Skinport Review (2022) — Is it a Legit Trading Platform?

Among the known platforms to sell and buy CSGO skins, the Skinport market is gradually rising in popularity. Although the company is said to be a reliable source of in-game items, how well do you know its market? In this review, our Counter Strike: Global Offensive experts will examine their offers to see if this marketplace is worth any real money investment.



Experience and Legitimacy

When searching for a platform to buy and sell skins, it’s crucial to check how legit the websites are. Now, the question lies in is Skinport legit? Delightfully for CSGO fans out there, this company is a registered business similar to DMarket website

In the duration of our review, our team found no suspicious transactions going on the platform while we did our normal buy and sell tests. 

The marketplace has positive reviews as well from popular streamers and enthusiasts, recounting their experience when buying and selling skins on Skinport. 

Despite being relatively new compared to other sites, Skinport that was founded in 2019, has an impressive presence over social media platforms. This platform is also a Steam community market for more games like Battle Royale and Team Fortress 2. 

Skinport Features


Upon deciding to buy or sell CSGO skins on Skinport, one of the first things we instantly noticed was its dark-themed interface. And while many CSGO trading sites such as BitSkin offer the same page design, this marketplace will give you what you’re searching for with just a few clicks. 

The Skinport website has some built-in search filters that groups items according to fade percentages and others. 

It has comprehensive menus that will guide you to the specific skin you want to purchase.  Moreover, the prices are clearly indicated in each CSGO item, so our team could thoroughly review them before deciding to pay. 

Game Items Offered

If you’re an avid buyer or seller of in-game skins, we doubt you can resist the urge to trade real money with the vast market of items Skinport has.

From knife, rifle, gloves, graffiti, up to the container, you name it! This market is home to many skin collections and Steam items varying in different prices, colors, and rarity. 

Buying and Selling

Before you proceed to any skin transactions in Skinport, it’s important to note that you need to link your Steam account to the platform. Once that’s done, you can pay money to buy the skin you like or sell an item from your Steam inventory. 


Our team reviews Skinport positively because it has 0% commission fees when you buy skins on their platform. On top of that, you only need to pay very low selling fees when you post skins for sale in Skinport. 

Payment Methods

With the gaming purchases becoming more and more intense in the market [1], Skinport developers made it easier for players to transfer cash into their site fund. 

payment method

In fact, their available payment options include Apple Pay, AmericanExpress, UnionPay, VISA, and many more. 

How to Buy

In this Skinport review, our trade experts would also like to discuss how legit and easy buying skins on the platform was. For the first step, set your item inventory public. We advise double-checking your account’s URL, or it won’t work. 

Next, you can go to the market and scroll through items available in Skinport. After selecting the skin with the price you can afford, you’ll be redirected to payments. 

Upon choosing which method to use to add a fund to your site balance, click the “Confirm” button. After that, the trade offer will be sent to you, and you can now use the skin you bought from Skinport. 

How to Sell

As previously stated, you have to connect a Steam account first. And then, Skinport would require you to make your inventory public. From there, add your trade URL and click the “Sell” option.

Once you’ve selected which item to go on sale in Skinport, you can set the price according to your judgment. Pick one from many payment methods and accept the Skinport offer via the Steam platform. 

Refund Policy

One of the first features we looked for is the refund policy in the Skinport platform. While it’s not specific, the marketplace indicated that they could only refund unused funds from the site’s balance. However, Skinport noted that it’s only applicable if the deposits aren’t used in any transactions. 

Customer Support

If you happen to get an error when buying and selling items, the customer support team is expected to help you. However, Skinport doesn’t have live chat support. Instead, you can contact them through email and create a ticket about your concern.

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Where is Skinport based?

Skinport is based in Stuttgart, Germany. As a matter of fact, the company is officially registered in the country and was established in 2019. Thanks to its vast collection of CSGO items, Skinport generates millions of webpage views weekly and has garnered many positive reviews about the platform. 

Review Conclusion: Skinport

After concluding our Skinport reviews, we can confidently say that the platform deserves all the high customer ratings and feedback it kept on receiving. With such a user-friendly interface and wide-range item collection, we’re sure that gaming enthusiasts like us would find this website legit and helpful in their CSGO ventures.

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