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Kraken’s Body in Sea of Thieves: Where To Find It?

Sea of Thieves is a game filled with enemies and events, but the Kraken is a mandatory encounter that can’t be avoided. It’s a fierce creature that attacks any ship it comes across, making it a tough opponent for even experienced players. 

Despite recent revelations about Megalodons, the Kraken remains a mystery. Learning how to defeat it or uncover its secrets is a thrilling challenge for any adventurer in Sea of Thieves.

Finding Kraken’s Body in Sea of Thieves: Does He Have One?

Sea of Thieves recently collaborated with Disney in its third season, bringing the Pirates of the Caribbean world into the game. 

This collaboration introduced new Tall Tales, sea creatures, and treasures for players to discover. In the second chapter of the Pirates Life Tall Tale series, players can find the location of the Kraken’s body. 


However, if you want to avoid spoilers, it’s best to play through the first part of the Tall Tale before following any guides. 

The Sunken Pearl: Chapter 2

To find the Kraken’s body in Sea of Thieves, players must complete the second chapter of the Pirates Life Tall Tale series, called The Sunken Pearl. 

This chapter has eight different parts, and players must sail to a beacon in section C-19 on their map table, then follow a trail of debris to the Sunken Kingdom. 

Along the way, they will encounter the Black Pearl and retrieve the Black Pearl Key to receive Jack’s Compass.

The Siren’s Spire

Apart from The Sunken Pearl, players must complete several challenges in the Pirates Life Tall Tale series, including battling through hordes of Ocean Crawlers and completing Siren Statue puzzles to reach the top of the Siren Spire. 

Sea of Thieves The Siren’s Spire

There, they can take a Trident of the Dark Tides and witness the Kraken’s body swimming outside the tower. Later in the adventure, players may have an optional Kraken sighting in the Siren Citadel. 

In the final act, the Siren Queen will summon the Kraken, forcing players to defeat it.

Kraken Fight

The final battle with the Kraken in the Pirates Life Tall Tale series [1] is underwhelming compared to the hype built up throughout the adventure. 

The Kraken doesn’t pose much of a threat during the fight and simply swipes and sprays ink at the player. Shooting cannonballs at the Kraken’s body may not give feedback on the damage dealt, but bullets from the player’s guns do. 

fighting Kraken

Eventually, the Kraken will retreat into the water after taking enough hits, and the adventure comes to an end.


Although the Kraken’s design in Sea of Thieves is impressive and evocative of the creature’s enigmatic nature, the actual battle with it falls short of expectations set up by the Pirates Life Tall Tale. 

In the game, players only see the Kraken’s tentacles above the water, and the only way to view its entire body is by being caught in its grab attack, which results in a player’s death. 

It would be beneficial for Rare to provide players with an alternative way to experience the Kraken’s full body, either through a future update or a limited-time lore adventure.

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