Shadowrun Hong Kong Builds Shadowrun

Shadowrun Hong Kong Builds

If you’re looking for the best builds in Shadowrun Hong Kong, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our gamers will show you some of the top builds that will help you dominate the competition. Whether you’re a decker, shaman, or mage, there’s a build that’s perfect for you. Let’s get started.

What Are the Best Shadowrun Hong Kong Builds?


This is a bit open-ended. You will require Charisma and Conjuring. You also want a totem, but after that, you have a lot of choices. You can definitely pick Spirit Cont or Summoning, but you have enough Karma to become really strong with any weapon type, except pistols. 

You need to invest too many points into the actual Pistol tree to make it any good, which takes three complete skill lines, which you just do not have. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong shaman Builds

If you want to be a ranged Shaman, we recommend to take the Cobra Totem and put enough points into Rifles to obtain Full Auto and stop there. 

Charisma, Conjuration, Quickness, and Ranged Combat are all effectively capped. You can choose your totem and “damage dealing” skills based on your preferences, however, you can avoid melee [1] for obvious reasons.


Mage has amazing firepower with only two skill lines, although certain spells require some Int and Charisma. Take some body, Charisma, and Int for max will or spellcasting. 

However, you won’t have enough Karma afterward to be any good with anything else. For defenses, you can select Quickness or Dodge. Once you’ve learned some useful spells, you won’t need any weapons at all. 

The important element is to stay as close to the Dragon Lines as possible, and because they are frequently in the open, Quick or Dodge becomes crucial. 

Shadowrun Hong Kong Builds

But what Spells should you use? It’s entirely up to you. You can, however, take the drain, heal, some AoE, and two other Single Target spells, Blindness, and Accuracy, to give yourself more options. Do not try Adept Spells because, like Adept, you require every Spell Slot the game provides.


The same as with the Shaman, it’s fairly open-ended and up to you to decide what to take with it. You can go back to Rifles because it doesn’t take much Karma to unlock Full Auto, and then stop there and put the rest into Quick or Ranged Combat. 

You can also add Rigging to it and simply stand back. Drones are extremely popular in Hong Kong and are a perfectly practical choice.

The most important aspect of a successful build is to concentrate on four skill lines, three if you want to go race-specific and max up Str with a Troll or something. 

You’ll always require “some body,” because after four lines plus body, you just don’t have enough Karma to be useful on another line.

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