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Sea Of Thieves Legend Of The Veil Guide

In this discussion, we will explore the Legend of the Veil in Sea of Thieves and provide a guide on unlocking its secrets. We will discuss the different ways players can access the veil and the dangers they may encounter along the way.

Whether you are a seasoned pirate or a newcomer to the game, join us as we set sail on a quest to uncover the mysteries of the Legend of the Veil in Sea of Thieves.


The Legend of the Veil in Sea of Thieves is said to be a mysterious force that skilled pirates can harness to reveal hidden treasures and unlock the secrets of the seas. 

The veil is a thin boundary separating the physical world from the spiritual realm. 

It is believed that during certain times, such as a full moon or a rare celestial event, the veil can be lifted, allowing those who know how to access it to communicate with the other side.

Legend of the Veil start

Types of Objectives in Legend of the Veil

In Sea of Thieves, players can undertake several types of objectives to access the Legend of the Veil. Three examples of these objectives are Ancient Statue voyages, Treasure maps, and Shipwreck Graveyards.

Ancient Statue Voyages

These voyages involve players sent to various islands to find and interact with ancient statues. These statues are said to have a connection to the veil, and interacting with them is necessary to access its power. 

Players must navigate the island’s terrain and overcome obstacles such as traps or enemy pirates to reach the statues. Once they have found the statues, players must perform specific actions to activate them and access the veil.

Treasure Maps

Treasure maps are a common objective in Sea of Thieves and are often used to lead players to the hidden treasure connected to the veil. These maps may be found on islands or in chests, and players must decipher the clues to locate the treasure.

Along the way, they may face enemy pirates or navigate dangerous terrain to reach their goal. The treasure they find may be used to unlock the veil or provide other rewards.

Players may encounter three types of treasure maps: Picture Maps, Close-up Maps, and Liars Maps.

Picture Maps: This provides a picture of a specific location on an island, with a visible landmark, such as a tree or rock formation, to help players locate the treasure. 

Players must explore the island, use their map to locate the landmark, and then dig at the location to uncover the treasure.

Close-up Maps: These are more detailed maps that provide a closer view of a specific area on an island where the treasure is buried.

X Marks the spot of the treasure

These maps usually do not have a visible landmark, so players must use their map to navigate to the correct area and use their shovels to dig for the treasure.

Liars Maps: These are rare and unique maps that are intentionally misleading. These maps are usually found as part of a quest or through a special event, and they require players to use their intuition to find the treasure. 

The map may provide a vague or confusing image or lead players to an entirely different location than where the treasure is buried. Players must use their wits and experience to locate the treasure based on the clues provided by the map.

Shipwreck Graveyards

Shipwreck Graveyards are areas of the sea where numerous ships have sunk, and their treasures lie scattered on the ocean floor.

Diving deep into the Shipwreck graveyard

These graveyards are often guarded by dangerous sea creatures or enemy pirates, making it a challenging objective for players to reach. 

Once they have navigated the hazards and retrieved the treasure, players may use it to unlock the veil and access its secrets.

The Great Sea Fortress

It is rumored to be an ancient stronghold built by a powerful pirate lord, who used it to store his vast treasure hoard and protect himself from rival pirate crews. 

The fortress is said to be heavily guarded and protected by traps, puzzles, and fierce creatures, making it a formidable challenge for any pirate crew daring enough to attempt to breach its walls.

The exact location of the Great Sea Fortress is unknown and is said to be hidden somewhere in the vast expanse of the Sea of Thieves. Those who have attempted to locate the Great Sea Fortress have faced numerous challenges and obstacles.

The fortress is said to be guarded by fierce sea creatures, such as giant sharks and krakens, and its walls are protected by traps and puzzles that can be deadly to those who are unprepared. 

However, those who manage to breach the fortress’s defenses are said to be rewarded with unimaginable wealth and treasure, as well as the secrets of the pirate lord who built the fortress.

Where To Buy The Legend of The Veil Voyage?

If a player reaches the Pirate Legend status, they can purchase the Legend of the Veil voyage from the Pirate Lord in the Athena’s Fortune Hideout. This voyage allows players to access the veil and access hidden treasures and secrets of the sea.

However, players who have not yet reached Pirate Legend status can still participate in the Legend of the Veil voyage. This can be done if a Pirate Legend proposes the voyage for them.

The Pirate Legend can invite other players to join their crew and propose a voyage for everyone to participate in.

Purchasing Legend of the Veil voyages

How To Accomplish The Legend of the Veil Voyage?

To complete the Legend of the Veil voyage in Sea of Thieves, players must obtain three Veil Stones belonging to the magical Veil of the Ancients. To acquire these stones, players must complete three distinct modules, each providing a unique gameplay experience:

Firing cannons on the Haunted Fort

Haunted Island’s Quest

The Haunted Islands Challenge is a quest that requires players to visit a specific island in the Sea of Thieves and interact with Belle, a non-playable character [1].

Once you speak with Belle, she will explain that she needs your help locating a Veil Stone lost somewhere on the island. Your task will be to explore the island and search for clues that will lead you to the location of the Veil Stone.

To aid in your search for the Veil Stone in the Haunted Islands Challenge, Belle will provide you with a lantern that has a special ability. 

This lantern will allow you to see special braziers scattered throughout the island, which you will need to light up to reveal the location of the Phantom holding the Veil Stone.

As you explore the island and search for these braziers, you will encounter various obstacles and challenges that will test your abilities as a pirate.

Haunted fort massive explosion

Once you successfully light up six braziers scattered throughout the island, a seventh brazier will appear in the island’s center, surrounded by a group of Ancients. You must light up this seventh brazier to summon a horde of phantoms.

Obtaining The Second Veil Stone

Upon obtaining the Veil Stone in the Haunted Islands Challenge, players should consult their Quest Book for the next set of instructions and clues for the next challenge. 

If one has already completed one of the challenges in the first chapter, one can anticipate that the second chapter will involve one of the remaining challenges.

Obtaining The Third Veil Stone From The Haunted Sea Fort

A sea battle with a haunting fort that can be seen as a spinning tornado occurs in the final chapter of the Legend of the Veil journey. Before using guns to remove the main fort, eliminate three minor forts that create ghost ships.

Massive tornado at haunted fort quest

Treasure chests, including the last Veil Stone, appear when demolishing the fort. Be wary of other players, or take advantage of their Haunted Sea Forts. The journey is finished when the Veil Stone is placed on the Veil of the Ancients.

How Much Gold Does the Legend of the Veil Voyage Reward You With?

Players can expect to discover a range of treasures, including those exclusive to this quest. 

These exclusive treasures include the Athena’s Relic, Artifact of Legendary Hunger, Skull of Athena’s Blessing, Legendary Fortune Keeper, Offering of Legendary Goods, and Jar of Athena’s Incense. Additionally, players may also come across regular treasures, which can also prove to be valuable when sold.

By hoisting an Athena’s Fortune Emissary flag at the beginning of their journey and collecting all the treasure they come across, a crew can achieve Emissary Grade 5 by the voyage’s conclusion.

This Pirate Legend voyage is particularly valuable because it involves acquiring valuable Athena’s Fortune treasure along with the prestigious Emissary Grade 5 status.

Assuming that you collect all the available treasure during your voyage, you can earn approximately 80,000 to 120,000 gold coins once you sell them all.

Duration of The Legend of the Veil Voyage

Although the Pirate Legend voyage may seem similar to a Tall Tale, it typically takes less time. The voyage duration largely depends on how efficiently you can solve the quests assigned to you.

The mighty haunted fort revealed

On average, completing the voyage can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, which is faster than most Tall Tales.

Wrapping Up

Whether or not you should finish the Legend of the Veil voyage depends on your interests and goals within Sea of Thieves. However, completing this voyage can provide various benefits and rewards, such as obtaining rare and valuable treasures, demonstrating your skill and expertise as a pirate, and ultimately achieving the highly-coveted Pirate Legend status.

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