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REX of Risk of Rain 2 — A Complete Guide

Characters play an important role in Risk of Rain 2 as they are the main way for players to progress through the game. Each character has their own unique abilities and play styles which can be used to complete objectives and defeat enemies. Characters also bring a unique flavor to the game and allow players to experience the game in a different way.

Different characters have different strengths and weaknesses which must be taken into account when playing the game. Some characters are better suited for taking on large groups of enemies while others are better for taking out specific targets. Knowing which characters are best for the job is important in order to complete levels efficiently.

Characters also provide players with a way to customize their experience. By choosing a character that fits their playstyle, players can create a unique experience that is tailored to them. This allows players to create a more enjoyable experience as they can play in a style that they are most comfortable with.

In this article, we’ll focus on discussing one of the playable characters in the game known as REX.

Who Is REX?

REX Loadout

REX is one of the playable characters in the video game Risk of Rain 2. REX is a heavy-duty robot designed to survive in hostile environments and designed to be a powerhouse in combat. This character is heavily armored and has an arsenal of weapons to suit almost any situation. 

He is also equipped with a powerful shield that can absorb a lot of damage and can be used to block enemy fire. REX is capable of dealing heavy damage to enemies and can also take a lot of punishment without going down.

This character has a unique playstyle compared to the other characters in the game. He is designed to be a frontline fighter, capable of taking the brunt of enemy fire and dealing a lot of damage in return. 

He is best used in close quarters combat and can quickly eliminate multiple enemies with his powerful weapons. His shield can be used to block incoming fire and can be used to protect himself and his allies from incoming damage.

REX’s unique weapons also make him a powerful character. His primary weapon is the Heavy-Duty Rifle, which deals high damage with a medium rate of fire. He also has a secondary weapon, the Quad Launcher, which can be used to fire four rockets in succession. 

His ultimate ability is the Hyper Beam, which can be used to decimate large groups of enemies in one shot. Thus, he is one of the most powerful characters in Risk of Rain 2 and can easily turn the tide of battle. He is a great choice for players who want a powerful frontline fighter who can take a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage in return.

How To Unlock REX?

You have to beat the challenge at the Power Plant in order to get access to Rex. In order to accomplish this, you will need to travel to the Abyssal Depths and deliver the Fuel Array to the damaged robot there.

Although it takes some time, the challenge is not particularly difficult to complete. After your escape pod has landed, you should make your way to the back of the structure and grab the fuel array there. Unlocking Rex requires you to travel to the Abyssal Depths and place the Fuel Array on a raised platform there. Having said that, there are some prerequisites.

In the event that your health drops below 50 percent while you are in possession of the Fuel Array, this will trigger an explosion that will result in your death.

REX with his diablo strike

Because the Array takes up the entire equipment slot, you won’t be able to equip any other items while you have it in your possession.

If you are going to play with a team, only one person will be able to unlock it because this task can only be completed by the player who is responsible for installing the Fuel Array in REX.

REX’s Main Abilities

This discussion will provide an in-depth look at REX’s abilities in Risk of Rain 2. We will examine REX’s skill set and see how they can be used to great effect in battle. 

We will also discuss how to best use REX’s abilities to survive in the harsh environment of the game. Finally, we will discuss how REX’s abilities can be used to give players an edge in combat, and how to combine them to make the most of REX’s potential.


REX’s primary ability is Inject, which allows him to deploy a powerful projectile to a single target. This ability has a long range and deals a large amount of damage. It can be used to take out enemies from a distance, and it can also be used to break through shields or other defenses. The ability has a cooldown, so it can only be used once every few seconds. 

Additionally, REX can use Inject to heal allies, boosting their health and making them more resilient in battle. It can also be used to stun enemies, which can give his team an advantage in combat. Finally, REX can use Inject as an area-of-effect attack, hitting multiple enemies at once.

SECONDARY: Seed Barrage

REX’s secondary ability is Seed Barrage, which allows him to fire a barrage of seeds that deal damage over time. The seeds spread out and hit multiple targets, making this ability ideal for area-of-effect damage. 

The damage from the seeds stacks, so they can be used to deal high amounts of damage over time. Additionally, the seeds can be used to debuff enemies, reducing their speed and damage output. This ability has a cooldown, so it can only be used once every few seconds.

PASSIVE: Natural Toxins

REX uses natural toxins in Risk of Rain 2 to poison enemies. He’s Poison Bloom ability shoots a cloud of volatile toxins that deals damage over time to enemies within its range. The toxins can also spread to nearby enemies if they are within range, dealing additional damage. 

Additionally, he can use the Toxic Dash ability to launch himself forward and leave a trail of toxic gas behind, poisoning enemies that pass through it.

Missile drone at Clay Dunestrider

UTILITY: Disperse

REX can take advantage of Disperse in Risk of Rain 2 by using it to quickly escape from large groups of enemies. When activated, Disperse allows REX to launch a burst of toxic gas in all directions, damaging enemies and knocking them back. 

This can create an opening for him to escape from any dangerous situations he may find himself in. Additionally, Disperse can be used to push enemies away from objectives, allowing this character to complete his objectives more easily and safely.

SPECIAL: Tangling Growth

Tangling Growth is a special ability used by REX in Risk of Rain 2. When activated, Tangling Growth creates a wall of thorns that damages and slows enemies that pass through it. 

The wall will last for a short duration and can be used to protect objectives or block off pathways. Additionally, the wall will damage and slow any enemies that pass through it, making it an effective tool for crowd control.

REX’s Alternative Abilities

Aside from his main abilities, REX also possesses numerous alternative abilities that can be used for his advantage in the game.

REX being overwhelmed by enemies


One of the alternative abilities that REX can use is the drill. This drill is a powerful weapon that REX can use to rapidly dig through objects, allowing him to access areas that were otherwise inaccessible. REX can use the drill to create a shield that can protect him from enemy fire and even grant him a temporary speed boost by drilling through the ground. 

The drill can be used to quickly break through barriers and obstacles, allowing REX to reach objectives faster. Additionally, Rex can use the drill to create trenches that can be used for cover or to create pathways for allies to travel through. This can be unlocked through completing the whole teleporter event while maintaining 50% of his health.

UTILITY: Bramble Volley

This ability allows REX to fire a volley of spiked brambles from his robotic arm. These brambles will explode on contact, dealing damage to all nearby enemies. The brambles can also be used to create traps and obstacles, making it easier for REX to control the battlefield and dominate his enemies. 

Additionally, the brambles can be used to quickly break through walls and barriers, allowing REX to access areas that were otherwise inaccessible. Unlock this item by assassinating a Clay Dunstrider on the Abandoned Aquaduct using REX’s ability to toss it into a pit.

SPECIAL: Harvest

This ability allows Rex to harvest resources from the environment, allowing him to gain health, ammo, or shields. The harvested resources can be used to restore REX’s health, upgrade his shields, or to reload his weapons. 

Harvesting resources can also be used to repair damaged structures or to create new ones, allowing REX to create unique structures that can provide cover or serve as a distraction for enemies. Unlock this ability by performing a single healing action that restores 1,000 health as REX.

Items aqcuisition plus 81 gold

REX’s Best Items

  1. Soldier’s Syringe Soldier’s Syringe is a single-use item that grants the player a bonus to movement speed and damage for a short duration. When used, it causes the player’s character to enter a berserk state, with increased damage and movement speed. The player’s character will also emit a bright, white light. The buff lasts until the character is killed.
  2. Leeching Seed – This is a type of seed that can be planted in open areas of the game. When planted, they will rapidly absorb health and energy from nearby enemies, and will heal the player when they are near it. They can be planted multiple times, with each plant having a limited duration, and they can be destroyed by enemy attacks. They are very useful for recovering health in difficult situations, and can provide a huge boost to the player’s survivability.
  3. Primordial Cube – The Primordial Cube is an artifact obtained by completing the Celestial Portal challenge. It is a cube-shaped item with a glowing blue light at its center. When used, it creates a temporary cube-shaped barrier around the player, protecting them from all damage for a short duration. The Primordial Cube can be used twice before being destroyed.
  4. Paul’s Goat Hoof – It is a white hoof-shaped item that grants the user increased mobility and speed, allowing them to move faster and jump higher. When used, it grants the user a large boost to movement speed and jump height for a limited time. The effect can be extended by picking up additional Goat Hoofs, and the item can also be used to travel through otherwise impassable terrain.
  5. Razorwire – Razorwire is a common item that grants the player additional damage when they hit an enemy with a basic attack. When equipped, Razorwire will increase the player’s damage by 100% for a duration of 3 seconds, allowing them to quickly clear out weaker enemies with a few well placed shots. Not only does it increase the player’s damage, but it also grants them a movement speed boost when activated. This makes it an ideal choice for players looking to rush through levels quickly and efficiently.
  6. Shattering Justice – This grants the player a powerful Melee attack. When activated, this Artifact unleashes a devastating shockwave that deals huge amounts of damage to nearby enemies. Additionally, it inflicts a debuff on all hit enemies, reducing their attack speed for a short duration. This Artifact is great for clearing out hordes of enemies quickly and efficiently.
  7. Topaz Brooch – This item can be found in the Bazaar Between Time. It increases the player’s movement speed, jump height, and damage reduction when held. The Topaz Brooch is the most powerful item in the game, and can be a great asset to any build. Its effects are especially useful when combined with other items that increase damage, such as the Bandolier or the Lost Courier. The Topaz Brooch is especially effective in the late game, as its effects become more pronounced. The Topaz Brooch is a must-have item for any successful run in Risk of Rain 2.


The key to effectively using REX in Risk of Rain 2 is to take advantage of his powerful ranged attacks, mobility, and defensive capabilities. 

His ranged attacks can be used to quickly eliminate threats from a distance, while his mobility allows him to move around the map and get into position for an advantageous attack. His defensive capabilities can be used to protect himself and allies from incoming damage. 

With the right strategies and tactics, REX can prove to be an effective and powerful playable character in Risk of Rain 2.  Overall, playing this game can be very challenging no matter which character you choose, thus, it would be best to make your own research about them to effectively utilize them in your gameplay [1].

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