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Rogue Company Characters — A Complete List and Guide

Rogue Company is a team-based multiplayer shooter developed by Hi-Rez Studios, the team behind such popular games as Smite and Paladins. It is a top-down shooter, with each player taking on the role of one of the “rogues”, a group of mercenaries that specialize in high-stakes operations. 

The game offers a wide variety of rogues to choose from, each with their own unique skills and abilities. Players can create their own custom loadouts to suit their playstyle, allowing them to customize their character to fit their own needs.

List of Rogue Company Characters

In this game, heroes are classified into different types. Here are the following:

  1. Defenders – They are tasked with protecting key locations, such as explosive locations.
  2. Breacher – In order for the rest of the squad to push, the offensive players in this category concentrate in destroying the opposition’s defenses.
  3. Support – They support the group in battle.
  4. Duelist – They are the team’s strength and enjoy interacting closely with the opposition. This kind of rogue is able to negotiate and fighting many foes at once.
  5. Intel  – They provide the squad with greater utility.
Rogue characters

Here’s a list of the characters, grouped into their respective tiers and their hero type.

S-Tier Characters

Lancer - Duelist

Lancer is a character in Rogue Company and one of the original founding members of the mercenary group. She is a consummate professional and a highly experienced soldier, adept in both close quarters and long-range combat. She is also an expert in explosives and demolitions, able to quickly and efficiently place explosives to devastating effect.

Lancer is an extremely reliable and dependable member of the Rogue Company. She is highly disciplined and follows orders to the letter. She is also a highly capable leader, able to quickly assess a situation and make the right decision.

Dahlia - Duelist

Dahlia is equipped with one of the toughest packages in the whole game, even though that she is categorized as a support in Rogue. With the use of her Danger Closer skill, Dahlia can link up with an opponent for the length of a round, reviving them anytime they are taken out. The amazing thing regarding that kind of skill is that you may use it securely from outside protection and it has a radius of 30 meters.

Dahlia rogue company gameplay
Scorch - Duelist

Scorch is tall, dark-haired, and broad-shouldered, with a chiseled jawline and a fierce gaze that can intimidate enemies from a distance. Her combat skills are unmatched, with precision accuracy and lightning-fast reflexes that make her a formidable opponent in any situation.

She is equipped with the latest technology and weaponry, including a variety of gadgets and high-powered weaponry. Scorch’s arsenal is designed to help her stay one step ahead of his opponents, and to give her an edge in any combat situation.

Scorch is a woman of few words, but she is highly respected by her peers due to her unwavering loyalty and dedication. She is an expert in her field and a natural leader, with a strong sense of justice and a willingness to take on any challenge. Scorch is always willing to put herself on the line in order to protect those she cares about, and her commitment to the cause is unquestioned.

Saint - Support

He is an imposing figure at 6’2, with a muscular build and a chiseled face. Saint is a professional and experienced fighter, having a long history in the mercenary business. He is level-headed and rarely makes irrational decisions. His teammates can always count on him to make a sound judgement when the situation is dire. He is a natural leader, and when in charge of a mission he will do whatever it takes to see it through.

Saint is a master tactician, able to think several moves ahead in combat. He is an excellent marksman and can make a shot with deadly accuracy. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and can take down an opponent with ease. 

Saint is a loyal friend and an even more loyal combatant. He will never abandon his team in the face of danger and will protect them to the death. He is a fierce warrior and a trusted ally who will always be there when you need him.

The Fixer - Defender

The Fixer is a veteran mercenary who has been around for a long time and has seen it all. He’s a master of improvisation and problem solving, able to take any situation and make it work in his favor. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty and doesn’t mind taking risks if the rewards are high. 

He’s a master of weapons and tactics, able to quickly analyze a situation and formulate the best plan of action. He’s also a master of disguise and stealth, able to blend in any environment and sneak in and out without being noticed.

A-Tier Characters

Ronin - Duelist

She is highly skilled and experienced in combat, making her a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Ronin is a tall and muscular woman, with a strong build and a determined expression. She wears a tight-fitting dark grey suit with a black long coat over it, and a red scarf to match. Her eyes are dark and piercing, and her gaze can easily unsettle those around her.

Runway - Support

Runway is a support Rogue who specializes in providing ammunition and gadgets to allies. During a round, she can use a loot drop to replenish equipment and provide unlimited ammo. This is especially helpful during extended rounds.

Enemy downed after Runway threw a grenade
Dallas - Duelist

The success of Dallas’s company, which is centered on hunting, is the primary focus of his attention and energy. As an Intel, Dallas takes a more active role in tracking down his quarry than he did previously. Using Target Finder.  

Dallas is able to see the adversary that is nearest to him for a brief period of time, and with Recharge (Passive), the cooldown on his ability is bypassed everytime he takes down an opponent. As a consequence of this, novice players who favor a target that remains in place will adore Dallas.

Due to his expertise in detection, Dallas is able to eliminate the foes from behind with the Devotion (DMR) or pursue them with the high-powered HRM-30KS. His Perks also provide Dallas with incentives for his dogged determination by allowing him to quickly replenish his weapon upon taking down enemies (Replenish) or when sprinting, muffle his walking  or receive a 25-point bonus to his armor.

Talon - Intel

Talon’s Radar Dart provides valuable information about nearby enemies on the radar, which can help players gain an advantage in gunfights based on map awareness. This is particularly useful when playing with a communicative team.

Chaac - Duelist

Even if he is very close to passing away, Chaac will not give up until he has completed the task at hand. Chaac, in his capacity as a Duelist, makes strategic use of his Health to great effect. A Chaac that has been knocked down can recover some of their health and regain the capability to dodge roll by using their Grit. 

Because of his Rage, Chaac has the ability to self-overheal and even self-revive when he is knocked down. Chaac has a fairly easy aggressive build that makes use of his Health as a weapon, which makes him appealing to new players.

Switchblade - Breacher

Switchblade’s napalm launcher ability is similar to Dima’s but more powerful, as it can deny larger map areas  for a longer time.

B-Tier Characters

Sigrid - Breacher

Sigrid exemplifies what it is to be an unstoppable force in its purest form. In her role as a Breacher, Sigrid’s unyielding hostility is able to exert constant pressure on her foes and break through fortified zones. Because Sigrid possesses the Athletic ability, she is immune to being slowed while crouching and even moves at a faster rate. 

In a similar manner, her Ballistic Shield bestows upon her a front shield that prevents any damage to the front of her body. As a consequence of this, Sigrid is ideal for new players who only ever desire to get into the thick of the action with relatively little repercussions – at least, when handled right.

This Rogue’s close-range strategy pairs nicely with the continual ticks of the D40-C (SMG), as well as the capability of the S12 Tactical’s mid-range capabilities. With the correct set of Perks, Sigrid is able to switch weapons more quickly to deal with fleeing foes, recover health when enemies are defeated, and heal team members more quickly.

Anvil - Defender

His defensive potential more than makes up for Anvil’s physically imposing build. Anvil’s toolkit provides good damage reduction abilities that help maximize his team’s defensive potential, which is appropriate given that he plays the Defender Role. 

With the use of Barricade, Anvil is able to set up a barricade that can either extend cover or protect objectives. In a similar vein, his Immunity protects him from being blinded or disoriented in any way.

Anvil carrying his bat

Anvil players have the option of either engaging in close-quarters combat with the Arbitrator or engaging in long-range protection with the MLX Maw. With the appropriate Perks, Anvil is able to carry more ammunition, reload his weapon while moving at a faster speed, and receive an armor bonus of 25.

Dima - Breacher

Dima demonstrates the usefulness of explosives in any first-person shooter. Dima relies on very easy cluster grenades that are launched through the MIRV Launcher in his role as a Breacher. On the other hand, anyone who is exposed by Dima’s explosives does so temporarily through his Burned ability (Passive). Dima is fantastic for novices who are interested in wreaking mayhem with explosives.

When it comes to his arsenal, Dima complements his devastating potential in the middle range with high-powered weapons like the Mamba or the KA30, which both have a rapid fire rate. In addition, his Perks encourage direct aggression because they let him to load whilst sprinting, switch weapons more quickly, and heal after taking an enemy out of the fight.

Dima and his crew walking towards you
Vy - Defender

Vy ensures the safety of an area not by guarding it, but rather by deterring anyone from coming close to it. In the Defender Role, Vy is able to employ Vile Poison to produce a toxic pool that lowers the full health of opponents that enter it. This pool is created when she is given the Defender Role. In a similar fashion, Vy can regain up to 25 Health if one of her Actives is triggered by another player. Vy is a useful tool for novice players who are just starting out and wish to gain an advantage in combat.

In addition, the presence of her armament encourages a more aggressive strategy while dealing with her poison pools. Her Nightshade has the fastest firing rate, while her S12 Tactical carries a stronger punch at longer ranges. Even her Perks make use of her potentially aggressive nature, as she is able to locate enemies she shoots, evade detection, and gain a speed advantage when she is injured.

Phantom - Duelist

Phantom is a standard sniper class in Rogue Company and has the ability to fully ADS when looking down her sniper scope. Although she has a huge damage potential, her lack of consistency places her in the B-tier bracket.

Kestrel - Duelist

According to the history of the Rogue Company, Kestrel was an original member of the group. Despite this, she decided to retire and focus her investments on business, which ultimately led to her being among the wealthiest women who ever lived. 

Kestrel spends her free time bragging about her Halo Drones while unleashing the wrath of hellfire on anybody or anything that catches her eye. The uncomplicated nature of Kestrel makes it an excellent choice for those who are just starting out in the world of video games.

Seeker - Support

Seeker is among the greatest archers in the world, despite the fact that he is quite old. Seeker’s young mind was polished by Kestrel during his training, and she taught him to always aim true, which he did. Seeker is an Intel Rogue that specializes in tracking enemy movements and responding to those moves in advance of an attack.

C-Tier Characters

Gli1tch - Breacher

Gl1tch is a condition that affects people who get too dependent on their technological devices. As a Breacher, Gl1tch breaks through the adversary’s fortifications while Intuition located adjacent hostile equipment and Hack locates nearby foes and disables their technology. Those who enjoy toying with their foes from a distance will find Gl1tch to their liking.

Cannon - Defender

Cannon is placed in the bottom tier due to his vulnerability, as he can be easily defeated with the help of a teammate. His Gatling Gun may be powerful, but it is either sluggish or motionless, making him an easy target for enemies.

Cannon bursts his cannon
Mack - Defender

Although Mack is not a terrible Rogue, his abilities are not as influential as those of other characters. His Lightbomb ability is comparable to a Flashbang with additional steps, and his Standard Issue ability provides only 25 more armor.

Trench - Defender

Trench is most effective when used in a defensive capacity. His wire mesh grenade can successfully close up well-traveled entrances, slowing the other team’s mobility. The majority of players in Demolition, nevertheless, will switch to the next goal, making this skill ineffective.


Choosing a character in Rogue Company can be daunting, as there are a multitude of characters to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. Ultimately, the best character to choose is the one that best fits your desired gameplay [1] and the strategies you prefer. 

If you are an aggressive player, you may want to choose a character with a high damage output and lots of mobility. If you are more of a defensive player, you may want to pick a character with strong defensive abilities and a solid defensive playstyle.

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