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The Best Risk of Rain 2 Mods

Risk of Rain 2 is an action-packed 3D roguelike game that has taken the gaming world by storm since its launch in 2019. While the game is incredibly popular, many players are beginning to explore the possibilities of Risk of Rain 2 Mods. Mods are a way for players to customize their experience and add new content to the game. 

With the ever-growing library of Risk of Rain 2 Mods, players are able to tailor the game to their individual preferences and playstyles. 

This article will look at some of the most popular Risk of Rain 2 mods, and how they can enhance and improve your gaming experience. We will also look at mods that add new items, levels, characters, and even game modes in this guide!

Most Recommended Mods, Reviewed


This mod adds a new character class, the Artificer. This class grants players access to several unique abilities, including the ability to craft powerful weapons and tools from scrap. The Artificer also has access to a variety of special attacks, such as missiles, mines and flames.

This is an extensive mod that allows players to gain access to a plethora of content not found in the original game, including new enemies, items and character classes. The mod provides an exciting and engaging experience, adding a whole new layer of depth and challenge to the game.

risk of rain 2 ArtificerExtended


This mod adds a variety of features, such as a no-clip mode, infinite health, and the ability to spawn items. It also provides a variety of options for customizing the game, such as the ability to change the game’s difficulty, the number of runs, and the speed at which enemies spawn.

The mod also allows players to customize the game’s look, including the ability to change the game’s colors, textures, and lighting effects. Additionally, it adds a variety of new items and equipment to the game, such as weapons, armor, and consumables.


This mod adds a sniper rifle to the game, allowing players to take out their enemies from a distance. The sniper rifle has a high fire rate and does a significant amount of damage, making it a great tool for players who want to take out enemies from afar. 

In addition to its obvious offensive capabilities, this mod also adds a few defensive bonuses to the game. These include the ability to detect enemies from further away and to be able to see through walls. 

This makes it much easier to spot enemies before they can get close enough to do any damage. Additionally, the mod gives a bonus to players when they are using the sniper rifle, making it even more effective.



This particular mod adds a new playable character — Vegeta. Vegeta is a powerful Saiyan warrior from the popular anime series, Dragon Ball Z.

Thus,  it adds a unique way to experience Risk of Rain 2. Not only does it add a new character with unique abilities, but it also adds a new storyline and new skills for Vegeta to master. 

Vegeta has a variety of powerful attacks including the iconic Kamehameha Wave and the Final Flash, all of which can be used to take out multiple enemies at once. His unique passive abilities also make him a formidable force on the battlefield.

In addition to his special abilities, this also adds a variety of new items and upgrades to the game. These items and upgrades are designed to enhance Vegeta’s power and make him an even more powerful warrior. Vegeta also has a variety of outfits to choose from, allowing players to customize their character’s appearance.


This mod adds another iconic Dragon Ball Z hero in the game – Goku. The mod works with the latest version of the game and is easy to install.

Once installed, Goku is a playable character in the game. He has his own unique abilities, which include Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, and Instant Transmission. He also has unique attacks and evasive maneuvers, such as Super Saiyan, Kaio-ken, and the signature Kamehameha wave.

risk of rain 2 Goku


This mod includes a powerful new enemy to the game. The Aatrox is a dangerous and powerful enemy that can spawn randomly in any stage. It is a formidable enemy that can quickly decimate a team if not taken seriously.

The Aatrox is a flying enemy that is highly mobile and able to quickly close the gap between itself and any players. It is capable of dealing heavy damage to any players that it comes in contact with. It can also fire off a volley of powerful energy blasts, making it even more deadly.

The Aatrox can also be equipped with various abilities, such as the ability to create clones of itself, or to summon powerful minions. It can also create powerful shields that can protect itself and its minions from enemy attacks.


Developed by the modding group Re-Logic, this mod allows players to play as the daring Tristana from the Valorant universe. Tristana Mod adds a new character to the game, complete with its own unique abilities and customization options.

This mod comes with two unique abilities. Her primary ability is the Rocket Jump, which allows her to launch herself over obstacles and enemies with ease. Her secondary ability is the Explosive Charge, which allows her to create an explosive charge that detonates after a few seconds. 

Both of these abilities give Tristana a distinct edge against her opponents, allowing her to traverse the battlefield with ease.


In addition to her abilities, Tristana also comes with its own customization options. Players can choose from a variety of skins, weapon modifications, and outfit pieces to create the perfect version of Tristana. 

Each piece of equipment can be further customized with different perks, allowing players to tailor Tristana’s kit to their own unique playstyle.


This is a quality of life mod that makes the game easier and more enjoyable to play. The mod removes all empty Chests from the game, meaning that players can no longer waste time searching for loot that is not there. 

This mod also makes it so that Chests will always contain loot, which can help players progress further in the game. Additionally, the mod will prevent Chests from spawning in areas that they are not supposed to be, such as inside walls or in other inaccessible areas.


This mod adds a variety of new items to the game. The mod comes with over 100 new items, which range from the classic Risk of Rain items to completely new items that have never been seen before. The mod also adds in more than 20 new equipment items, which can be found in chests, shrines, and other loot sources.

The mod also adds in several new items that can be found in the game, such as Gilded Keys, which offer access to special chests with unique and powerful items. There are also new items that can be crafted using various materials, such as the Legendary and Super Legendary items. 

The mod also includes a range of new items that can be found in the game, such as the powerful and rare Ancient items, which can only be obtained from certain high-level enemies.

risk of rain 2 ClassicItems


This is a mod that adds a feature to the game which enables players to save their progress in easy to find locations. This is especially useful if players want to collect items, complete challenges, or explore the map without worrying about losing their progress. 

The mod also adds a way to save multiple game states at one time, allowing players to easily switch between different game states.

It adds a feature to the game which allows players to quickly teleport to different areas of the map. This makes it easier to get to different areas of the game world and helps players save time when they are trying to complete objectives. This is especially useful when players are trying to explore different areas or complete puzzles.


This adds a new item called the Scanner Plus One to the game. The Scanner Plus One is an item that can be used to scan the environment and find hidden items, secret rooms, and more. It also has a unique ability that can be used to reveal hidden items that have been hidden in the environment.

The Scanner Plus One is a very useful item that can be used to help the player progress through the game. 

Once the player has found an item, they can then use the Scanner Plus One to determine what the item does and how it can be used to help them progress. This makes the game much more interesting and allows the player to get an edge on the tougher enemies and bosses.

The Scanner Plus One also adds a unique element of customization to the game, allowing the player to choose what type of scanner they want to use. There are four different types of scanners available, each with their own unique abilities. These scanners can be used to search for hidden items, detect enemies, and scan the environment for secrets.

ror 2 mods


BiggerBazaar introduces a new item called the Bazaar Terminal. This terminal allows players to purchase various items and upgrades from it. These items and upgrades can range from weapons and armor to boosts in stats and even special abilities. The Bazaar Terminal also has the ability to generate new enemies, bosses, and even levels for players to explore.

The mod also offers a variety of new enemies and bosses. These enemies are more challenging than the ones found in the base game and can provide players with a unique challenge. New bosses also appear in BiggerBazaar, providing an even greater challenge to veteran players.


This is a mod that expands on the game’s base content by adding new items, monsters, and levels. It is an ambitious mod that seeks to bring the classic Risk of Rain experience to the modern age.

The mod adds a variety of new content to the game, including two new levels, two new bosses, and four new items. The two new levels are A Moment, In Time, and Concurrent Skies. 

A Moment, In Time is a fast-paced level with an ever-changing layout and a variety of dangerous enemies. Concurrent Skies is a tower defense-style level with a focus on strategy and quick decision-making.

risk of rain 2 Multitudes mod


This includes a variety of UI and graphical enhancements to the game. This mod completely overhauls the in-game menu, providing players with a more user-friendly, modernized interface. The mod also adds a variety of graphical improvements, such as improved lighting, shadows, and bloom effects. 

Additionally, the mod adds several new UI features, such as an adjustable health bar and a damage indicator to keep track of incoming damage. Moreover, it allows players to customize the game’s color scheme and create their own custom UI layouts.


This mod allows players to customize their characters with special stats and items. This mod is extremely useful for those who want to optimize their builds or create unique builds from scratch.

ItemStatsMod allows players to customize their characters’ stats, such as health, armor, attack speed, and damage. With this mod, players are able to adjust the stats of their characters to better fit their playstyle. 

The mod also allows the player to customize the items they equip, allowing them to create builds with items that they can use to further enhance the game.


This mod features a new version of a character to the game. This character, the Bandit, is a rogue-like character who relies on a combination of speed, cunning, and luck in order to survive and thrive in the harsh environments of Risk of Rain 2.

bandit reload

BanditReloaded is a great mod for Risk of Rain 2, and adds a new way to experience the game. With its unique abilities and equipment, it adds an entirely new layer of challenge and excitement to the game.


This mod is created to make the game more enjoyable and user-friendly. It provides several quality of life improvements such as a shared stash, shared items, shared equipment, and shared currency. The shared stash allows players to store their items in one accessible location, making it easier to manage their inventory. 

Shared items allows players to share items such as health kits, shields, and guns with each other without having to drop them on the ground. 

Shared equipment enables players to equip each other with equipment that they cannot equip themselves, such as the Artificer’s equipment. Finally, shared currency allows players to share their gold, artifacts, and Lunar Coins, making it easier to purchase items from vendors or upgrade equipment.


Mods can be a great way to enhance your Risk of Rain 2 experience and make the game more enjoyable for you. To maximize the use of mods, start by finding a mod that fits your gameplay [1] and style or add something new to the game. Once you’ve found a mod that you like, read the installation instructions carefully so that you can install it properly. 

Additionally, make sure you update your mods regularly to ensure that they are compatible with the latest version of the game. Lastly, read any feedback or reviews on the mod to make sure that it is working as intended and not causing any issues. 

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