Is Skinwallet Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

It’s no secret that most gamers would hunt for the highest-paying website to sell CSGO skins. Although your search could ultimately lead you to a user-friendly platform like Skinwallet, are you sure your personal details and transactions are secure, or will you lose money in the process?

In this Skinwallet review, our seasoned traders uncover Skinwallet to see if it’s a legitimate platform to sell your skins.

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Skinwallet History and Reputation

You may not know, but Skinwallet has been operating as an online marketplace for different Steam games since 2016. Its main offerings focus on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in-game items, but the Skinwallet market also caters to the gamers of Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2. 

Upon checking further, our game experts also discovered that Skinwallet had a high Trustpilot rating. Other users praised the easy transaction on the platform and how they get instant cash from selling CSGO skins without any hassle. 

If you’ve been in the industry for a while now, you’d also know Skinwallet is included in  CSGO Trading Subreddit’s safe list. Their inclusion in this list means that the company was a trusted market that allowed skin traders to sell and buy skins safely. 

Is it Legit?

Yes, Skinwallet is a legit online skin trading market. Besides operating since 2016, the platform is a registered business entity in Poland. After our team’s thorough checking and trial, we can assure you that the website runs under the business name Skinwallet SA. 

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Skinwallet Features

Items Offered and Pricing

Now that you have the answer to the question, “Is Skinwallet legit?” it’s time for us to check the type of digital goods offered on the platform. Their market selection will impress you if high-value DOTA and CSGO skins are what you mainly seek. 

While exploring Skinwallet, we noticed that the site contains high-quality items from different Steam games. You can even buy the latest skins at a surprisingly lower price than usual. 

Because Steam markets offer rare items at high prices, you can save a lot if you buy CSGO skins on this website. In fact, Skinwallet’s bot will automatically compare your expenses on the site versus the official marketplace. From there, you’ll see the big difference between the two prices. 

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It’s the right platform to choose if you detest the idea of hidden fees. And while you have to pay a 10% commission fee when selling skins for real money, we can say that it’s relatively lower than other sites out there. 

How to Buy

Buying skins in Skinwallet isn’t as complicated as on other platforms. If you are a beginner, you just need to log in via your Steam account to begin the buying process.

Once Skinwallet is connected to your Steam account, you can freely browse the website and search for the skins you intend to buy. The skins and game keys are divided into categories, so we urge you to use this feature to make your item shopping a lot easier. 

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You can add as many items as you want to the cart, but our team recommends ensuring that you have enough cash or funds in the site wallet to complete the transaction smoothly. 

How to Sell

Now, how does Skinwallet work if you’re a seller? There are two ways you can go about it, Skinwallet Instant or the Skinwallet Marketplace. 

If you want a single transaction and get the cash right away, our resident gamers advise you to opt for Skinwallet Instant. You can begin by signing up via your Steam account and making your inventory public. 

Once that’s done, go to the “Sell your skins” menu and begin the item selection from your inventory. Click on the Get $X option and wait for the bot’s offer via Steam. Unlike in the marketplace, the site will determine the prices of your skins. If you’re satisfied with the trade offer, you can claim your earned money in the checkout section. 

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Skinwallet Instant Money feature also has bonus programs for loyal users who often sell their skins on the website. Because of this, you can expect an extra 5% earnings on top of their price offers. 

If you prefer setting the prices yourself, you can sell skins in the marketplace. The process is pretty much the same, except there will be a pop-up window for your item listings, and you have the authority to change the price. 

The only downside of this option is that you can’t get your money right away. You have to wait for a buyer to make a trade offer and pay for the skin.

Payment Options

We understand the reluctance of using real money online, so our testers ensured that we didn’t miss checking out Skinwallet’s payment options. If you want faster transactions, the best option is through your Paypal account. 

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Besides Paypal, you can also use Payoneer or Tipalti. However, it’s important to note that these e-wallets may incur additional charges. No worries, though. There are 250 other ways to pay for your skins, including a wire transfer from banks. 


Considering that the website has a simple structure and design, our resident game traders didn’t have much problem navigating its interface. As previously stated, the item categories are neatly arranged, so newbies can easily find what they’re looking for. 

Customer Support

At first, we were dismayed by the lack of live customer chat support in Skinwallet. However, we were delighted upon receiving a fast response from their email team not more than 30 minutes after we sent our concern. 

Safety and Security

When you buy and sell skins for real cash, it’s crucial to check if the website that you’re using has safety features. Lucky for you, the site is equipped with an SSL certificate [1]. Because of this, all the confidential data you provide on the website wouldn’t be compromised.

Your account is safe from hacking as they implement a two-step verification process, not to mention the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator feature for mobile app access.   


How long does verification take on Skinwallet?

The verification on Skinwallet only takes a few minutes long. In some cases, you’ll get your withdrawal instantly for as long as there are no regional limitations in your area. Once the item is confirmed as sold, you can expect your earnings to reach your desired payout methods within 24 hours.

Review Conclusion: Skinwallet

While assessing the answer to the query “Is Skinwallet legit?” our gaming experts concluded that the website is indeed a reliable skin marketplace to consider. Given its item variability and affordable price range, we’re certain that this platform can cater to the needs of the gaming and trading community. 

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