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Starbound Servers With Free Items

Recently, we have gotten several requests from our readers to give them insights into Starbound servers with free items. On this note, our team of resident gamers has decided to put this piece together to give you insights into servers you can leverage.

Starbound Server Options With Free Armor, Weapons, and More


Zurfa is one of the best Starbound servers that give away free items. You can get access to guns and pickaxes. 

Not only that, but you can also get a survival kit and many other free items that are needed for your survival in the Starbound game.

Ilovebacons is one amazing server. They design it so that they provide you with whatever you want. They currently rank as the number one free gaming server. 

joining server on Starbound

Ilovebacons have different types of custom features, server protection, and many more.


If you are not satisfied with what you get on the Starbound servers with free items, you can leverage the following means below:

Creative Mode Mod

Creative mode is a game mod [1] that allows you to modify or enhance your gaming experience through in-game items. These game items are dependent on the level you decide for yourself. 

Starbound character inventory

This game mod can adequately suffice for servers with in-game free items. With this mod, the control is in your hand. You can decide how far you want to take it.

Admin Mode

You can also access free in-game items from the administrator mode by entering some basic commands. To enter the admin mode in single player, you can use the /admin 1 and /admin o to disable. In the single player mode, you can invite your friends through a friends list to fix the “UniverseServerException” error in StarboundAll the crafting recipes you need will be available when in admin mode.


The Starbound servers and alternatives we listed in this article are legit and working. You can take advantage of the examples that we have suggested. Go ahead and have fun.

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