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Exploring the Enigma of the Stardew Valley’s Shadowy Figure

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, a captivating A Winter Mystery Quest awaits players. This quest revolves around a mysterious Shadowy Figure, adding an element of intrigue and adventure to the game. 

As players embark on this quest, they not only unravel the secrets of the Shadowy Figure but also gain access to the Magnifying Glass, opening a world to collecting Secret Notes that enrich their gameplay experience.

Finding the Shadowy Figure

To initiate the Winter Mystery Quest, players must venture to the Bus Stop between 6 AM and 4 PM during the Winter. A compelling cutscene introduces the enigmatic Shadowy Figure engaging in suspicious activities near the farm. 

Stardew Valley - shadowy figure

Following the cutscene, players must diligently track the footsteps left behind by the Shadowy Figure. These footsteps serve as a guide, leading players to the ultimate location near the Community Center where the Shadowy Figure lurks.

The Identity of the Shadowy Figure

The mysterious Shadowy Figure is none other than Krobus, a friendly monster residing in the depths of the Stardew Valley Sewers. Krobus, while cautious around villagers due to their fear of monsters, can establish a unique friendship with players.

By engaging in interactions and gifting, players can deepen their bond with Krobus and uncover his intriguing personality. Understanding Krobus’ gifting preferences and friendship levels is crucial in nurturing this relationship.

Gifting Preferences & Friendship Levels

To cultivate friendship with Krobus, players must be mindful of his preferred gifts. Offering Krobus gifts such as All Universal Loves, Diamonds, Iridium Bars, Void Eggs, Pumpkins, Wild Horseradishes, and Void Mayonnaise will significantly increase your friendship points.

However, it’s essential to avoid gifting items that Krobus dislikes, as it may hinder the progress of the friendship. Maintaining a positive relationship with Krobus opens opportunities for shared activities and a deeper understanding of his character.

Stardew Valley - Krobus happy with gift

Here is a table showcasing Krobus’ gifting preferences and corresponding friendship points:



Friendship Points


All Universal Loves, Wild Horseradish, Diamond, Void Mayonnaise, Iridium Bar, Void Egg, Pumpkin



All Universal Likes (excluding Life Elixir, All Cooking except Seafoam Pudding), Gold Bar, Quartz



All Universal Neutrals, All Milk, All Eggs (excluding Void Egg), All Fruit



All Universal Dislikes (excluding Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Void Egg), All Cooking (excluding Bread, Strange Bun, Fried Egg, Seafoam Pudding), Winter Root, Chanterelle, Snow Yam, Common Mushroom, Salmonberry, Daffodil, Purple Mushroom, Dandelion, Morel, Ginger, Magma Cap, Hazelnut, Life Elixir, Holly, Leek



All Universal Hates (excluding Void Mayonnaise)


Giving Krobus a gift on his birthday (Winter 1), will have an 8x multiplier effect on your friendship points.

Stardew Valley - meeting the shadowy figure

Sewers and Krobus' Shop

The Sewers, home to Krobus, is a hidden haven waiting to be explored by adventurous players. To gain access to the Sewers, players must donate 60 items to the Museum, unlocking the Rusty Key. 

It will grant passage to the Sewers, where players can find Krobus and his intriguing shop. Krobus offers a range of unique items, including Void Eggs, Void Essence, and rare recipes. Certain items are only available on specific days, incentivizing players to visit Krobus’ shop regularly.

Here is a table showcasing some of the items available for purchase at Krobus’ shop:



Void Egg


Void Essence




Return Scepter



Krobus as a Housemate

Stardew Valley - Krobus' shop

While players cannot marry Krobus, they can become roommates with him. Once players have reached a certain level of friendship with Krobus, they can offer him a Void Ghost Pendant to invite him to become their housemate. 

As a housemate, Krobus occupies a room adjacent to the player’s bedroom and exhibits behaviors similar to a spouse, including giving gifts and occasionally changing the room’s decorations. 

However, there are notable distinctions between Krobus as a roommate and a romantic partner regarding interactions and limitations.

Stardew Valley - Krobus

It’s important to note that Krobus’ interaction with children is limited, and players cannot have children with him as a roommate. He can, however, help with raising children from your ex-spouse if you have any.

In certain situations, if players decide to evict Krobus as a housemate, he will return to the sewers, and become hostile with the player.


The Winter Mystery Quest and the discovery of the Shadowy Figure in Stardew Valley add an element of excitement and curiosity to the gameplay [1]. 

Through diligent tracking and exploration, players can uncover the identity of the Shadowy Figure as Krobus, a friendly monster residing in the sewers. Building a solid friendship with Krobus unlocks the opportunity to become roommates, gaining access to his shop and unique items. 

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