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Roblox Shindo Life Obelisk Private Server Codes

Shindo Life has become so popular that many gamers are looking for Obelisk private server codes. 

While there are a few private server codes out there, they can be difficult to find. In this blog post, we’ll share some of the best Obelisk private server codes that we’ve come across. 

Shindo Life Obelisk Private Server Codes List

Obelisk Shindo Life
  • VFLBav
  • HnUJay
  • YmWNW4
  • wieXt1
  • dtb0qP
  • FQSOR6
  • -qncM4
  • ZTx_0p
  • 67FwkC
  • 2DukjY
  • e2Tniw
  • m2RQZ0
  • w-_HVb
  • 5Hqm40
  • -OQtz5
  • xhrTVS
  • DkxjPu
  • yTohAM
  • 4T_Z-T
  • jijX4t
  • OtPa1u
  • LVqe4e
  • q1WgWU
  • h-yai8
  • 0871W8
  • x9Dq7m
  • Ggp0nE
  • rOfCAJ
  • 1e5hNE
  • rQRWzE
  • LEZazq
  • YkJeg-
  • 2uvME2
  • gg6oUc
  • CzQgjE
  • 8QKlM_
  • KloPeq
  • gH8G8R
  • Lg8EtW
  • -xPyoM
  • uDFX5g
  • WEhhel
  • JhJhAg
  • yytumC
  • -RyBRU
  • -ZLVRJ
  • -o4Bg
  • -CE5hL
  • WLJUsz
  • kFsjxP
  • 0-RlPo
  • 08fugP
  • e5Afyg
  • HJTpmW
  • RNNfOE
  • sMnXVG
  • 0DSS3k
  • 0PHB-n
  • 0SJeS2
  • 1zvECA
  • 2Gsxy3
  • 2Hkuy9
  • 2QuxO
  • 2R-syc
  • 2o1Gms
  • 2oPciJ
  • 33vWTe

Obelisk Spawn Times and Locations

The Obelisk’s spawn times are indicated in EST [1]. If you’re in a different location, you may utilize Google to figure out the time for your. 

Each item will despawn after 25 minutes. We recommend getting to them before they expire for the day. These items spawn twice a day: in the morning and in the evening.

 Near the Final Valley’s riverbank

By the Obelisk Village Arena, beside a tree

stone control spawn location

Inside a cave at the bottom of Orochimaru’s Hideout, near a shrine

On the outskirts of Obelisk Village, on a stone pillar

How to Use Obelisk Private Server Codes

1. To utilize a private server code in the game, go to the map’s Obelisk location and then access the player menu. This is where you can find all of your character’s information as well as different settings. 

2. From here, you should see a Travel option. Look for the Private Server option by clicking on that. 

3. Click on the text “[Private-Server],” which will request you to provide an ID. 

4. To open the private server, choose one of the codes from our list. Afterward, paste it into the box, then hit the teleport button.

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