Is Skins.Cash Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

Skins.Cash is among many trading sites that allow users to sell CSGO skins for real money. But apart from its positive reviews, how can a new user like you know if it’s a completely legit platform or a scam site?

In this SkinsCash review, our gaming community experts will test all the features of this skin trading site to see if payments are secure when using this service.

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Skins.Cash Reputation: Is it Legit?

Yes, the Skins Cash website is a legitimate trading platform to sell skins for instant payments. If you want to earn money by selling CS:GO skins, our traders recommend this site because of its good reputation in the trading industry for several years. 

Besides the high ratings in TrustPilot reviews, its proof of legitimacy stems from over 52 million successful skin trades. The platform has amassed many users since its establishment in 2016. And now, it caters to 4.6 million registered traders on its website. 

Site Design and Interface

Upon closer look, our website testers immediately noted that Skins Cash has a great UI. Its webpage has a green and black theme, which is not straining to the eyes and makes searching for skins easier. interface

Skins.Cash Features

Buying and Selling

Before you make any transaction on the Skins Cash website, you must have a Steam account to sign up with. Selling and buying CSGO skins on this platform wouldn’t take you more than five minutes, as its menus and options are easy to spot. 

Our expert traders advise you to double-check the links for less hassle when adding your email and trade URL. Once done, you either go to the main menu to view your Steam inventory for selling skins or select the Buy Skins option on top of the website. 

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You may not know, but the CS:GO skins in this platform have great prices and are seemingly sold lower than those in the Steam marketplace.  As we mentioned earlier, over 4.8 million users are registered on the site, so expect the market situation to be diverse.

When you sell CSGO skins, you have to choose from their payment options and set the price to get cash instantly once the skin is sold. After that, the website’s bot will send you a trade offer, which you’ll need to accept. Besides Counter Strike: Global Offensive, you can trade and sell skins on this site for games like Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2. 

Payment Methods and Fees

One of the most crucial steps in answering “Is Skins.Cash legit?” is checking the website’s payment service and process. During our review, we found out that withdrawing money from the skins you sell doesn’t have additional fees on this website. 

payment method

You can get money payouts instantly via Paypal and Bitcoin with just a few minutes of waiting time. And did we mention that it has multiple payment options for VISA/Mastercard and bank wire methods? Other methods you can try also include Payoneer and Web Money. However, keep in mind that each payment method has a minimum withdrawal amount. 


Besides its great skin selections, the Skins.Cash site has an elaborate bonus system for traders who sells skins. The higher your sales, the bigger bonus percentage you’ll get. You can also get bonus perks through weekly giveaways and win free skins and promo codes.

Ease of Use

During the test trades, our testers noted the dynamic algorithm of Skins.Cash’s interface. Because of this, searching for items wasn’t too complicated for traders. It also features skin sorting functions for easier access to available items.

user-friendly interface

Refund and Guarantee

A good return and guarantee policy give users security[1]—unfortunately, Skins.Cash doesn’t have clear terms for this. However, they confirm your identity, or you won’t be able to do transactions.

Customer Support

Unlike others, SkinsCash has a 24/7 customer support live chat. Their email and social media channels also provide in-depth solutions to technical concerns.


How does Skins.Cash work?

To make Skins.Cash work, you have to sign in via your Steam account. Once you’re registered on the website, you can select the in-game items you wish to buy or sell. All you need to do is fill out the required payment details according to your payout needs, and you can get your cash.

Review Conclusion: Skins.Cash

Despite the limited payment and refund options, our answer to the question “Is Skins.Cash legit?” is still yes. With millions of successful trades on the site, modern webpage design, and its fast payouts, it’s no wonder why it has attracted many game traders over the few years of its operation. 

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