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How Fast Do Oak Trees Grow in Stardew Valley? A Comprehensive Guide

This comprehensive guide will provide all the information you need about oak tree growth in Stardew Valley. We’ll cover everything from planting acorns to the growth stages and durations. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of oak trees in Stardew Valley!

Understanding Oak Trees in Stardew Valley

Oak trees are one of the four common tree types in Stardew Valley. They don’t produce unique fruits or mushrooms but are a valuable natural resource throughout Pelican Town and the farm. 

Oak trees can be planted in any season and in various activities. They have a distinct appearance, making them easily recognizable among other tree types.

How Fast Do Oak Trees Grow in Stardew Valley?

Oak trees in Stardew Valley take approximately 24 in-game days to grow from an acorn to a mature tree, excluding the winter season. Using fertilizers can speed up growth, allowing trees to grow even during winter.

finding oak tree stardew valley

Planting Oak Trees

1. Obtain Acorns

Acorns are the seeds required to plant oak trees. You can acquire them through various methods:


Search for acorns in garbage cans throughout Pelican Town.

Chopping Trees

Shake or chop down existing oak trees to obtain acorns. Make sure you have reached Foraging Level 1.

Fish Ponds

Once you have a population of 9 fish in your Woodskip fish pond, it can produce between one to five acorns.

Stardew Valley - fishing on a pond


Visit the Traveling Cart in the Cindersap Forest on Fridays or Sundays to buy acorns.

2. Select a Planting Location

Choose a suitable spot on your farm or any area in Pelican Town where you want to plant the oak tree. Ensure enough space for the tree to grow to its full size.

3. Plant the Acorn

With the acorn in hand, navigate to the desired location and use it to plant it in the ground. Interact with the ground and select the acorn from your inventory to begin planting.

4. Patience and Care

Once the acorn is planted, it’s time to wait for the oak tree to grow. Trees in Stardew Valley go through different growth stages. Ensure you water the tree daily to help it grow faster and remain healthy.

5. Monitor Growth

Keep an eye on the tree’s progress. Each day, there is a 20% chance of tree growth, so it may take some time for the oak tree to mature. During winter, trees do not naturally grow unless you use fertilizers.

getting oak resin from oak tree stardew valley

6. Harvest or Utilize

Once the oak tree reaches its final growth stage and matures, you can harvest it for resources or tap it for oak resin. Use an axe to chop down the tree, yielding wood, sap, acorns, and potentially hardwood if you have the Lumberjack profession.

Growth Stages of Oak Trees

Once you have an acorn, it’s time to plant it and watch your oak tree grow. Oak trees in Stardew Valley go through four distinct growth stages before reaching their mature form. The stages include:

Growth Stage 1

The tree enters the first growth stage after planting the acorn. It remains in this stage for a certain period, during which it can be dug with an axe or pickaxe, potentially yielding an acorn.

Growth Stage 2

The tree progresses to the second growth stage, which its appearance can identify.

Growth Stage 3

In the third growth stage, the tree grows and develops

Stardew Valley - standing beside an Oak tree

Growth Stage 4-5

The final growth stage signifies the tree’s maturity. It can be identified as a fully-grown oak tree. When chopped with an axe, it produces multiple wood pieces, sap, and acorns. If you have the Lumberjack profession, you may even obtain Stardew Valley’s hardwood from the tree.

The average time for an oak tree to reach full maturity is 24 days, excluding the winter season when trees do not grow naturally. However, using fertilizers during winter can reduce the growth cycle.

Growth Stage Appearance Action Potential Yield
1 Planting Dig with axe/pickaxe Acorn
2 Progressed Chop with axe Wood
3 Growing Chop with axe Wood
4- Mature Chop with axe Wood, sap, acorns, hardwood
5 (Lumberjack) Mature Chop with an axe (Lumberjack) Wood, sap, acorns, hardwood

Utilizing Oak Trees

Oak trees provide a range of valuable resources and products. You can gather wood, sap, acorns, and potentially hardwood by chopping them down with an axe. 

Stardew Valley - oak tree during fall

Wood and hardwood are essential for crafting and building farm structures, while sap can create fertilizers. Each time you chop down a tree, you gain experience points [1] in the foraging skill, helping you level up. 

In addition to chopping, oak trees can be tapped to obtain oak resin. Using normal or heavy tappers, you can collect this sticky and fragrant substance every 7 to 8 days or 3 to 4 days. Oak resin is a valuable artisan good used in crafting, quests, bundles, and gifting.


Oak trees in Stardew Valley are a valuable resource that plays a significant role in your farming journey. By understanding their growth stages, obtaining acorns, and utilizing the items they drop, you can optimize your farming experience. 

Whether you chop them down for resources or tap them for oak resin, oak trees provide a range of benefits in your virtual farming adventure. Take advantage of these magnificent trees to enhance your farm and create a thriving agricultural haven in Stardew Valley.

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