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Rusty Sword in Stardew Valley — Guide and Survival Tips

In the fascinating world of Stardew Valley, the Rusty Sword is the first weapon players receive when entering the dangerous mines. This guide will provide essential information about the Rusty Sword, including its acquisition, uses, and what to do if lost.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the game or an experienced player seeking survival strategies, this article will equip you with valuable insights to overcome challenges without the trusty Rusty Sword.


SourceGiven by Marlon at the entrance to The Mines
Critical Strike Chance2%
Purchase PriceNot Purchasable
Sell Price50g

What is the Rusty Sword?

The Rusty Sword is bestowed upon players by Marlon during a cutscene when they first venture into the Mines.

Stardew Valley - rusty sword

It is a Level 1 sword described as a “rusty, dull old sword.” With a damage rating of 2-5 and a critical strike chance of 2%, it may seem modest, but it proves invaluable in tackling the early levels of the mines.

Losing the Rusty Sword

What happens if your bag is full? As players embark on their mining adventure, it is common to have an entire inventory, making it difficult to accommodate the Rusty Sword. However, fret not! You have two options:

Accidentally throwing out the Rusty Sword

Mistakes happen, and even seasoned players may unintentionally discard valuable items. In case you accidentally throw away the Rusty Sword, don’t panic. There are alternative strategies to survive until you obtain a new weapon.

Stardew Valley - testing rusty sword

Survival Tips Without the Rusty Sword

Using the Scythe as a temporary weapon

Though not ideal, the scythe can be utilized as a substitute weapon. With a damage rating of 1-3 and a critical strike chance of 2%, it offers a reasonable means to combat monsters until you acquire a better weapon.

Reaching level five for access to the Adventurer's Guild

By progressing to level five in the Mines, players unlock an invitation from Marlon to join the Adventurer’s Guild. 

The guild membership allows access to Marlon’s shop, where you can purchase a Wooden Blade for 250g. This weapon offers a damage rating of 3-7 and a critical strike chance of 2%.

Reaching level 20 for the Steel Smallsword

For those inclined to save money, reaching level 20 in the mines presents an opportunity to obtain the Steel Smallsword. This superior weapon boasts a damage rating of 4-8 and a critical strike chance of 2%. 

Stardew Valley - steel small sword

Maximizing luck by choosing good days can increase your chances of quickly reaching level 20.

What to do with the Rusty Sword

In the gameplay of Stardew Valley, there are several things you can do with the Rusty Sword:

Use it as your primary weapon

The Rusty Sword is the first weapon you receive when entering the mines. You can equip it and use it to defend yourself against monsters and enemies you encounter while exploring the mines. It has a damage range of 2-5 and a slight critical strike chance.

Sell it

If you find a better weapon or no longer need the Rusty Sword, you can sell it. The Rusty Sword can be sold for a price of 50g. Selling it can provide you with some extra gold that you can use for other purposes, such as buying new equipment or upgrading your farm.

Stardew Valley - fighting bug with rusty sword

Keep it as a memento

Some players like to keep the Rusty Sword as a souvenir or a nostalgic item. It serves as a reminder of the game’s early stages and the beginning of your mining adventures in the world of Stardew Valley.


The Rusty Sword may be the first weapon players receive in Stardew Valley’s mines, but losing it doesn’t spell doom. 

You can confidently continue your mining adventures using survival tips and alternative strategies. You can use the scythe, unlock access to the Adventurer’s Guild [1], and strive for the Steel Smallsword.

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