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MUL-T Risk Of Rain 2 —The Ultimate Guide

Risk of Rain 2 is a sci-fi themed, roguelike action game developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing. It is the sequel to Risk of Rain, a critically acclaimed 2013 indie platformer. 

Players take the role of a survivor and choose from 10 unique characters, each with their own unique stats, abilities, and playstyle. One of the game’s top characters is MUL-T, which is the main subject of our discussion in this guide. 

So, if you’re playing Risk of Rain 2 and are interested in using MUL-T as your character, check this post out so you don’t miss out on his features!

Who is Mul-T?

MUL-T is a new character introduced in Risk of Rain 2. He is a robot that is the player’s companion throughout their journey. It was created by an unknown entity, but its purpose is to aid and protect the player on their mission. 

MUL-T is programmed with an advanced artificial intelligence and can repair itself when damaged. Its weapons include a powerful laser cannon that can take out multiple targets and a flamethrower that can incinerate enemies. 


How To Unlock Mul-T?

To unlock MUL-T in Risk of Rain 2, you must first meet certain criteria. The first requirement is that you must have beaten the first level of the game, which is the Crash Site in the Monsoon Season. 

The second requirement is that you need to have collected at least five Lunar Coins. Lunar Coins are a type of currency in the game [1] that can be obtained by completing certain challenges or tasks. 

Once you have met the two criteria, you will then need to head over to the Bazaar Between Time to purchase MUL-T for 10 Lunar Coins. The Bazaar Between Time is a special area located in the center of the map that opens up after beating the first level. 

Once you have purchased MUL-T, you will need to use a special item called the Bead of Fealty to activate it. The Bead of Fealty can be found in the Bazaar Between Time, or from the Collector’s chest that appears in each level. 

Another way to unlock MUL-T is through completing the first teleporter event or the second stage five times. Once MUL-T is activated, you will be able to play as him in the game. 

unlock mul t

What are MUL-T’s Abilities in the Game?

Primary Weapons

Auto- Nail Gun

MUL-T uses the Auto-Nail Gun as their primary weapon of choice. The Auto-Nailgun is a powerful weapon in Risk of Rain 2, a third-person shooter game. It is a semi-automatic weapon that fires nails at an incredible rate of fire. 

It has a high rate of damage and can be used to quickly take down enemies in a short amount of time. This weapon is perfect for close-range combat and can be used to quickly take down waves of enemies. It’s also great for taking out bosses and large groups of enemies due to its high rate of fire. 

Rebar Puncher

This weapon is capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage to enemies. It is a powerful melee weapon, with a long reach and a wide range of attack options. It is capable of stunning enemies, dealing extra damage when it hits them, and it can even knock them back, making it a great choice for crowd control.

MUL-T is also able to use the Rebar Puncher’s knockback effect to his advantage, keeping enemies at bay while he deals heavy damage from a distance. This makes MUL-T a great choice for crowd-control, as he is able to easily dispatch large groups of enemies. 

Scrap Launcher

Scrap Launcher

It is a large, bulky weapon, with a large barrel and a large handle. It fires a stream of scrap metal at enemies, dealing devastating damage. The Scrap Launcher has an alternate fire mode, which unleashes a powerful explosion that deals even more damage in a wider area.

MUL-T uses the Scrap Launcher in Risk of Rain 2 as a powerful weapon to deal with large groups of enemies. Its powerful blasts and wide area of effect make it a great choice for taking out large groups of enemies quickly. 

MUL-T can fire the Scrap Launcher in a continuous stream of scrap metal, or switch to its alternate fire mode to unleash a powerful explosion. The alternate fire mode is especially useful for clearing out large groups of enemies quickly. MUL-T can also use the Scrap Launcher to take down single powerful enemies with ease.

Power Saw

The Power Saw is a large, two-handed weapon with a circular saw blade attached to the end. It is made of a heavy metal and has a bright, orange glow. It is also great for building up stacks of the Survivor’s Momentum buff, which increases damage dealt and movement speed. 

The Power Saw is capable of dealing high base damage and has a chance to inflict the Bleed status effect on enemies. It also has a large attack range and can be used to quickly clear out large groups of enemies. The saw blades also have a chance to ricochet off of walls and hit multiple targets at once.

Secondary Weapon

Blast Canister

It is a large canister made of metal and filled with an explosive compound. When deployed, the Blast Canister will explode in a wide radius, dealing massive amounts of damage to nearby enemies. 

The Blast Canister is also incredibly useful for clearing out tight spaces or corners. Its wide blast radius makes it easy to clear out large groups of enemies in a single attack. It can also be used to destroy obstacles like rocks or barricades, allowing the player to progress further in a level.

mul t risk of rain 2 Blast Canister

MUL-T uses the Blast Canister in a variety of ways. He uses it as an offensive weapon to take out multiple enemies in a single attack. It can also be used to clear out tight spaces or corners, allowing MUL-T to progress further in a level. 

It is used to destroy obstacles like rocks or barricades, which can open up new paths or strategies too. Finally, the Blast Canister is used to cover MUL-T while they are reloading, providing a temporary respite from enemy fire.


Transport Mode

MUL-T’s transport mode is a combination of walking, warp gates, and teleporters. He can move quickly and efficiently through the map by using his jump jets to traverse areas that would otherwise be difficult to navigate. He can also use warp gates to instantly travel to a new location, and can use the teleporter to instantly travel to a far away area. Additionally, MUL-T can use his energy shield to protect himself from incoming damage, allowing him to safely traverse the map without taking damage.



Utilizing the Retool mechanic, players can customize their experience with MUL-T by altering the difficulty levels and adding new content. This includes increasing enemy spawn rates, reducing the amount of damage taken from enemy attacks, and switching between a variety of weapons and equipment. 

mul t risk of rain 2 Blast Canister

Furthermore, players can use the Retool to craft unique strategies and tactics for MUL-T by using level modifiers. 

For example, players can increase MUL-T’s attack speed or add shields to increase his survivability. With the Retool, players can customize their experience with MUL-T and create a unique and challenging experience.

Best Items For MUL-T


This item is capable of dealing massive damage to enemies. It has a wide range and can be used to break open crates, barrels and other containers, allowing the player to find a variety of Risk of Rain 2 items and upgrades. Its heavy weight makes it slow to swing, but the high damage makes up for its lack of speed.

Backup Magazine

Backup Magazine is a great addition for Mul-T as it increases their magazine size, allowing them to fire more rounds in a single burst and take out enemies more quickly. This extra firepower can be a great asset in tight situations, and help them take down enemies more efficiently.

Harvester’s Scythe

Mul-T in Risk of Rain 2 can make excellent use of the Harvester’s Scythe. Its powerful energy-absorbing blade allows Mul-T to quickly clear enemies from a room. 

The Scythe also allows Mul-T to harvest large amounts of resources, making it a great tool for farming and gathering materials. The Scythe’s unique shape and size also make it ideal for close-quarters combat, allowing Mul-T to quickly dispatch enemies with ease.

mul t risk of rain 2 Retool mechanic

Paul’s Goat Hoof

Mul-T’s speed and mobility are essential for navigating the environment, and Paul’s Goat Hoof helps Mul-T make the most of this. The increased jump height and movement speed allows Mul-T to move quickly, while the chance to dodge enemy attacks gives Mul-T a defensive edge.


MUL-T is an excellent character to choose in Risk of Rain 2. Their unique mix of offense, defense, and support capabilities makes them incredibly versatile and able to fit almost any playstyle. 

To make the most of these advantages, players should focus on equipping the right gear, maximizing their survivability, and using their increased movement speed to their advantage. 

Utilizing Mul-T’s unique skills and abilities can give players an edge in difficult fights and can help them progress further in the game. 

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