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Complete List of Red Items in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a roguelike third-person shooter game that features a variety of items that can enhance your abilities and increase your chances of survival. Among these items are the red-tier items, which are considered the rarest and most powerful. 

When you collect a certain number of these red items, you can activate their legendary effects, which can significantly improve your character’s performance. In this article, we will cover all 21 of them and explain the legendary effects they provide.

21 Red Item’s List in Risk of Rain 2

1. 57 Leaf Clover

The effects of this item aren’t immediately apparent, but they can have a significant impact on your gameplay, especially if you have any other items that have on-hit effects. 

It also increases the chance of activating any on-hit effects, which includes the proc chance for these on-hit items.

Red items initial list

2. Aegis

Aegis artifact provides a barrier that starts at 50% as you receive healing beyond your maximum health. Each Aegis artifact increases the amount of healing to shielding. 

Multiple Aegis artifacts can stack, granting significant protection against enemies in later stages of the game.

3. Alienhead

When the player picks up this item, all of their skill cooldowns are reduced by 25%. This can greatly benefit players in combat by allowing them to use their skills more frequently, providing more opportunities for strategic gameplay, and allowing them to better manage challenging situations. 

The reduction in skill cooldowns provided by Alien Head is particularly useful in the later stages of the game, where enemies become more challenging and require more advanced strategies to defeat. 

The item can help players quickly traverse the map and reach objectives more easily, improving their overall speed and efficiency. 

4. Brainstalks

Brainstalks is a powerful item in Risk of Rain 2 that can greatly benefit players by resetting the cooldowns of all their skills when they kill an elite monster. This effect can help players deal more damage and survive longer in challenging situations. 

However, the effect only works when an elite monster is killed, so players should keep this in mind when using the item.

5. Brilliant Behemoth

All of your attacks gain an explosion effect on impact, dealing 60% additional damage to close-range enemies. 

This means that each attack you make will have an area-of-effect damage component, making it especially effective against groups of enemies or clustered targets.

6. Ceremonial Dagger

The item triggers on-hit effects after killing an enemy, releasing three homing daggers that deal damage to other foes in the area. This means that when the player kills an enemy, they can trigger additional damage to other nearby enemies using the homing daggers.

Ceremonial dagger and defensive microbots red items

The Ceremonial Dagger is especially useful for triggering on-hit effects, such as critical hits or bleed effects, that can deal additional damage to enemies. The homing daggers can also help players to damage multiple enemies at once, improving their overall efficiency in combat situations. 

Additionally, every stack of the item increases the damage of the homing daggers by 150%, making it a very powerful item.

7. Dio’s Best Friend

This grants players the ability to revive once upon death, returning to life with full health and shields. 

This item can be incredibly helpful for players who are struggling with the game’s difficulty, as it allows them to avoid a game over screen and continue playing after they die. The ability to revive once can be a game-changer in certain situations.

8. Frost Relic

Frost Relic has a chance to spawn an ice shard upon killing an enemy. This ice shard deals damage and freezes enemies in the area, providing crowd control and extra damage to the player.

Frost relic red item

The chance to spawn an ice shard is random, but it increases with each stack of the item that the player obtains. 

Additionally, the damage and freeze duration of the ice shard also increases with each stack, making it more powerful as the player collects more of the item.

9. H3AD-5T V2

This red-tier item passively negates falling damage, increases jump height, and has a stomp attack that deals a huge amount of damage in a wide radius that depends on your movement speed.

10. Happiest Mask

It has a low probability of spawning a ghost of any defeated enemy, including regular, elite, or boss enemies. The ghost will fight alongside the player character for a short period of time, dealing damage to enemies and providing support.

11. Hardlight Afterburner

Enhances your gameplay by adding two charges to your utility skill and decreasing its cooldown by 33%. The addition of two charges and reduction of cooldown for the utility skill can greatly benefit players in combat situations.

Hardlight afterburner and interstellar desk plant

Players can use their utility skills more frequently, allowing for better mobility, defense, or offense, depending on the skill.

12. Interstellar Desk Plant

When an enemy is killed, the item spawns a plant that grants 10% HP healing per second for 10 seconds after a delay of five seconds. This can be incredibly helpful for players who are low on health and need to quickly heal up during combat. 

The plant that the Interstellar Desk Plant spawns are stationary and can be destroyed by enemies, so players should try to position themselves in a way that protects the plant while still allowing them to deal damage to enemies.

13. N’Kuhana’s Opinion

It has a unique effect that can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. The item works by shooting a 250% damaging healing fire skill at adjacent opponents when the player reaches a healing threshold. 

This means that when the player has healed a certain amount of damage, the item will activate and deal massive damage to nearby enemies.

N’Kuhana’s Opinion red item on my inventory

The healing threshold is based on the player’s maximum health and can be increased by using healing items and equipment, such as a Rejuvenation Rack. 

The more healing items and equipment the player has, the higher the healing threshold will be, allowing them to activate the item more easily and deal more damage to enemies.

14. Rejuvenation Rack

This is a powerful item that provides a significant boost to your health regeneration and enhances the effectiveness of healing items. With the Rejuvenation Rack equipped, your health will regenerate at twice the normal rate, making it easier to sustain yourself during battles and survive longer. 

Additionally, any healing items you use will be much more potent, allowing you to recover health more quickly and efficiently.

15. Resonance Disk

This specifically gains a charge every time you deal damage to an enemy, regardless of whether or not you kill them. As you accumulate charges, the Resonance Disc becomes more powerful, increasing its damage output and stun duration.

16. Sentient Meat Hook

Once attached to an enemy, the Sentient Meat Hook will continue to deal damage over time until the hook is removed or the enemy dies. 

The hook can also be used to pull enemies towards you, making it easier to target them with other attacks or abilities. Take note that this item can latch up to at least 10 enemies.

17. Shattering Justice

This can greatly reduce the armor of nearby enemies. Each hit on an enemy adds a counter, and when it reaches five, the enemy’s armor is reduced by 60 for eight seconds. 

The item works well with characters that have high attack speed or multi-hit skills. Critical hits from some characters can apply the effect instantly, such as with Huntress Flurry.

18. Soulbound Catalyst

The Soulbound Catalyst in Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent item for players who rely heavily on their equipment. In addition to increasing the power of abilities and equipment, the item reduces equipment cooldowns by 4 seconds with each kill. 

Soulbound catalyst on my inventory

This allows the equipment to be ready for use almost all the time, making it a valuable tool for dealing with the damage and controlling the battlefield.

19. Unstable Tesla Coil

This item will automatically do damage to up to three foes every half second, and then it will deactivate for 10 seconds before turning back on again. Adding more stacks allows for a greater number of targets to be struck.

20. Wake of Vultures

This gives players the ability to temporarily obtain the abilities of elite foes that they have defeated for a period of eight seconds. 

The effects of this item vary depending on the sort of elite foe that was vanquished, and they can include things like leaving a trail of fire behind them or temporarily becoming invisible.

You picked up wake of vultures

21. Red Item Scrap

This new item actually does nothing, but some players prioritized this red item scrap when used in 3D printers. Its category falls under the World Unique Scrap.

Wrapping Up

In Risk of Rain 2, choosing the right red item can be crucial for success in the game. Red items are powerful and can significantly improve your character’s abilities, but it’s important to choose them wisely to optimize your gameplay [1].

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