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Harnessing the Power of Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation game offering various crops to cultivate and sell. Among the many options available, the Ancient Seed and its corresponding Ancient Fruit stand out as highly profitable. 

Here, we’ll delve into obtaining the Ancient Seed, growing the Ancient Fruit, and exploring its various uses.

Obtaining the Ancient Seed

The Ancient Seed artifact is a valuable item that can be discovered through several means. Players can obtain this artifact by:

Seed Maker

By utilizing a Seed Maker, it is possible to acquire Ancient Seeds from the Ancient Fruit. Using the Seed Maker alongside any crop aside from Ancient Fruit carries a mere 0.5% probability of obtaining a packet of Ancient Seeds.

Stardew Valley - seed maker

Donating to the Museum

Go to the museum and donate an Ancient Seed artifact. Afterward, you’ll be rewarded with a packet of Ancient Seeds from Gunther. He will also provide you with a crafting recipe that enables you to craft these seeds from the Ancient Seed artifact.

Traveling Cart

Ancient Seeds can be bought through the Traveling Cart for 100-1000g.

Growing the Ancient Fruit

The Ancient Fruit can be planted in any season, except for winter, making it a versatile crop for year-round cultivation. Let’s take a closer look at its growth process:

Suitable seasons for planting the Ancient Seed

Stardew Valley - planting

Growth time

Tips for successful growth

Stardew Valley - harvesting ancient fruit

To expand your Ancient Seed supply, you can use a seed maker. The table below illustrates the process of converting harvested Ancient Fruit into seeds:

Ancient FruitAncient Seed (1-3)

Utilizing the Ancient Fruit

One of the primary advantages of growing Ancient Fruit lies in its profitability. Let’s explore different ways to utilize this crop:

Selling the Ancient Fruit

Selling the Ancient Fruit can yield a substantial profit. Its base sell price is 550 gold, making it one of the most valuable crops in the Stardew Valley gameplay [1].

Stardew Valley - buying ancient seeds from Traveling Cart

The table below demonstrates the potential profit from selling Ancient Fruit based on a 100-crop harvest:

Harvested Ancient FruitTotal Sell Price
10055,000 gold

Making wine or jelly

Players can increase their profits by crafting Ancient Fruit into wine or jelly:

Ancient Fruit Wine

Crafting Ancient Fruit into wine with the aid of Keg results in a product with a higher sell price than the raw fruit itself. The table below shows the potential profit from crafting Ancient Fruit into wine:

Stardew Valley - crafting ancient fruit wine bottles
InputOutputAging TimeSell Price
Ancient FruitAncient Fruit WineSeven days1,650 gold

Ancient Fruit Jelly

Players can transform Ancient Fruit into jelly using a Preserves Jar. Although jelly has a lower sell price than wine, it requires less production time. The table below showcases the potential profit from crafting Ancient Fruit into jelly:

InputOutputSell Price
Ancient FruitAncient Fruit Jelly1,150 gold

Comparison with the Sweet Gem Berry

The Sweet Gem Berry is another crop in Stardew Valley. However, when comparing it with the Ancient Fruit, the latter can be a more profitable choice due to its faster growth time, more frequent harvests, and expansive planting seasons. 

Stardew Valley - sweet gem berry

Although the Sweet Gem Berry fetches a higher price (3,000 gold), the Ancient Fruit’s profitability surpasses it due to its efficient production cycle.


The Ancient Fruit presents a lucrative opportunity for farmers in Stardew Valley. With its year-round planting potential, steady harvest intervals, and versatility in revenue generation, it stands as one of the most profitable crops in the game. 

With its year-round planting potential, regular harvest intervals, and revenue generation! 

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