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Fixed: Starbound Universe Server Exception Error

Starbound “UniverseServerException” is a common error most players face. This error implies that you will be unable to connect to the server. 

Since you can’t connect to the server, there is no way you can enjoy your favorite game. To help you solve this problem, our gamers have provided you with simple and effective fixes in this guide.

Fix #1: Connect Via IP

One of the best ways to solve the issue of server exception is to connect using IP. Start your server, open Starbound, then click on the Join Game. 

Starbound game menu

After, choose your character, then paste your dedicated IP address into the box using the overview page. If you follow these steps well, click on “join server.”

Note: To avoid crashes when joining the Starbound server, double-check your IP address.

Fix #2: Run Starbound as a Single Player, Then Invite Friends Thru Your Friends List

This is a very effective solution if you encounter a server exception error. All you need do is run Starbound as a single player. 

After, you can then invite your friends through the friend list. 

Fix #3: Try Multiplayer Via Steam Friends

This is another method to fix this particular Starbound issue. Ensure you have a host running the game, then join on the go.

inviting friends to party Starbound

You can accept your friends using the Steam chat mobile app on mobile devices. Note that Steam restricts limited accounts from adding friends. Therefore, you may run into errors if you have a limited account.

Fix #4: Run the Executable File From the Starbound Player

If any of these fixes do not work, ask your friend to run the exe file [1] from their end. This means they will be the host of the game. 

The issue may be with your executable files. This should fix the problem if the issue is with your .exe file


Although the Starbound Universe Server Exception error is common, it is not one without working fixes. To help you resolve this issue, follow the guidelines in order as listed in this guide. We do hope you find the tips useful.

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