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Mercenary Build in Risk of Rain 2 — A Complete Guide

One of the key elements of the game is building up a strong character with powerful items and abilities to overcome increasingly difficult challenges. One popular way to do this is through a Mercenary build, which focuses on fast-paced melee combat and mobility. 

In this complete guide, we will discuss the key aspects of a mercenary build in Risk of Rain 2, including skill choices, item synergies, and gameplay strategies, to help you maximize your chances of success in this exciting game. 

So let’s dive in and explore the mercenary build in Risk of Rain 2.

How To Unlock Mercenary

To unlock Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2, players are required to Obliterate. This involves progressing through eight stages, activating the teleporter on the fifth stage, and entering a hidden realm called “A Moment, Fractured.” 

To interact with the Obelisk found in this realm, players must defeat the final boss in a previous run. Interacting with the Obelisk will obliterate the player’s current run but will unlock the powerful melee-focused Mercenary character for future runs.

Obliterate yourself from existence

Despite being a difficult challenge, unlocking Mercenary can be a rewarding experience for players willing to undertake it.

How Does Mercenary Play?

Mercenary is one of the most mobile survivors in Risk of Rain 2, second only to Loader. His speed allows him to reach places that other survivors cannot, making it easier to rush through stages. However, his mobility comes at a price: he is not as durable as other survivors and can’t tank hits from enemies. 

Nonetheless, Mercenary has built-in survivability with his skills, which can help him stay alive if used correctly. Overall, Mercenary is a fast-paced survivor who relies on his mobility to clear stages quickly and stay alive.

Mercenary’s Abilities

Here’s a complete guide to Mercenary’s Abilities in the game.


Laser Sword

A versatile ability that deals significant damage to both single targets and groups of enemies. It has a proc coefficient of 1.0, can trigger item effects, and has no cooldown, though its recovery window can be reduced with increased attack speed.

Every third hit deals damage in a larger area and applies the Expose debuff to enemies, making them more vulnerable to subsequent attacks. Laser Sword is a valuable asset when used in conjunction with specific item combinations, and it greatly enhances Mercenary’s combat effectiveness.

Mercenary swings his laser sword


Rising Thunder

It allows him to perform a slicing uppercut that deals 550% base damage and sends him airborne. The ability has a base cooldown of 2.5 seconds, along with his other secondary ability, Whirlwind. To unlock Rising Thunder, players need to complete the Demon of the Skies challenge, which requires staying in the air for 30 seconds without touching the ground. 

This challenge can be easily completed with Mercenary’s abilities and cooldown reduction items. Rising Thunder is a powerful ability that can deal massive damage to enemies and help players evade incoming attacks.


As the first secondary ability, this allows him to spin twice, dealing 2×200% base damage. The spin is horizontal when used on the ground and changes to a vertical spin when used while airborne. Whirlwind has a proc coefficient of 1.0×2, meaning it can trigger item effects twice, and its animation speed can be improved with increased attack speed. 

This ability is a useful tool for dealing damage to multiple enemies at once, making it particularly effective in situations where Mercenary is surrounded by enemies.



Mercenary has a unique passive ability called Expose. Some of his abilities can apply a weak point debuff on enemies he has previously hit. When Mercenary strikes an enemy’s Expose weak point, it reduces all of his skill cooldowns by one second and deals an additional 350% damage. 

This ability adds a strategic element to Mercenary’s gameplay as it incentivizes players to target weak points and use their skills efficiently to maximize damage output. In addition, the Expose ability can be further enhanced through various item synergies, allowing Mercenary to deal even more damage and take down enemies more efficiently.

Cybernetic Enhancements

A simple yet effective passive ability that allows him to double jump, with the second jump being slightly smaller than the first. This ability is familiar to many gamers, making it easy to use and take advantage of. 

The double jump provides Mercenary with additional mobility, which is helpful for navigating through obstacles and avoiding enemy attacks. This ability is particularly useful in challenging levels where movement and positioning are critical for survival.

Mercenary takes a leap


Blinding Assault

This allows him to dash forward, slash for 300% base damage, and stun enemies. If he hits an enemy, he can dash up to three times, providing a small amount of invulnerability for almost 2 seconds.

Focused Assault

This enables him to dash forward, deal 700% base damage, stun, and Expose enemies after 1 second. To unlock Focused Assault, players must complete the Flash of Blades challenge, which requires using 20 abilities in 10 seconds or less.



This allows him to repeatedly strike the nearest enemy for 110% base damage. During this ability, he is invincible and cannot be hit. The base number of hits is 7, but it can be increased with attack speed.

Slicing Winds

It’s firing a wind of blades that strike up to three enemies for 8×100% damage. The final strike Exposes enemies. Eviscerate and Slicing Winds have a six-second cooldown and a proc coefficient of 1.0 per strike for both abilities.

Mercenary gameplay

Best Items To Include In Mercenary Build


Mercenary gets harvesters scythe

Mercenary Rotation

Laser Sword Attack


Laser Sword Attack


Laser Sword Attack – Finished Combo


Laser Sword Attack

Dash – Final Dash

Laser Sword Attack


The Laser Sword + Whirlwind combo is a powerful way to deal damage with Mercenary. By canceling the second attack of Laser Sword with Whirlwind, players can quickly execute the third, stronger attack. Dashing between attacks is crucial for timing, as it allows players to use the combo effectively for maximum damage output.

Eviscerate can be used as needed to dodge attacks or deal additional damage. It’s best to use it after the dashes are on cooldown to maximize survivability and DPS. Overall, the Laser Sword + Whirlwind combo is the highest DPS combo for Mercenary and can help players overcome tough challenges in the game.

Tips And Tricks

  1. Maximizing attack speed can increase the frequency of Exposure activation and consume them more quickly.
  2. Resetting the animation of Mercenary’s primary attack with Whirlwind after the third hit can enable faster spamming.
  3. Eviscerate has a 1.0 proc-coefficient on each hit, allowing players to activate on-hit effects safely.
  4. Using Whirlwind in mid-air can decrease falling speed, reducing fall damage.
  5. Maintaining Exposure marks can keep Mercenary invulnerable for a longer time, and Eviscerate can consume the marks while still being invulnerable.
  6. Mercenary’s double jump can be used to negate fall damage when falling off a cliff.

By implementing these strategies, players can take advantage of Mercenary’s unique abilities and maximize their effectiveness in the game.

Wrapping Up

Playing as Mercenary in Risk of Rain 2 requires a certain level of skill and practice due to the character’s high mobility and fast-paced combat style. However, despite the challenging learning curve, the Mercenary offers an incredibly satisfying gameplay experience with its hard-hitting attacks and lightning-fast movement. 

With its unique abilities, such as Cybernetic Enhancements, Laser Sword, and Whirlwind, the Mercenary has become a fan favorite for players who enjoy close-range, melee-focused gameplay [1]. Mastering the Mercenary takes time and effort, but the rewards of being a nimble and deadly fighter are well worth the investment.

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