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Spore Servers — Were They Shut Down? + How to Download

Spore is a game from EA Maxis that was released in 2008. It was a revolutionary life simulation game that allowed players to control the evolution of a species on a galactic level. The game was highly praised for its creative use of the 3D engine and the vast amount of content available.

However, in recent years the official servers for Spore have been shut down, leaving many players unable to access the game or its content. This has led some players to wonder: are Spore servers still up and running? 

Are Spore Servers Still Up and Running?

Spore servers are still up and running. The game can be downloaded from the official Spores website. The game is also available at EA’s Origin store. 

The full version of the game can only be downloaded for a fee. However, you can download a free trial of the game and play it for a limited time. If you have an EA Play membership, Spore is included in the package.


How to Download Spore on Windows 10?

Spore has only been compatible with Windows XP [1] and Vista since its 2008 release. Using Windows 10, do the following steps:


The servers for Spore are still up and running, and the game can be downloaded from the official website or through EA’s Origin store. 

Players who wish to play the game on Windows 10 should download the .exe file and follow the steps outlined to make the game compatible with their operating system.

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