Is RL.Exchange Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

Like other epic games, playing Rocket League is more enjoyable if you have the best battle car and exotic wheels. Fortunately, exchange market sites like RLExchange offer some of the rarest Rocket League items—the only question is, are their in-game trade offers safe or fraudulent?

In this RLExchange review, let our experts explore the platform’s legitimacy to ensure every buyer’s protection and fair trading experience.




History and Reputation

RLExchange has been an online exchange market for Rocket League game items since 2020. Although it’s a fairly new web store, it gained instant popularity for its massive trading inventory, with around 8000 available items usable in-game. 

As of writing, the RL Exchange market has over 300,000 game traders registered on the site and half a million successful transactions. 

Our online trade experts checked and discovered that this Rocket League Exchange site is a company registered in Estonia. As a matter of fact, its management runs under the business name Monuvo OU. 

Is It Legit?

Yes, RL.Exchange is a legit Rocket League trading website. Besides its obvious popularity, the thing that makes RL Exchange legit is the positive feedback from actual users of the site. 


You may not know it, but many known content creators buy rocket league items on this platform and upload full review videos on their Youtube Channels. 

Despite being a new game exchange platform, the website amassed over 6000 reviews in TrustPilot, and most feedback is rarely negative[1]. It also has secure trading features, which our team will discuss below.

RL.Exchange Features

Items Available

One of the best features our trading experts like in RL Exchange is the store’s library of items. If you’re an avid gamer, you’ll find this Rocket League web store captivating because of the different tradeable items you can obtain via Epic Games, Steam, Xbox, or PS. 

In a Rocket League trade, you can exchange items such as Goal Explosions and Black Market Goal Explosions, Wheels, Decals, RL Credits, and other tradeable things you can play with.

items on rlexchange

The item variability of this exchange platform is highly advantageous for traders who play the game using Xbox. Surprisingly, not many exchange web stores offer this range of Rocket League items for Xbox users.


Anyone registered in this game trade web store can purchase or sell items available in the current market. 

Although some trades can only happen when you play on the same platform, there are cases where transactions are allowed in different mediums. 

RL Exchange allows PS to PC trade, Xbox to PS trade, Xbox to PC trade, and many more. However, if the game trade isn’t on the same platform, the item selection you can transact with may be limited. 

members trade

Nevertheless, members who access the Rocket League game through PC, Xbox, Steam, or Epic Games can use this web store without much hassle or restriction. 

Trading Process

Part of answering the query “is RL.Exchange legit?” is checking the process of purchase and trade on this exchange web store. Before proceeding to do anything, our trade testers would like to note that item exchange in the same platform and vice-versa doesn’t have the same perks. 

For trade partners who would like to purchase Rocket League credits or items on the same platform, the entire selection with the best prices will be available for you. Both traders must allow transactions before the screen shows the item inventory on the right and your trade partner’s offerings on the right side. 

Once all the game items we wanted to trade were selected, all we did was click on the accept button, and the web store immediately showed our purchase on our screen. 


Among third-party game trading sites, it’s a no-brainer that this platform has one of the lowest prices in the market. If you’ve been trading for the longest time, you’d know that some sites add transaction fees upon reaching the checkout page—but not RL.Exchange. 


It doesn’t charge game traders additional fees and offers more discounts and vouchers than its major platform competitors. 

Payment Options

The payment method for this game trading site also gets five stars from our testers. You can pay virtually in different options via a local one, Paypal, Bitcoin, G2A, or even credit card. Its payment convenience adds up to the overall perks of the platform. 

Bonuses and Freebies

If you want free Rocket League credits or items, this website offers discounts and vouchers that may delight you. All you need to do is add the promo code “TGG” during your purchase, and you’ll instantly get a 3% discount. 

The site also hosts legitimate surveys and giveaways for traders who want to win free Rocket League items, so our experts advise you to keep an eye on those offerings as they come. 


Given that this site supports various platforms, we didn’t have any problem during the trade tests. In fact, the website’s user interface isn’t that complex and easy to understand. Although the item delivery isn’t the fastest, there’s a tracking feature you can count on to see the status of your order.

buying rocket league items

The site’s bot tracks the lowest offers in the system, making our transactions more efficient and convenient. 

Safety and Security

There’s no need to worry about using a credit card to wire money to the site’s system because your financial information will never be at risk in RL.Exchange. All the data you’ll input for payment is run through secure connections provided by the Payment Gateway. 

Another answer to the question “Is RL.Exchange Legit?” is the site’s 3D Secure Verification for credit card transactions. Upon closer inspection, our resident traders found this feature extremely reassuring as it provides users with an extra layer of protection. 

Customer Support

We’d give another five-star rating to RL.Exchange for its 24/7 chat support. If you have read our previous posts, you’d know that not all trading platforms provide support teams that’ll cater to your concerns in real-time, but this one does!

On top of that, they will send you an email copy of the chat transcript you had with their support agent in case you’ll need it again. That’s top-notch customer service right there. 


Is RL.Exchange bannable?

No, RL.Exchange is not bannable. However, the game’s management does not encourage trading and selling items. So if any user gets scammed or loses money during the transactions outside Rocket League’s platform, the company will not get involved in any disputes or reverse conditions made by trading parties. 

How long does it take to get items from RL.Exchange?

You can get items from RL.Exchange within a few hours. Generally, users report receiving their orders around 16 hours at most. If it’s not ordered during the holidays, you may expect it to reach your inventory within the day as well. If not, maximum delays would only take no more than seven days. 

RL.Exchange Review Conclusion

After careful evaluation and tests, our traders arrived to a conclusion that the website is both legit and helpful for Rocket League players. Not only does it have low prices and free items, but RL.Exchange proved its legitimacy through secure payment options and reliable customer support. 

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