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Satisfactory Map — Your Quick Guide

If you’re a gamer, you may have seen Satisfactory popping up on your radar recently. It’s a game that’s been getting a lot of buzz, but what is its map all about? Here’s a quick overview to help you get started!

What is the Game Called Satisfactory?

Satisfactory occurs on a single world (or “map”). The map was created by hand and does not use any procedural generation. The land area is 30 km2 (or 5.4 km x 5.4 km). 

The world has a variety of biomes, including deserts, forests, lakes, grasslands, mountains, and caverns. The terrain cannot be modified or distorted in any manner, nor can it be terraformed. 

satisfactory map

In various places of the world, there is intermittent rainfall, and a Day or Night cycle, and the fog thickness can alter during the day. There is no idea of pollution, despite the fact that certain equipment creates visible smoke or haze. 

There are also hostile animals in the world for the pioneer to encounter [1]. The player can begin in one of four locations: the Grass Fields, the Rocky Desert, the Northern Forest, or the Dune Desert.

Grass Fields

The first potential building site discovered by FICSIT, distinguished by its broad and relatively level fields. Given the distances between mining locations, outposts or massive transportation lines may be required at some point.

Rocky Desert

A textbook example of a FICSIT-approved building location, with appropriate resources, space, and distances. It is also quite close to the sea, making water a readily available commodity.

rocky desert

Northern Forest

This area is a lush building site with several height differences and a few open places that challenge traditional building and planning methods. Despite these challenges, it will catch your eye due to the richness of its resources.

Dune Desert

Initially viewed as too dangerous, this area, with its huge, open spaces and many mining opportunities, has the potential for development. Because foliage and water are few and constrained, early power setups are difficult.

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