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How to Join Your Starbound Server — A Step-by Step Guide

Starbound is a popular open-world game that allows players to explore the universe in search of resources and adventure. If you’re looking to join your chosen Starbound server, you’ll need to follow some specific steps in order to connect to one.

Here’s a quick guide with all the steps:

How to Join Your Starbound Server?

First, click Start on your control panel to make sure your server [1] is up and running. It might take a few minutes for the server files to be made upon starting

You will see the loading status on the server console. Once your server is up and running, remember your server address. 

Afterward, follow these steps below:

join starbound server


Joining a Starbound server is an easy process that can be done without much effort. Once you’ve entered the server address and clicked “Join server,” you’ll be able to play with the server’s players!

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