a Power Cell Charger, so docking a Prawn Suit and swapping out its two Power Cells (which the player still has full access to) is preferable to building a Power Cell Charger. 

One Moonpool requires at least 150 Energy, which is equivalent to two Solar Panels, to charge a vehicle reliably. It is recommended that there be sufficient space between the bottom entrance of the Moonpool and the sea floor [1]. 

It should ideally be built far enough off the seafloor that a Seamoth will not hit the ground when deployed, but close enough that a Prawn Suit with its thrusters can easily reach the entrance. 


Because the Moonpool cannot be rotated with the builder, the player must physically position themselves so that the building “faces” the desired direction. The rotating antenna on the roof is located at the “rear” of the building. 

The “front” of the building dictates the direction a vehicle will face when undocking. The Moonpool also allows the player to reach their base from the water by using two Ladders at either end of the bottom entrance. 

This allows the player to exit and enter the Seabase from outside their vehicle without using a Hatch. A double connection can  only be possible if one moonpool is located next to another. 

A Seaglide can jump into the moonpool without using the ladders if it is fully accelerated. There is enough flat space on the roof to place Exterior Growbeds if it is not being used for anything else, especially Solar Panels in shallower water.

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