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Risk of Rain 2 Railgunner Build Guide

Welcome to the world of Risk of Rain 2, a fast-paced, action-packed multiplayer game that will put your survival skills to the test. One of the most popular and deadly characters in this game is the Railgunner, an expert in long-range combat who specializes in dealing massive damage to enemies from a distance. 

In this guide, we will explore one of the most effective builds for the Railgunner, giving you the tools and strategies you need to dominate your opponents and survive the challenges that await you in the game. 

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to Risk of Rain 2, the Railgunner Build is sure to provide you with an exciting and rewarding gaming experience. So strap in, load up your railgun, and get ready to take on the dangers that lie ahead.

Railgunner’s Abilities

Railgunner has a range of powerful abilities in Risk of Rain 2, making him a formidable force on the battlefield. His abilities are focused on long-range combat. 

Each of these abilities can be upgraded with items and equipment found throughout the game, making Railgunner an incredibly versatile character. Let’s take a look.

Risk of Rain 2 Gameplay

Railgunner’s passive ability is called Magnetic Accelerator, which enhances the damage and speed of his railgun shots. Whenever Railgunner lands a successful hit with his railgun, Magnetic Accelerator charges up, increasing the damage and velocity of his next shot. This effect stacks up to three times, allowing Railgunner to deal massive damage with each shot if he can maintain a consistent aim. 

Magnetic Accelerator also has a brief cooldown period after each shot, during which Railgunner must reload his weapon or switch to a different one. This passive ability makes Railgunner a highly effective long-range damage dealer, capable of taking down enemies quickly and efficiently with well-placed shots. 

XQR Smart Round System is Railgunner’s primary ability in Risk of Rain 2. It is a high-powered railgun shot that deals massive damage to enemies and can pierce through multiple targets. 

This ability is ideal for taking out groups of enemies or dealing significant damage to bosses and other high-value targets. The XQR Smart Round System can be further enhanced with items and equipment that increase its damage output, fire rate, and other properties.

A powerful long-range rifle that can deal massive damage to enemies with a single shot. The M99 Sniper has a slower fire rate compared to Railgunner’s primary ability, but it makes up for it with its high damage output and range. The ability is ideal for taking out distant enemies or dealing significant damage to bosses and other high-value targets.  

The M99 Sniper can also be further enhanced with items and equipment that increase its damage output, accuracy, and other properties. When scoped in, it allows weak points to be revealed, and striking them causes guaranteed critical damage. 

However, the weapon has a limited ammo capacity and requires careful aim and timing to use effectively. With skill and strategy, Railgunner can use the M99 Sniper to devastating effect and dominate the battlefield from afar.

Railgunners's Secondary Ability - Sniper​

The Active Reload ability allows Railgunner to reload his weapons much faster than normal and provides a temporary damage bonus on the next shot fired. When using this ability, a small meter will appear on the screen, and Railgunner must hit the reload button at the right moment to activate the Active Reload. 

Successfully hitting the sweet spot on the meter will result in a quick reload and a damage boost for the next shot fired. However, mistiming the reload will result in a longer reload time and a brief period where Railgunner is vulnerable to enemy attacks.

This ability fires a burst of four high-powered shots from Railgunner’s railgun that deal heavy damage to enemies, making it an ideal ability for dealing damage to a single target or a group of enemies. Each shot can also pierce through multiple targets, making it even more effective against groups. 

The HH44 Marksman ability can be further enhanced with items and equipment that increase its damage output, fire rate, and other properties. 

However, like Railgunner’s other abilities, the HH44 Marksman has a brief cooldown period after each use, during which Railgunner must reload his weapon or switch to a different one.

Railgunner's Utility - Concussion Device​

The Concussion Device is a throwable device that creates a powerful shockwave upon impact, stunning and knocking back nearby enemies. This ability is useful for crowd control and buying time to reload or escape from danger. 

Concussion Device can be further enhanced with items and equipment that increase its stun duration, blast radius, and other properties. Plus, it can hold two charges. This makes it even more effective in combat, allowing Railgunner to stun more enemies at once or for longer periods.

To unlock this, you need to complete the Annihilator Challenge. This ability creates a field of icy energy around Railgunner that slows down nearby enemies and can even freeze weaker enemies in place.

The primary use of the Polar Field Device is for crowd control. When facing large groups of enemies, Railgunner can use the ability to slow them down and make them easier to target. The freezing effect can also immobilize weaker enemies, making them vulnerable to Railgunner’s attacks or allowing him and his allies to reposition or escape. However, it is important to note that it can only hold one charge.

Railgunners's Special - Supercharge​

When activated, Supercharge provides a temporary boost to the player’s attack speed, movement speed, and cooldown reduction. This can be very useful in combat, allowing players to unleash a flurry of attacks, dodge incoming attacks more easily, and use their abilities more frequently.

Supercharge can be particularly useful for Railgunner, as it can allow him to fire his railgun more rapidly and use his other abilities more frequently. This can be especially helpful in boss fights or other challenging encounters where every second counts.

When the Supercharge ability is used, the Railgunner’s primary fire changes into the Supercharged Railgun, which deals 4000% more damage, can pass through enemies, and has a 1.5x increase in critical strike damage. Railgunner’s guns will continue to be active if they do not fire the shot, but the ability’s cooldown will begin to run.

Railgunner's Special - Cryocharge

When activated, Cryocharge provides a temporary boost to the player’s movement speed and creates a trail of icy energy behind them. This trail slows down enemies and can even freeze weaker enemies in place, making them vulnerable to attacks.

Cryocharge can be particularly useful for Railgunner, as it can allow him to move around the battlefield more quickly and create opportunities to freeze or slow down enemies, making them easier to target with his railgun or other abilities. This can be especially helpful in fast-paced encounters where Railgunner needs to quickly reposition or evade incoming attacks.

Railgunner’s Cryocharge ability turns their primary fire into the Cryocharged Railgun, which shoots a freezing bolt causing 2000% damage. Enemies that reach the freezing execution threshold won’t be instantly killed and will need a second shot to be eliminated.

Critical Items for Your Railgunner Build

Railgunner benefits greatly from collecting Critical Strike items, with every such item increasing her guaranteed Crits. Lens Maker Glasses provides a 10% damage boost for every Crit bonus, while Harvester’s Scythe adds 5% damage and heals Railgunner for 8+ health with every shot. 

Predatory Instincts activate on every critical chain from other damage sources and grant Railgunner the same bonus as Harvester’s Scythe.

The RoR 2’s Laser Scope effectively doubles Railgunner’s damage output, while Shatterspleen adds AoE damage on every kill, and Ocular Hud has the same effect as Laser Scope for 8 seconds. Railgunner is, therefore, considered to be the most powerful Survivor in the game when it comes to collecting Critical Strike items.

Railgunner Build

Playing Railgunner in RoR2: Tips and Tricks

  1. When Cryocharged Railgun freezes low-health targets, they will be executed when hit by a separate damage source, such as Ukulele Procs or blasts from items like Gasoline or Will-o’-the-Wisp.
  2. Void Infestors lack Weakspots, making them particularly challenging for Railgunner to defeat in Risk of Rain 2.
  3. The Concussion Device is a useful tool for Railgunner to create distance between herself and enemies that get too close for comfort in Risk of Rain 2.
  4. Railgunner’s Specials can hit enemies’ Weak Points without the need to Scope, as long as the player remembers their location on certain enemies.
  5. Enemies of the same name share Weak Points, regardless of whether they are Elite or not.
  6. Combining Hungering Gaze, the Primary from Visions of Heresy, with Railgunner’s Secondaries can be complicated. It is recommended to pick it up only if the player has an excessive supply of Backup Magazines.
Railgunner's Annihilator for damage

How To Build The Best Railgunner

Here are some general tips on how to build Railgunner:

Prioritize attack speed: Railgunner’s primary attack, the XQR Smart Round System, benefits greatly from increased attack speed. Look for items and equipment that boost attack speed, such as War Horn and Soldier’s Syringe.

Focus on critical hits: Railgunner’s railgun can deal massive damage with critical hits, so try to increase his critical hit chance and damage whenever possible. Items like Harvester’s Scythe and Predatory Instincts can help with this.

Increase mobility: Railgunner’s mobility is somewhat limited, so items that increase movement speed or provide mobility boosts, such as Energy Drink or Hopoo Feather, can be very useful.

Use utility items to control the battlefield: Railgunner has access to powerful utility abilities, such as the Concussion Device and Polar Field Device, that can slow down or immobilize enemies. Look for items that enhance these abilities, such as Sticky Bomb or Gasoline.

Railrunners build for 1M damage

Choose equipment that complements Railgunner’s playstyle: Railgunner’s abilities and attacks are all geared towards dealing damage and boosting his damage output.


Building Railgunner in Risk of Rain 2 can be a fun and rewarding experience for players who enjoy using powerful ranged attacks and controlling the battlefield. By focusing on attack speed, critical hits, mobility, and utility abilities, players can create a Railgunner build that is well-rounded, effective, and capable of taking on even the toughest enemies and bosses. 

Experimenting with different items, equipment, and strategies can be a great way for your gameplay [1]. You’ll also discover new and exciting ways to play Railgunner and take on new challenges.

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