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Soulworker Server Status — Your Quick Guide

SoulWorker is an action MMO that has a large and active community of players. The game features an anime-style art style and fast-paced combat. 

Players can choose from a variety of characters and customize their weapons and abilities. But are the game’s servers stable enough? Read on to find out about SoulWorker’s server status!

What is the Current SoulWorker Server Status?

The 2018 “anime action MMO” SoulWorker has shut down in the Western hemisphere since April 2021. 

The publishing agreement between Gameforge and developer Game Lion has expired, and according to Gameforge’s community management team, Game Lion has “decided to take this title in a different direction.”

Soulworker gameplay

Game Lion responded with an English-language Facebook post explaining that an international version of the game will be released in the near future. 

Due to data differences between versions and GDPR regulations, Game Lion is unable to provide account migration. In the international version, players of the Gameforge release will have to start from scratch.


As of writing, SoulWorker’s server [1] status is inactive as the game has been shut down in the Western hemisphere since 2021. Players will have to start fresh in the international version of the game, as no account migration is available.

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