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Scum Dedicated Server — Your Quick Guide

If you’re a fan of SCUM, a multiplayer online survival game developed by Croatian studio Gamepires, you may be wondering if you can host a dedicated server for the game. Having one means hosting your own private server and playing SCUM with your friends. 

It will also provide you with a better gaming experience using a third-party service than playing on a public server or setting up your own from scratch. If you want to know if this is possible, we’ll tackle everything you need to know in this guide!

Can You Host Your Own SCUM Dedicated Server?

Yes, you can host your own SCUM dedicated server. It is easy to do and requires minimal setup to get started. To begin, you’ll need to rent a SCUM dedicated server, which can be found through multiple providers online with a fixed price.

Once you’ve chosen and set up the server through the hosting service, you’ll be able to configure your server and adjust your settings, such as the map, game mode, and player capacity, and more.

SCUM Dedicated Server

You can also adjust the difficulty settings, allowing you to customize the game for your preferred level and mechanics. Finally, you can allow players to join your private server. 

With that, your server is set up with your own survival game rules in SCUM at the tip of your fingertips, with a smooth, worry-free gaming experience.

Advantages of Hosting Your Own SCUM Server

Hosting your own SCUM server can offer several benefits for players who want to take their gaming experience to the next level. Here are some of the top advantages of using a dedicated server for Scum:

SCUM - gameplay

Complete Control: With your own SCUM server, you have complete control over the game environment. You can customize the server settings, install mods, and configure the game to your liking. This allows you to create a unique gaming experience that suits your preferences and playstyle.

Better Performance: Dedicated servers are optimized for gaming, which means that they provide better performance than regular servers. This can result in less lag, faster load times, and a more stable game experience overall.

Increased Security: When you host your own SCUM server, you have greater control over the security of your game environment. You can set up your own security protocols and ensure that only trusted players have access to your server. Server Hosting providers also have extra security measures on their servers and a backup system just in case there are data problems.

Community Building: Hosting your own SCUM server also allows you to build your own community of players. You can invite friends, family, or other players to join your server and create a dedicated gaming community.

Cost-Effective: Although hosting your own SCUM server requires an upfront investment, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Some server hosting sites offer promotions or free trials so you can test run to help in choosing the right one that suits your budget.

SCUM - Hell's Kitchen

Hosting your own SCUM server can provide a more personalized, secure, and cost-effective gaming experience. With complete control over your game environment, better performance, and the ability to build your own community, a dedicated server can take your SCUM gameplay to the next level.

Best SCUM Server Hosting Services

There are several SCUM server hosting services available on the market, each with their own unique features and pricing plans. Here are some of the best SCUM server hosting services to consider:


They offer a game server hosting service for SCUM servers with high-performance, low latency, and easy-to-use control panels. They provide flexible pricing plans, including monthly subscriptions, pre-paid packages, and special deals for long-term hosting. 

Nitrado also offers DDoS protection, automatic daily backups, and 24/7 customer support [1]. One of the unique features of Nitrado is its web interface, which allows players to easily customize their server settings, install mods, and manage game files.


Pingperfect is a hosting service that specializes in game servers, including SCUM. They offer low ping rates, DDoS protection, and a variety of hosting plans with flexible pricing options. They also provide instant server setup and your own game panel, even on mobile.


Survival Servers

Survival Servers is a popular hosting service that offers SCUM servers with low latency and fast support. They offer a variety of hosting plans, including both private and public servers, and provide easy mod installation and server customization options.

How to Choose a Hosting Provider

When choosing a SCUM server hosting service, it’s important to consider factors such as server performance, customer support, pricing, and customization options. 

By comparing different hosting services and choosing the one that best fits your needs, you can enjoy a more reliable and personalized SCUM gaming experience.


Hosting your own dedicated SCUM Server is possible and easy and quick to do! It’s a great way to tweak your game settings and experience it with your friends.  

Simply download the software, configure your server, and port forward your router. Once you’ve done that, you can start playing SCUM with your friends!

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