Skinhub Free Open Codes + How to Guide and Review (2022)

SkinHub is considered a newer site than other case opening platforms, so the curiosity about its legitimacy and offerings is understandable. Many players highly praise them, but do they have free open codes and coupons to sustain the current hype they’re getting? Let’s find out in this short review conducted by our trade experts.

How to Use Skinhub Codes: 3 Easy Steps

Step #1: Add Item to Cart

Assuming you already have a specific promo code on-hand, you first need to select your desired item in the virtual shopping cart. Once you’re sure of the purchase, our resident traders advise you to double-check if the said in-game item qualifies to the terms and conditions of the code you want to use. 

Step #2: Enter Code on Checkout

Next, you have to go through SkinHub’s checkout procedure. From there, you’ll see the promotion and coupon section, where you can copy/paste the code. After that’s done, click on the button beside the text box labeled Apply and Submit.

Step #3: Check Total Price to Confirm

Typically, the total price of your checkout will adjust once the promo code is entered. If it didn’t reflect in your virtual bill, the best suggestion our team could recommend is to take another look at your cart. 

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Reverting to the checkout section is another way you can try. If that didn’t work either, see the below topic to determine why your code isn’t working.

Why Isn’t My Code Working?

Just like any other online payment system, any user is bound to bump into certain issues. Before you go and complain via customer support, here are some instances we’d like you to check if it applies to your purchase. 

First, ensure that you haven’t used the promo code yet. If you’re a new user, know that you cannot use the same coupon twice as it won’t work the second time again. Next, you should know if the item you’re trying to buy qualify to the code you’re using. You may not know it, but products under sale are often excluded for promo codes. 

As previously stated, there could be typographical errors in your code. Comb through every character included in your coupon and enter them again. Finally, if all that didn’t click, our resident gamers suggest checking the code’s expiration date. Not all of them have it, but some coupons can only be availed for a limited time. 

Skinhub: Is it Safe and Reliable?

Skins Selection

Although there are many SkinHub free open codes for you to use, the main concern lies in the selection of skins available on their platform. Delightfully for our testers, we found a wide range of first-class skin offered on the platform. 

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Besides that, the site also gives new users a chance to win certain rare items once they change their steam name into their requirement. 

Deposit and Withdrawal

All in all, both the deposit and withdrawal procedure goes smoothly during our first-hand experience. In fact, the funds are always delivered almost immediately after depositing. The same applies when withdrawing from the site. 


Checking site security is among the first steps you should make when purchasing online [1]. Given the transparency that allows users to check all transactions in the checkout section, our experts see it as a huge green light. On top of that, the instant reflection of payment signifies its legitimacy and ensures that it’s safe to use. 

Customer Support

While many would prefer a live chat support team ready to answer queries 24/7, only a few sites can do that. In the SkinHub platform, you’ll find a contact form where you can send your concerns. Expect it to be answered within 24 hours at max. 

If you can’t wait that long, they have a FAQ section for common issues players encounter during the games. However, we’d like to note that it’s all written in English. 


Can you gain profits from Skinhub?

Yes, you can gain profits from SkinHub. If you’re lucky to open cases with extremely rare items, you can sell them on popular trading sites for real money once it’s transferred to your Steam inventory. 


The availability of SkinHub free open codes is a perk you shouldn’t miss, especially if you’re a new user. And while it can be intimidating to try for the first time, our resident gamers assure you that you can get the hang of it as long as you keep yourself updated with the site’s news and events.

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