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Stardew Valley Eel — All You Need to Know

Stardew Valley is a charming game with many activities to enjoy. One of the many things to do in the game is fishing, and among the many fish that can be caught in the game, the Eel is a catch that stands out. 

This article will explore the eel’s behavior, where to find and catch them, and their various game uses. Keep reading!

Eel in Stardew Valley

The slippery long fish of Stardew Valley has a Smooth behavior that makes them easier to catch than other fish. It’s also said to have a difficulty of 70.

Where Can You Catch Eels?

Eels can be caught in the waters of The Beach south of the town square or at your farm if you have a Beach Farm. 

Another way to obtain eels is through the Traveling Cart. This cart appears in the Cindersap Forest every Friday, Sunday, or at the Night Market in Winter and sometimes sells eels. Keep note that the Traveling Cart sells at a high price. 

Stardew Valley - fishing

You can also try your luck by digging through the trash bins in town, as there’s a chance the slippery fish may be inside one of them. For more tips, here’s a detailed guide on where to catch eel in Stardew Valley

When Can An Eel Be Caught?

Eel is a Fall Fish, which can be caught during Spring or Fall seasons, but certain conditions must be met. Eels can only be caught during rainy days from 4 PM to 2 AM, which limits both the time and days they can be caught.

To disregard these conditions, a Magic Bait can catch an Eel anytime. If you’re fine with the time, you can use a Rain Totem to make the weather rainy.

Selling Prices

If you seek to make a profit on your catch, here is a table of Eel’s selling prices, determined by its quality and fishing skill:

Stardew Valley - fishing for eel
QualityBaseFisher (+25%)Angler (+50%)
Normal85 g106 g127 g
Silver106 g132 g159 g
Gold127 g158 g190 g
Iridium170 g212 g255 g

Uses of Eel

Fishing XP

Catching Eels have a corresponding Fishing XP dependent on their quality. This makes them a valuable catch for players who are looking to level up their fishing skills:


Energy & Health

Eels can be consumed to restore energy and health as well:

Stardew Valley - catching eel


Eels are a Neutral gift to Demetrius, Elliot, Leo, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy, making them an option for building relationships with those characters. The rest either Dislike or Hate it, so be careful with gifting it to the others!

Community Center Bundle

The Eel is required to complete the Night Fishing Bundle in the Community Center Fish Tank. Completing this bundle rewards players with a Small Glow Ring, a useful tool in the dark.


Eels can also be used in the Sewing Machine to create a Sailor Shirt. It also serves as an orange dye.


Eels can be used in a few recipes in Stardew Valley, such as Fried Eel, Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Spicy Eel.

Stardew Valley - eel

Eel Fish Pond

Players can also choose to raise eels in a Fish Pond. Once stocked with one Eel, they will reproduce every 3 days if the quests that appear in it are completed. The maximum capacity of the Fish Pond is three but increases to a maximum of ten after finishing the quests.

An Eel Fish Pond’s produce is Eel Roe, which grants 12 Fishing XP [1] and increases quantity depending on the Fish Pond’s capacity. This product may not come every day, as daily chances vary.

Eel in Quests

An Eel may be requested for item delivery at the “Help Wanted” board outside Pierre’s General Store. The reward for completing this quest is 225g and 150 Friendship Points with whoever requested it.


Catching eel in Stardew Valley may be restrictive, but the rewards are well worth the effort. By understanding their behavior and knowing when and where to catch them, players can master the art of catching eel and add another valuable catch to their collection.

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