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Unveiling the Secrets of the Stardew Valley Museum

Welcome to the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, where the wonders of history and culture come alive within the walls of its illustrious Museum.

Join us as we delve into the secrets and treasures that await, guiding you through the art of donation, uncovering artifacts and minerals, and discovering the rewards that lie in store for those who embark on this extraordinary journey. Step inside and let the magic of the Stardew Valley Museum capture your imagination.

All About the Museum in Stardew Valley

The Museum in Stardew Valley is a prominent landmark in the eastern part of Pelican Town, just north of the Blacksmith. It is a place where players can donate various artifacts, minerals, and Lost Books they find during their adventures.

The Museum is run by Gunther, the curator, who organizes and showcases the donated items to the public.

Initial State of the Museum Collection

Players arriving at the Museum will find it empty and in disrepair. Dust covers the display cases, and the shelves are bare. Gunther expresses his enthusiasm for building a collection and asks for the player’s assistance in donating items to kickstart the museum’s revival.

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Details about the Museum's Layout and Donation Interface

The Museum is divided into two sections, each dedicated to a particular type of donation. These sections are the library and gallery. Players can navigate these sections and interact with the appropriate donation spots to contribute their findings.

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Donating to the Museum in Stardew Valley

Donation Process and Gunther's Role

In Stardew Valley, the donation process at the Museum is a straightforward yet gratifying experience. Players must interact with Gunther, the knowledgeable curator, who can be found behind the front desk.

Gunther plays a vital role in overseeing the donations and ensuring the Museum’s collection continues to grow and flourish. When players approach Gunther at the Museum and choose to donate an item, he eagerly receives it and begins the inspection process.

With a keen eye, Gunther carefully examines each item to determine its authenticity and value. He expresses his excitement and gratitude if it’s a new donation, acknowledging the player’s contribution to expanding the Museum’s exhibits.

Once Gunther has inspected the item, he takes on the role of an educator and historian. He provides players with a brief description of the donated item and its historical or cultural significance.

donating in museum stardew valley

Gunther’s knowledge brings the collection to life, offering insights into Stardew Valley and the importance of each contribution. His descriptions help players appreciate the items they’ve donated and understand their place within the valley’s history.

For players, the interaction with Gunther goes beyond a simple transaction. It becomes an opportunity for players to learn and immerse themselves in the game world. Gunther’s expertise and enthusiasm for the Museum’s collection create a sense of authenticity and intrigue.

Each item donated adds a new layer to the story of Stardew Valley, deepening the player’s understanding of the valley’s past.

After Gunther has provided the item’s description, the player can place it wherever they like, ensuring it’s showcased alongside other related artifacts, minerals, or Lost Books.

The Museum’s layout is thoughtfully designed to exhibit the donated items visually pleasing and informatively, allowing players to revisit their contributions and admire their progress.

Gunther’s involvement in the donation process adds a sense of authenticity to the Museum and encourages players to actively engage with the world of Stardew Valley.

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By donating items and interacting with Gunther, players actively preserve and explore the valley’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Types of Items Players Can Donate to the Museum

The Museum accepts three main categories of items: artifacts, minerals, and Lost Books.


Artifacts are ancient objects with historical and cultural significance. They can be found by digging up spots in the ground, fishing in specific locations, breaking open geodes, or as rewards for completing quests.

Artifacts are vital for understanding the valley’s past and uncovering its mysteries.

How to Find Artifacts in Stardew Valley

Digging up artifact spots

Players may encounter worm-like artifact spots in the ground while exploring the mines. Using a hoe on these spots gives a chance to unearth an artifact.


Certain fishing spots, such as the river or the ocean, have a chance to yield artifacts when using a fishing rod.

Breaking open geodes

Geodes can be processed at the Blacksmith to reveal minerals, ores, and sometimes artifacts.

Stardew Valley - mining copper ore


Minerals are valuable gemstones and resources that can be collected by mining rocks in the mines, breaking open geodes, or panning in the river. They are essential for completing the mineral collection in the Museum and have various uses in crafting and upgrading tools.

How to Obtain Minerals in Stardew Valley

You can obtain minerals through the following methods:


Breaking rocks in the mines using a pickaxe can yield minerals.

Breaking open geodes

Like artifacts, geodes can be processed at the Blacksmith to reveal minerals.

Panning in the river

Players can discover minerals using a pan on sparkling areas in bodies of water in Stardew Valley.

Donation Rewards in Stardew Valley Museum

Rewards for Total Number of Donations

Players donate more to the museum and unlock rewards based on the total number of items donated. These rewards provide valuable bonuses and enhancements to aid players in farming and adventuring endeavors. Here is the complete table of rewards and conditions to be met:

Number of Donated Items



9x Cauliflower Seeds


9x Melon Seeds


1x Starfruit Seeds


“A Night On Eco-Hill” Painting


“Jade Hills” Painting


Large Futan Bear


9x Pumpkin Seeds


Rarecrow #8 & Treasure Trove Achievement


Bear Statue


Rusty Key (delivered by Gunther the day after)


3x Triple Shot Espresso


5x Warp Totem: Farm


Magic Rock Candy


Stardrop & A Complete Collection Achievement

Rewards for Specific Artifacts Donated

stardew valley museum donation

In addition to overall donation milestones, players can receive specific rewards for donating certain artifacts.

These rewards often have unique benefits, from decorative items for the player’s farm to helpful tools to expand your farming knowledge. Here is the complete table of rewards and conditions to be met:

Donated Artifacts


11 Artifacts
(including Rare Disc and Dwarf Gadget)

Burnt Offering

15 Artifacts

Skeleton Statue

20 Artifacts

Rarecrow #7

3 Artifacts
(including Ancient Drum)

Drum Block

Ancient Seed

1x Ancient Seeds and Ancient Seeds Recipe

3 Artifacts
(including Bone Flute)

Flute Block

5 Artifacts
(including Chicken Statue)

Chicken Statue

Dwarf Scroll I

Dwarf Scroll II

Dwarf Scroll III

Dwarf Scroll IV

Dwarvish Translation Guide

Prehistoric Skull
Skeletal Hand

Prehistoric Scapula

Sloth Skeleton L

Prehistoric Rib

Prehistoric Vertebra

Sloth Skeleton M

Prehistoric Tibia

Skeletal Tail

Sloth Skeleton R

Rewards for Specific Minerals Donated

Similar to artifacts, minerals unlock rewards when donated to the museum. These rewards can range from exclusive items to valuable equipment. Here is the complete table of rewards and conditions to be met:

Minerals Donated



Standing Geode


Singing Stone


Obsidian Vase


Crystal Chair



Books In Stardew Valley

collect rewards stardew valley

In addition to artifacts and minerals, players can also donate Lost Books they find while exploring the valley. Lost Books are scattered throughout the game world, often hidden in various locations, waiting to be discovered by the curious player.

There are a total of 21 Lost Books. These Lost Books hold valuable fragments of lore [1], stories, and helpful information about the valley and its inhabitants.

Donating Lost Books to the Museum adds to the collection’s richness and provides players with additional knowledge and insights into the world of Stardew Valley. Here are some critical points about Lost Books and their significance in the game:

1. Locations and Exploration

Lost Books can be found in various locations, including the mines, the beach, the forest, and even inside fishing chests or artifact spots. Players are encouraged to explore every corner of the valley, interact with the environment, and investigate unusual sites to uncover these hidden literary treasures.

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2. Fragments of Lore and Stories

Each Lost Book contains a unique fragment of lore or a short story, shedding light on the history, culture, or personalities of the valley’s inhabitants. Some Lost Books provide hints or tips related to farming, fishing, mining, or other activities, offering practical advice to players.

Fighting skeletons for bone fragments in the mine Stardew Valley

3. Donation to the Museum

Once a Lost Book is found, it’s automatically donated to the Museum bookcase shelves, unlike artifacts and minerals. Donating Lost Books not only expands the collection but also rewards players with friendship points from Gunther, the curator of the Museum.

4. Access to the Library

As players donate Lost Books, the Museum’s Library fills up with books and becomes accessible. The Library is a valuable resource for players, offering various information, recipes, and tips related to farming, cooking, crafting, and more.

5. Completion and Rewards

Collecting and donating all Lost Books in the game provides a sense of accomplishment and contributes to completing the Museum collection. While no specific achievements are tied to Lost Books, the rewards of expanding the Museum and gaining knowledge about the valley are worthwhile in their own right.

By exploring the vast and diverse landscape of Stardew Valley, players not only discover Lost Books but also unravel the stories and wisdom hidden within them.

Donating these books to the Museum adds depth and substance to the collection while also offering players a chance to immerse themselves in the rich lore and intricacies of the valley.

So, keep your eyes peeled for those elusive Lost Books and uncover the tales they hold, for they are treasures waiting to be shared with the world.

donating at museum stardew valley

Achievements Related to the Stardew Valley Museum

1. Treasure Trove Achievement

Players can unlock the achievement by donating 40 items to the Museum. This achievement recognizes the player’s dedication and thoroughness in contributing to the Museum’s revival.

2. A Complete Collection Achievement

For those determined collectors who manage to obtain one of each item in the game, including items not donated to the Museum, the A Complete Collection achievement awaits. This achievement demonstrates a remarkable level of completion and is a testament to the player’s commitment to exploring every facet of Stardew Valley.

Villager Paths in the Museum

The Museum is a place to donate items and where players can observe the daily routines and paths of the game’s villagers. Villagers who frequent the museum, such as Penny, Vincent, and Jas, have a limited area to walk around the facility.

It is vital to take note of their movements to avoid accidentally blocking their paths or placing items or decorations in their way, as they might be lost.

History of the Museum in Stardew Valley

Throughout the updates and patches of Stardew Valley, the Museum has undergone several changes and improvements, reflecting the ongoing development and dedication of the game’s creator, ConcernedApe.

Let’s look at some notable updates and additions that have shaped the Museum over time:

stardew museum location stardew valley

1. New Donation Rewards

With each update, donations became more rewarding through 35, 70, 80, and 90 reward milestones. These additions encourage exploration of different areas in the valley, promoting a sense of discovery and adventure.

2. Improved Display

Visual enhancements have been made to the Museum, making the exhibits more detailed and visually appealing. The addition of interactive elements and animations brings the displays to life, immersing players in the rich history and culture of the valley.

3. Quality of Life Updates

Various quality-of-life improvements have been made to the Museum, such as better navigation, labeling, and organization of donated items. These updates streamline the donation process, making it easier for players to keep track of their contributions and complete the collection.

Importance of Completing the Museum Collection

Completing the Museum collection in Stardew Valley offers a range of benefits and rewards, making it a worthwhile endeavor for players. Here are some reasons why completing the collection is significant:

1. Lore and Storytelling

Donating artifacts, minerals, and Lost Books allows players to uncover the rich lore and backstory of Stardew Valley. The Museum acts as a knowledge repository, revealing the secrets of the valley’s past and adding depth to the game’s narrative.

museum stardew valley

2. Valuable Bonuses and Unlocks

Reaching donation milestones rewards players with valuable bonuses and unlocks. These rewards can include new tools, crafting recipes, access to new areas, or even special events, enhancing the player’s farming and exploration capabilities.

3. Achievements and Accomplishments

Completing the Museum collection is necessary to obtain specific achievements within the game. Achievements such as “Treasure Trove” (for donating a certain number of items) and “A Complete Collection” (for donating every item in the game) showcase the player’s dedication and mastery of the content.

4. Museum Restoration

By donating items, players actively contribute to the restoration and revitalization of the Museum. As the collection grows, the Museum transforms from a neglected building into a thriving center of knowledge and culture, symbolizing the player’s impact on the community.

Completing the Museum collection in Stardew Valley is not just a checklist to tick off; it’s an immersive and rewarding experience.

walking into museum stardew valley

Over time, the updates and additions to the Museum demonstrate the ongoing commitment to enhancing the player’s journey. Explore every nook and cranny of the valley, become a curator of the rich history, and continue to uncover the many wonders of Stardew Valley.


The Museum is a hub of knowledge, exploration, and community in Stardew Valley. It encourages players to delve into every nook and cranny of the game world, discover hidden treasures, and learn about the valley’s past.

With its captivating rewards, achievements, and the joy of completing the collection, the Museum stands as a testament to the enduring charm and depth of gameplay [1] in Stardew Valley. So, grab your shovel, pickaxe, and fishing rod, and embark on an exciting journey to fill the Museum with wonders!

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