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Fixed: “Server IP Addr is Not in Valid Range!”

When the router and your network IP suddenly mismatch when port-forwarding, the next thing you’ll see on the screen is the error message, “Server IP addr is not in valid range!” 

It’s annoying, and that could spoil your online activity at the moment. But what could be wrong? How can you fix that? Worry not. Our tech team has all the fixes to resolve this concern.  

Invalid Server IP Range: 6 Surefire Fixes

Fix #1: Open the Ports in Windows Firewall

If you have a static IP addr, you can fix the issue through your Windows Firewall. Your Windows come with a default firewall. 

If your ports are closed, your server’s IP addr isn’t in valid range as you port forward. 

To enable the ports on your Windows Firewall, see the steps below:

Windows Defender Firewall
  1. Access the Control Panel.
  2. Open Systems & Security.
  3. Go to Advanced Settings and enter the port you wish to open. 
  4. Input the UDP or TCP protocol numbers.
  5. Allow the changes, then click Next.
  6. Set the name of your newly enabled port. 
  7. Then, click Finish. 

After these series of steps, the ports for forwarding will open, and the invalid range error should be fixed. 

Fix #2: Utilize the DCHP IP Address

Your server IP addr will only be valid once you get a static IP address. To do this, configuring your DNS settings is required.  

Network and Internet choose your Network

If you’re using Windows, setting up your static IP is easy as long as you follow the instructions below:

Steps to Configure DNS

  1. Access your Control Panel. 
  2. Select Network & Internet. 
  3. Choose your network.
  4. Then, select the Networking option.
  5. Click Advanced, and select the DNS option. 
  6. Utilize for the Primary and Secondary DNS sections. 
  7. Then, click the Apply button.
Control Panel- Network and Internet

Steps to Generate a Static Server IP Address

  1. Access your Command Prompt (CMD). 
  2. Input “/ipconfig all.”
  3. Take note of your IPv4 address, Default Gateway, and Subnet Mask.
  4. Then, copy & paste this command: “netsh interface IP set address name= (name of router’s network) static”
Windows Command Prompt ipconfig

     5. Using your network’s router name, change the “Ethernet0.”
     6. Using your server IPv4 address, change the “”
     7. Using your device’s subnet mask, change the “”
     8. Using your device’s default gateway, change the “”
     9. Click Enter.

With the following steps, you can create a static IP addr for your server in Windows. Now you can port forward without any issue.  

Note: The command is space- and case-sensitive. Make sure to input as is to avoid errors. 

Fix #3: Use Your Internal IP Address

When you port forward, you need to use your server’s internal IP addr. Your network gives your IPv4 IP address and your public IP address. 

You may encounter an invalid range error if you use the wrong IP address within the port-forward options. 

Port forwarding

Here’s how to fix this: 

  1. Access CMD.
  2. Input “/ipconfig” and click Enter.
  3. From the address list, copy your IPv4 addr. 
  4. Access your port-forwarding page on the settings of your router.
  5. Choose the protocols and hit Next.
  6. Paste your IPv4 addr and click Apply and Save. 
Windows Command Prompt

What is an Invalid IP Address?

The main reason your IP address is invalid is if there’s a conflict or an actual range issue in your circumstance. 

Here are some samples in which you might encounter an invalid IP address:

Fix #4: Double Check the Values

We suggest checking the numeric values. You shouldn’t miss one thing for this to work.

  1. Check if you’re utilizing your Windows server’s IPv4. 
  2. Check the port-forwarding section if there needs to be more data.
  3. Inspect the range of the port 
  4. Verify if the source and destination connect to the same internet network
  5. Check if the ports you use are enabled in the Windows Firewall

Fix #5: Ensure Your Firmware is Up-to-Date

If you still encounter the error, your firmware [1] might be outdated. We suggest updating all your devices, including your router, destination server, and any third-party source. 

All Control Panel items

Update your router through the Control Panel, and upgrade your destination device by updating your pending updates on Windows. 

Note: Make sure to restart your destination device and router before retrying to forward ports. 

Fix #6: Reset Your Router

Lastly, you can reset your router if any of the above fixes don’t work. You can ask for your network’s assistance in resetting the router.  

But if you want to do it yourself, you can refer to the following: 

resetting router
  1. Open the Control Panel of your router, and click the Reset option.
  2. Choose the Reset to Default option.
  3. Select OK to confirm the action.
  4. Wait for 5 minutes or until the process is completed. 

After the reset, input the enable ports in the port forwarding section and verify if your server IP is now in a valid range.  

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There are several ways to troubleshoot the “Server IP addr is not in valid range!” message, as there are different sources that caused the issue. 

One or a combination of these six methods will immediately resolve it. Make sure to follow the methods in order for the best results.

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