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How to Find Starbound Floran Clues

Many gamers are unaware of the many clues surrounding the game Starbound. So, in this post, we will go over a few tips on how to find clues to locate the Floran Artifact within the game. 

By following these tips, you will gain a better understanding of the game and progress further along in your quest.

How to Find Floran Clues?

Finding clues to locate the Floran Artifact is a quest given by Esther after completing the Visit The Outpost quest, which introduces the matter manipulator’s inspection mode. 

Players must scan a number of Floran-themed objects found in dungeons or villages to complete this quest. The Floran settlements are most likely to be found on planets with dense forests.

findind floran clues

When scanned, only certain objects provide progress points toward quest completion, and players must earn 50 inspection points to complete the quest. 

There are several key objects that award 20 points each and will cause Esther to send a radio message. Each Floran settlement or village should contain at least one key object, as well as several minor objects worth a lower number of points. 

Speaking with any Floran may also provide you with a few bonus points. Doing NPC [1] quests in this village may also help you reach the point total because some NPC quests require the player to place and scan an item before delivering it to a different NPC. 

However, completing this quest may require players to visit several different planets.

floran clues

Esther will summon the player to return after they have earned 50 points. This quest must be completed in order to unlock the Ceremonial Hunting Caverns mission.

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