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Stardew Valley Catfish — A Guide to Catching This Elusive Fish

Welcome to the enchanting world of Stardew Valley! This immersive farming simulation game offers endless opportunities for adventure and self-expression. As you embark on your journey, you’ll encounter various challenges, including catching the elusive Catfish. 

Found in the rivers of Pelican Town, catching the Catfish requires skill and patience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of catching the Catfish and explore various strategies to excel in every aspect of Stardew Valley.

Beginner's Guide for Catching Catfish in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley offers many activities, and fishing is among the most rewarding and enjoyable. For beginners, it’s crucial to understand the basics. Familiarize yourself with the fishing mechanics, including casting your line and reeling in fish. 

Stardew Valley - fishing on a pond

Fishing in Stardew Valley is as simple as finding a body of water and casting your line. Approach a body of water, whether a river, lake, or ocean, and press the action button to release your fishing line. 

Once your line is in the water, a bar with a moving fish icon will appear. The fish icon moves up and down, and you need to time your button press to keep the green indicator bar over the fish icon. The closer the green bar is to the top, the better your chance of catching the fish. 

Mastering Fishing

Mastering the mini-game is essential to excel at fishing in Stardew Valley truly. Pay attention to the fish’s movement and adjust your technique accordingly. Monitor the meter and ensure it doesn’t reach the maximum. Here are tips to improve your fishing skills

Stardew Valley - fishing meter
  1. Study Fish Behavior: Different fish have different patterns of movement. Some fish move erratically, while others swim in straight lines. Take note of their behavior and adjust your button presses accordingly.
  2. Upgrade Your Fishing Rod: Visit Willy’s shop in Pelican Town to upgrade your fishing rod. Upgrading your rod increases its durability and allows you to use bait and tackle to improve your chances.
  3. Use Bait and Tackle: Bait increases the rate at which fish bite, while tackle provides various advantages, such as reducing the fish’s escape speed or increasing your chances of catching treasure. 
  4. Level Up Your Fishing Skill: As you catch more fish and group up your fishing skill, you’ll gain access to new abilities, such as using crab pots or crafting your bait. Keep practicing and leveling up to become a master Angler.

What is the Catfish Used For in Stardew Valley?

Catfish in Stardew Valley serves multiple purposes. Firstly, they must complete the “River Fish Bundle” in the Community Center, progressing the game [1]. It can also be cooked into dishes that provide skill or buffs. 

Stardew Valley - Catfish caught

They can also be given as gifts to villagers to improve relationships and unlock special events. Selling catfish can generate income for farm upgrades and other resources. 

Some players enjoy collecting catfish as part of their achievements. With their versatility and value, catfish are a prized catch. Furthermore, catching this fish allows players to explore different fishing locations and discover hidden spots.

Beyond the Farm

Fishing in Stardew Valley isn’t limited to your farm’s waters. Explore different fishing spots throughout the game, including the ocean, rivers, and even the desert. Each location offers unique fish species, providing opportunities for diverse catches and increased profits.

As for Catfish, they can only be caught in river waters when it’s raining, such as in Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest from 6 AM to 12 AM from Spring to Fall. If you want to fish in Winter or on a sunny day, you need a Rain Totem.

Nurturing Relationships

Building relationships with the residents of Stardew Valley can bring numerous benefits, including fishing-related perks. Be sure to interact with the villagers, give them gifts, and complete quests for them. Willy, in particular, Loves the Catfish as a gift.

Stardew Valley - Emily relationship

Some villagers might provide you with valuable fishing equipment, recipes, or even secret fishing spots.

Tools of the Trade

Investing in better fishing equipment is crucial for success. Upgrade your fishing rod at Willy’s shop to increase its durability and allow for more efficient fishing. 

Additionally, consider purchasing tackle from Willy or crafting your own to enhance your fishing abilities. Different kits provide various advantages, such as increasing the bite rate or reducing the fish’s escape speed.

Fish Pond Quest and Produce

Catfish can be placed in a Fish Pond, where they reproduce every four days. The initial pond capacity is three fish, but the power can be increased to ten by completing three quests. The only possible output is dark gray Catfish Roe.

Stardew Valley - Catfish inventory
Fish Pond CapacityQuest ItemFishing XP Granted
Before Quest340
After Quest 1540
After Quest 2740
After Quest 31040
Item ProductionFishing XPPopulationPercentage of ItemsDaily Chance
Dark Gray Catfish Roe15 XP1 to 10100%23 to 95%
Nothing1 to 100%77 to 5%


Fishing in Stardew Valley is not only a profitable activity but also an incredibly rewarding one. By following these guidelines and continuously improving your fishing skills, you’ll be able to catch rare and valuable Catfish and become a renowned angler in the valley. 

So grab your fishing rod, head to the nearest body of water, and embark on a fishing adventure that will captivate you for hours. Happy fishing!

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