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Farming Success: The Ultimate Guide to Cows in Stardew Valley

Cows in Stardew Valley are adorable additions to your farm and valuable assets that can significantly boost your income. Caring for cows and producing milk is essential to capitalize on their potential. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of cow farming, from getting started with cows to raising their heart rating and maximizing profits.

Getting Started with Cows in Stardew Valley

Before diving into the intricacies of cow farming, you need a suitable space to house them. Building a barn costs 6,000g and requires 350 Wood and 150 Stone. Bring the requirements and order to build one at Robin’s Shop, place it on a 7×4 tile on your farm and wait for three days.

Once you have the barn ready, it’s time to purchase cows from Marnie’s Ranch. Each cow costs 1,500g and can come in either white or brown colors, and the opportunity to name them. A cow fed daily will mature after 5 nights.

Stardew Valley - milking cow

Milking and Producing Milk

To make the most of your cows, you’ll need to know how to milk them effectively. Obtain a Milk Pail, available at Marnie’s Ranch for 1,000g. Hold the milk pail while interacting with your matured cow to collect milk.

A happy, well-fed cow will allow to be milked daily to produce Milk, and those with a high enough friendship with you and a happy mood will produce Large Milk.


Milk Sell Price

Milk (Rancher +40%)

Large Milk Sell Price

Large Milk (Rancher +40%)





















Caring for Cows and Raising Heart Rating

Stardew Valley - large milk

A cow’s heart rating is vital to its productivity and happiness. Daily interactions are essential for increasing heart points by petting, and properly feeding your cows with Hay in the barn is crucial. This helps to increase your friendship points with the cow and maintain their happy mood.

Selling Cows for Profit

As your cows grow and their heart levels increase, they become more valuable, allowing you to make the most profit when you decide to sell them. The maximum selling price for a cow is 1,950g.

Artisan Goods

Milk produced by cows can be processed into Cheese using a Cheese Press. The resulting artisan good is a profitable and versatile item that can be sold, gifted, or used in different recipes.



Sell Price

Rancher (+20%)

Artisan (+40%)

















Tips for Successful Cow Farming in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley - harvesting hays for cows

Ensure Proper Living Conditions

Providing your cows with a comfortable and clean environment is crucial for their well-being and productivity. Regularly clean the barn, and maintain a sufficient supply of fresh Hay to keep your cows happy and healthy.

Seasonal Considerations

Be mindful of the changing seasons in Stardew Valley. During the winter, when there’s no grass to graze on, make sure you have enough hay stored in your silo to feed your cows. 

Additionally, consider placing heaters inside the barn to keep your cows warm and content during the colder months.

Optimize Grazing Areas

Fencing off a designated grazing area for your cows can help you manage their food supply more efficiently. Allow the grass to grow naturally in this area, reducing the need for constant grass starter kits and providing your cows with a steady food source during sunny days.

Stardew Valley - approach cow

Schedule Your Milking

Stick to a regular milking schedule to ensure a steady supply of milk. Milking your cows will also help maintain their happiness and heart levels, producing higher-quality milk.

Invest in Artisan Profession

Choosing the Artisan profession, available at level 10 in the Farming skill tree (Tiller Profession), will significantly increase the value of your milk and other artisan goods. It will amplify your profits and make your cow farming venture even more rewarding.

Pamper Your Cows

Treat your cows like the valued members of your farm they are. Give them attention, and affection, and regularly feed them to strengthen your bond with them. Happy cows are more likely to produce higher-quality milk and be more productive overall.

Gift-Giving for Friendship

Stardew Valley - cows and pigs

Building solid relationships with the villagers in Stardew Valley can lead to various benefits, including special events and valuable items. Use your large milk and other artisan goods as gifts to win over your favorite villagers and unlock new opportunities


Cows are a lucrative investment in Stardew Valley [1], and with proper care and attention, they can become a significant source of income for your farm. This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to master cow farming. 

Remember to interact with your cows daily, provide them with nutritious food, and optimize their living conditions. You’ll have happy cows producing large milk and a thriving and profitable farm by doing so.

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