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The Comprehensive Guide to Stardew Valley’s Collections Tab

Stardew Valley, a charming and immersive farming simulation game, offers various activities and features to engage players. One of the critical aspects of the game is the Collections tab, which records the multiple items you have discovered, shipped, and collected throughout your journey. 

In this guide, we will delve into the different collections within the Collections tab, exploring their significance, tracking methods, and the items they contain.

All About Collections in Stardew Valley

The Collections tab in Stardew Valley serves multiple purposes. It not only acts as a record of the things you have discovered or shipped but also provides an avenue for completionists to strive for, adding a layer of achievement and satisfaction to the gameplay experience. 

Each collection within the tab represents a different aspect of the game, from shipped items to fish caught, artifacts collected, minerals mined, dishes cooked, and more.

Items Shipped

The Items Shipped collection in Stardew Valley holds tremendous significance for players who maximize their farm’s income and reach specific monetary goals. 

Stardew Valley - farming

This collection centers around the items you have shipped through the Shipping Bin on your farm, recording the particular things you have sold and contributing to the overall progress of your farm’s profitability.

One of the core elements of running a successful farm in Stardew Valley is managing your resources and generating income. The Shipping Bin plays a vital role in this process. 

It is a centralized location to deposit items you wish to sell. Once an item is placed in the Shipping Bin, it is automatically sold, and the corresponding value is added to your farm’s earnings.

The Items Shipped collection records all the items you have sold through the Shipping Bin. It lets you track your progress regarding the quantity and variety of things you have successfully shipped. 

Whether it’s crops, artisan goods, foraged items, or even resources obtained from mining, each shipped item contributes to your overall profitability.

Stardew Valley - artisan goods

What makes the Items Shipped collection particularly convenient is that it automatically tracks your shipped items without requiring additional effort. 

As you go about your daily farm routine, depositing items into the Shipping Bin becomes seamless, and the collection updates accordingly. This automated tracking ensures you can focus on other aspects of farm management while keeping tabs on your progress.

It’s important to note that the Items Shipped collection does not discriminate based on the value or rarity of the items. Whether you sell a common vegetable or a rare artifact, each item contributes to the collection equally. 

It allows players to approach their farming strategy based on their preferences and goals. Some may focus on cultivating high-value crops or producing valuable artisan goods.

In contrast, others may prefer a more diverse approach, shipping a wide range of items to build up their collection.

Stardew Valley - items shipped

The Items Shipped collection visually represents your farm’s profitability and progress. As you continue selling items and expanding your operations, the collection grows and evolves. 

It serves as a visual reminder of your hard work and dedication, motivating you to optimize your farming practices and explore new avenues for generating income.

Additionally, the collection can be used as a reference tool. The Items Shipped collection can provide valuable information if you’re aiming to complete specific bundles in the Community Center or fulfill certain requirements for quests or events. 

Stardew Valley - blueberry

You can quickly identify which items you have already sold and which ones you may still need to obtain or ship to achieve your objectives. Below are some examples of the items in the Items Shipped category:

ParsnipA basic crop commonly grown by new farmers
PotatoA starchy vegetable with various culinary uses
BlueberryA small, sweet fruit with a vibrant blue color
HoneyA delicious golden liquid produced by bees
TruffleA rare and valuable mushroom-like fungus


The Fish collection revolves around the diverse marine life found in Stardew Valley. This collection tracks the different types of fish you have caught during your fishing expeditions. Unlike the Items Shipped collection, fish need not be shipped to count towards this collection.

Fishing is a popular activity in Stardew Valley, offering a tranquil and rewarding experience. As you improve your fishing skills, you’ll be able to catch a wide variety of fish, each with its unique characteristics and behaviors. 

Other fish in stardew valley

The Fish collection reflects your prowess as an angler and provides a comprehensive record of your fishing achievements. Take note that fish that are taken as foraged items, loot, or purchased do not count in contributing to this collection.

Here are some examples of fish included in the Fish collection:

SunfishA small, common freshwater fish with vibrant colors
Red SnapperA popular saltwater fish known for its delicious taste
EelA slender fish with a serpentine appearance
PufferfishA poisonous fish with distinctive spiky skin
LegendA legendary and elusive fish rumored to possess great power

Whether you prefer fishing in the rivers, lakes, or ocean, the Fish collection is a testament to your angling skills and knowledge of Stardew Valley’s aquatic inhabitants.


Stardew Valley’s Artifacts collection focuses on discovering and collecting ancient artifacts scattered throughout Stardew Valley. 

Stardew Valley - artifacts

These provide valuable insights into the history and lore of the valley, unveiling its secrets as you progress in the game. Artifacts can be found in various ways, including Fishing Treasure Chests, tilling soil, and opening Artifact Troves.

Discovering artifacts is an exciting and adventurous aspect of Stardew Valley. Each artifact has its significance and rarity, and collecting them all showcases your dedication as an aspiring archaeologist. 

The Artifacts collection provides a visual representation of the artifacts you have found, offering a glimpse into the valley’s rich past.

Stardew Valley - dinosaur egg artifact

Here are some examples of artifacts included in the Artifacts collection:

Dinosaur EggA rare and valuable dinosaur egg
Prehistoric ToolA primitive tool used by early inhabitants of the valley
Ancient SwordA weathered sword with a mysterious past
Dwarvish HelmA helmet crafted by the skilled Dwarves
Chewing StickA primitive dental implement used for oral hygiene

As you explore the mines, dig up the soil, and unlock hidden areas, you’ll gradually complete the Artifacts collection, gaining a deeper understanding of the valley’s history.


The Minerals collection revolves around the minerals and gemstones you can mine in Stardew Valley. Minerals can be found by breaking rocks in the mines, panning for river resources, and even inside Fishing Treasure Chests.

Mining is vital to the game, allowing you to gather valuable resources and materials for crafting, constructing, and upgrading tools. The Minerals collection is a testament to your mining efforts, showcasing the vast array of minerals you have collected.

mineral exhibit stardew valley

Here are some examples of minerals included in the Minerals collection:

QuartzA standard crystal with many practical uses
AmethystA purple gemstone prized for its beauty and mystical properties
EmeraldA vibrant green gem associated with wealth and elegance
DiamondA rare and precious gemstone of exceptional clarity
Prismatic ShardA rare and powerful fragment of a mystical prism

By venturing deep into the mines, diligently breaking rocks, and prospecting for minerals, you can complete the Minerals collection, showcasing your mining expertise.

Cooking Items in Stardew Valley

The Cooking collection highlights your culinary skills in Stardew Valley. As you progress in the game, you’ll gain access to a kitchen, allowing you to cook a wide range of delicious dishes using ingredients you’ve grown on your farm or gathered from the surrounding areas.

Stardew Valley - cooking

The Cooking collection tracks the dishes you have cooked, serving as a testament to your culinary creativity, recipe-gathering resources, and experimentation. Unlike the Items Shipped collection, dishes need not be shipped to count towards this collection.

Here are some examples of dishes included in the Cooking collection:

OmeletA simple and nutritious breakfast dish
Fried EggA quick and easy-to-make dish featuring a sunny-side-up egg
SpaghettiA classic pasta dish served with savory tomato sauce
PancakesFluffy and delicious pancakes
Crab CakesSavory cakes made with fresh crab meat and spices

As you experiment with various ingredients and recipes, you’ll expand your Cooking collection, showcasing your ability to create mouthwatering meals in Stardew Valley.

Collection from Stardew Valley Achievements

In addition to the specific item collections, Stardew Valley also features a comprehensive set of achievements encompassing various aspects of the game.

Stardew Valley - collections tab

Achievements in Stardew Valley serve as a way to recognize and reward players for accomplishing specific objectives or reaching significant milestones in different areas of the game. 

Whether you’re a dedicated farmer, an avid angler, a skilled miner, or a social butterfly, there are achievements tailored to your preferred playstyle.

The achievements cover various activities and goals, encouraging players to explore and engage with different aspects of the game. They provide additional challenges and objectives that extend beyond the regular gameplay, enhancing the depth and replayability of Stardew Valley.

You are rewarded with a unique icon representing the in-game accomplishment when you complete an achievement. This visual representation serves as a badge of honor and adds a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, motivating players to continue their journey and strive for even more achievements.

Stardew Valley - fighting bug with rusty sword

The achievements in Stardew Valley are categorized into various areas, reflecting the diverse gameplay mechanics and activities within the game. Some main categories include the following:

Farming Achievements

These achievements focus on your farming endeavors, such as cultivating crops, raising animals, and expanding your farm. They celebrate milestones like harvesting a certain number of crops, acquiring specific animals, or reaching a high level of proficiency in farming skills.

Fishing Achievements

For those who enjoy the serene art of fishing, there are achievements tied to this activity. They may involve catching rare and elusive fish, mastering different fishing locations, or reaching impressive fishing skill levels.

Mining and Combat Achievements

The mines in Stardew Valley hold valuable resources and exciting challenges. Mining and combat achievements recognize your prowess in delving deep into the mines, defeating formidable enemies, and discovering rare minerals and artifacts.

Relationship Achievements

Building meaningful relationships with the inhabitants of Stardew Valley is a core aspect of the game. Relationship achievements acknowledge your efforts to befriend the villagers, gain their trust, and form deep connections. 

relationship with alex stardew valley

They may involve reaching specific friendship levels, completing character-specific quests, finding love, and getting married.

Exploration Achievements

Stardew Valley offers a vast and diverse world. Exploration achievements reward players for venturing into different areas, uncovering secrets, discovering hidden locations, and unlocking new features and abilities.

These are just a few examples of the categories and achievements available in Stardew Valley. Each achievement represents a significant milestone or accomplishment within the game, providing a sense of progression and accomplishment.

As you unlock achievements and progress through the game, you’ll earn icons and accolades and gain a deeper appreciation for the immersive world of Stardew Valley. 

Stardew Valley - traveling to Calico desert on a bus

The achievements are a constant reminder of your journey and the challenges you have overcome, encouraging you to continue exploring, engaging, and striving for greatness in all aspects of the game.

Letters, Secret Notes, and Journal Scraps

In addition to the collections mentioned above, Stardew Valley features several other collections that provide players with additional lore and information about the game world.

Stardew Valley - Mayor Lewis' letter

While not traditional collections in the same sense as the others, Letters, Secret Notes, and Journal Scraps contribute to the overall depth and storytelling of Stardew Valley, allowing players to unravel additional layers of the game’s lore [1].


The Collections tab in Stardew Valley offers a comprehensive and engaging way to track your progress, achievements, and discoveries throughout the game. 

Each collection represents a different aspect of gameplay, ranging from shipping items to fish caught, artifacts collected, minerals mined, dishes cooked, and more.

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