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Stardew Valley’s Statue of Perfection — A Comprehensive Guide

In the picturesque world of Stardew Valley, every farmer dreams of obtaining the elusive Statue of Perfection. This awe-inspiring item, crafted from precious Iridium, takes on the form of a purple cat, serving both as a practical asset, producing up to 8 Iridium Ore daily.

However, this unique statue is earned through hard work and the accomplishment of certain goals, which your beloved Grandpa meticulously evaluates at the end of your second year. In this guide, we’ll delve into the Statue of Perfection and guide you to achieve this esteemed item.

Statue of Perfection

Sell Price:

It cannot be sold


Pure Iridium


Grandpa’s Shrine

The Statue of Perfection in Stardew Valley is a valuable piece of Furniture that can be acquired by interacting with Grandpa’s Shrine after lighting all four candles as part of Grandpa’s Evaluation event.

Stardew Valley - Grandpa's Farm

This stunning statue is made of pure iridium and holds a unique ability to produce 2-8 Iridium Ore daily.


Notably, the Statue of Perfection design will look like maneki-neko figurines, which are considered bearers of good fortune for small businesses in Japan and China. This adds an intriguing cultural touch to the game and makes the statue even more special for players.

However, players should be cautious as the Statue of Perfection is not invulnerable. If bombs are used near the statue, it will be blown up. Nevertheless, there’s no need to worry, as another Statue of Perfection can be acquired by simply interacting with Grandpa’s Shrine again.

It’s important to distinguish the Statue of Perfection from the Statue Of True Perfection in the game. The latter can only be acquired once the player reaches 100% Perfection and can produce a Prismatic Shard daily.


One exciting bug related to the Statue of Perfection is that if a player’s inventory is fully occupied, utilizing the pickaxe to get the placed statue will not add it to the inventory. 

However, by right-clicking Grandpa’s Shrine, players can obtain the next Statue of Perfection. This has led to a glitch where players can get endless Statues of Perfection by doing these steps again and again.

Understanding Grandpa's Evaluation

The journey to acquiring the Statue of Perfection commences with Grandpa’s Evaluation, a significant event on the first day of your third year in Stardew Valley. 

During this evaluation, Grandpa’s ghost appears to assess your progress as a farmer over the past two years, utilizing a hidden scoring system to evaluate your achievements and overall success.

To successfully obtain the Statue of Perfection, you must accumulate a minimum of 12 points from various achievements and milestones throughout the game.

Methods to Score Points

Prosperity is crucial to your journey toward the Statue of Perfection. Milestones are achieved by reaching 1,000,000g. A total of 7 points can be obtained after getting 1,000,000g.

Gold Attained

Points Earned

Cumulative Points



















Leveling up your Skills

Level 5 profession stardew valley

Your character’s skill levels are vital to your success as a farmer. Having a sum of 30 skill levels achieved grants you 1 point, and an additional point is awarded after reaching 50 skill levels or mastering all skills.

Making Friends

Building solid relationships with the villagers enhances your social life in Stardew Valley and earns you valuable points.

Gaining the trust of five villagers up to eight hearts each will grant you 1 point each, as will achieving this level of friendship with ten villagers, possessing a five-heart friendship with your pet, and being married with at least two house upgrades each yield 1 point.

Married, 2x upgraded farmhouse


8 Heart Friendship Level with five villagers


8 Heart Friendship Level with ten villagers


5 Heart Friendship Level with the pet


Completing the Community Center

Stardew community center

The Community Center plays a central role in Stardew Valley, and completing the entirety of the bundles within it will earn you 1 point. Witnessing the Community Center re-opening ceremony also rewards you with 2 extra points.

Obtaining the Rusty Key and Skull Key

Donating 60 artifacts to Stardew Valley’s Museum will earn you the Rusty Key, granting you 1 point. At the same time, the enigmatic Skull Key can be seen in a Treasure Chest on Mine’s 120th floor, providing an additional 1 point upon discovery.

Completing the Museum Collection

Donating 95 items to Gunther’s Museum will grant you 1 point and the prestigious “A Complete Collection” achievement.

Catching every Fish

Becoming a “Master Angler” by catching all types of Fish in the game will bestow upon you 1 point.

rod timing on fishing stardew valley

Shipping every Item

Accomplishing the “Full Shipment” achievement by shipping every item available in the game will earn you 1 point.

The Road to Perfection

On the morning of your third year, Grandpa’s ghost pays you a visit to conduct the highly anticipated evaluation. 

If you have accumulated at least 12 points, Grandpa will warmly express his pride in your achievements, and a captivating cutscene of his shrine with all four candles brightly lit will be displayed.

Upon witnessing this touching scene, you can approach the shrine and receive the highly sought-after Statue of Perfection.

Fret not if you fall short of the minimum 12 points required in your first evaluation! You can still summon Grandpa’s ghost for a reevaluation using a Diamond. 

Observe the number of lit candles [1] at the shrine: one candle indicates 0 to 3 points, two candles signify 4 to 7 points and three candles represent 8 to 11 points. 

Once you place a Diamond on the shrine, you’ll be able to summon Grandpa’s ghost the following day for another evaluation.


Pursuing the Statue of Perfection in Stardew Valley requires unwavering dedication, strategic planning, and meaningful relationships with the villagers. 

By achieving numerous milestones and amassing at least 12 points in Grandpa’s Evaluation, you will prove yourself as a skilled and accomplished farmer in the valley. So, embark on this delightful journey, nurture your farm, and let the pursuit of perfection begin!

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