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Roblox Shindo Life Nimbus Private Server Codes

It’s been a little over a year since the release of Shindo Life and the game has blown up in popularity. We’ve seen a lot of new private servers pop up, but we wanted to provide our audience with a comprehensive list of codes for the Nimbus private server. 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to add some friends to your game, these codes will help you get ahead in Shindo Life. 

Shindo Life Nimbus Private Server Codes List

Nimbus Private Server
  • UDvOW-
  • or8BYI
  • 3BKxta
  • c99um7
  • MjDnUz
  • pQd6ad
  • 2mYKAP
  • Tygztp
  • 6nKSYp
  • pzRRYS
  • axm6dz
  • Gu3eff
  • VRfW3M
  • MJbWIc
  • 5143a3
  • LAix8F
  • 4mBG_c
  • fa77cV
  • KoqUbc
  • dOQJtD
  • ogyYEu
  • fTVjjZ
  • U5fGcw
  • HVzN9p
  • F_1pam
  • py4b9T
  • 9hCdyZ
  • wwO73t
  • cosaBF
  • jvduj0
  • TVX7uh
  • 4UH-zP
  • a5gtC0
  • kexRc-
  • n4R8iN
  • S8QnAM
  • e4aWxn
  • CqF8LO
  • czAT3r
  • dq7iXd
  • Dqk7KN
  • eeW3MW
  • eMOY71
  • ET3r9P

Where Are Shindo Life Nimbus Spawn Locations and Times

The timing and position of key items to spawn are critical for gaining an advantage in Shindo Life. 

The time zones and locations where key items will spawn are shown below, so make sure you get some before they disappear. These items despawn [1] after 25 minutes, so they don’t last long. 

But don’t worry if you don’t get any during the day, try again at night since they spawn twice a day: once in the evening and once in the morning. Thus,  there’s plenty to go around.

Nimbus Spawn Location

Land of Iron, Nimbus Village’s outskirts

The bridge leading to the Land of Iron

On the water and under the bridge that leads to the Land of Iron

Near Nimbus Village, atop the tree

Located atop the Kage Summit Cave

sleigh bomb spawn location

Behind the Raikage Office

In the water near the Samurai Bridge

The red bridge outside Nimbus Village and in the water

Red Brick Bridge on a boulder that leads to the Land of Iron

Right behind the Nimbus Village Ramen Shop, atop a stone pillar

shock control spawn location

Behind the Kage Summit Cave, in the Land of Iron

How to Enter Shindo Life Nimbus Private Servers

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