Fixed: Can’t Connect to Server on Starbound

Starbound is an incredibly popular game that allows players to explore a vast universe of planets, creatures, and items. Unfortunately, sometimes players may find themselves unsuccessful to connect to a server. 

This can be a frustrating experience for most especially when their devices are working fine. To give you all the options, we listed several methods to fix your dilemma in connecting to a server on Starbound.

Can't Connect to a Starbound Server: 4 Methods

Our Starbound gamers have outlined the steps to do the following fixes:

Activating UPnP

One of the most common signaled issues that may have caused this Starbound error is when the game’s ports are not forwarded. 

This prevents your computer from connecting to the game server. Nowadays, the vast majority of routers are perfectly capable of automatically forwarding the ports used by the games you play, thanks to a feature known as UPnP (Universal Plug and Play).

Starbound can't connect to server

So, if your router supports Universal Plug and Play, the solution is simple: go to its settings and enable UPnP to allow your router to automatically forward the ports used by the game you’re playing.

Manually Forwarding Starbound's Ports

Starbound - port forwarding

Examining the Integrity of the Game File (Steam Only)

verify integrity of game files

Starbound Inside Windows Firewall Whitelist

Windows Defender Firewall


The Starbound Can’t Connect to Server issue can be disappointing. But with a few tweaking of settings on Steam and your computer, you can go back to playing the game normally again. 

In this article, we discussed how to fix this issue by activating UPnP [1], manually forwarding the game ports, examining the game files thru Steam, and whitelisting Starbound in the Windows Firewall. 

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