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Risk of Rain 2 Shrine of Order — What Is It And How To Use It

Risk of Rain 2 is a popular third-person shooter game with a procedurally generated world that challenges players to survive against a range of deadly enemies. One of the most intriguing aspects of RoR2 is the presence of Shrines, which offer various benefits and risks to players as they progress through the game. 

Among these Shrines, the Shrine of Order stands out as a unique and potentially game-changing entity. Thus, we will discuss more about it and what it’s for in this article.

What Does Shrine of Order Do?

The Shrine of Order has a distinct and recognizable appearance, with its broken concentric rings and white coloration. This makes it easy for players to identify and approach when they come across it in the game. 

However, the most intriguing aspect of the Shrine of Order is its ability to change all of the items a player is carrying into something different. While reports suggest that the items received from the Shrine are typically of the common variety, it is important to note that the specific items received are determined randomly and can vary widely.

Shrine of order found

Using the Shrine of Order carries significant risks, as players may lose valuable items and disrupt the balance of the game. However, it can also be a powerful tool for customizing a player’s loadout and improving their chances of survival. 

As with any gameplay mechanic, players must weigh the potential benefits and drawbacks before using the Shrine of Order.

The Shrine of Order in Risk of Rain 2 allows players to trade in items of the same rarity for a single item of a higher rarity. The item received is determined randomly and may not be useful. While the Shrine offers a unique way to customize a player’s loadout, it also carries significant risks and should be used with caution.

Common Reasons Why the Shrine of Order is Used in the Game

Using the Shrine of Order can be a highly unpredictable and risky decision. While it has the potential to grant players huge stacks of powerful items that can greatly aid their progress, it can also result in stacks of less useful or even useless items, leaving players at a disadvantage.

The decision to use the Shrine of Order ultimately comes down to chance, and players must be willing to accept the potential consequences of their choice. 

However, in early loops of the game, using the Shrine of Order can potentially provide a significant advantage, such as gaining a massive amount of crit potential from a 20- or 30-stack of Lens Maker’s Glasses.

Lens Makers glasses

It’s important to note that the Shrine of Order can only be found in specific areas of the game, such as Rallypoint Delta or Commencement. As a result, players must be vigilant and explore thoroughly to find and utilize this powerful tool.

How To Reach The Shrine of Order

The Shrine of Order in Risk of Rain 2 can be found in Rallypoint Delta and Commencement. However, using it is still a gamble, as the items received are determined randomly and may not be useful. Additionally, using it near the end of the game may not be worth the risk. 

Rallypoint Delta Location: It spawns randomly in this area and is not guaranteed to appear on every playthrough. Its rarity and the potential rewards it offers make it an enticing gameplay [1] mechanic for players who are willing to take risks and try their luck with the items they receive from the Shrine. 

Commencement Location: You can find it by exploring the left side of the environment near the Rescue Ship and looking for it on the massive levitating rocks. While this location may be more accessible to players, using the Shrine still carries risks and unpredictability.

Sequenced after offering at the shrine of order

Ways To Interact With The Shrine Of Order

Players must have at least one Lunar coin in their possession in order to interact with the Shrine of Order. Lunar coins are a rare currency in the game. 

Given the importance of Lunar coins in using the Shrine of Order, it is recommended that players keep an eye out for them while running and save at least one coin for the Shrine.

Advantages Provided By The Shrine Of Order To The Characters

The Shrine of Order has the potential to significantly alter the balance of a player’s run, with the outcomes being unpredictable and potentially detrimental to progress. While some players may find the potential rewards worth the risk, others may prefer to avoid using the Shrine altogether in order to maintain their current loadout and balance.


Ultimately, the decision to use the Shrine of Order comes down to a player’s willingness to take risks and their desire for potential rewards. While some players may find it worthwhile to use the Shrine, others may prefer to avoid it and maintain their current loadout and balance.

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