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Risk of Rain (ROR) 2 Laser Scope — Reviewed And Explained

Risk of Rain 2 is a third-person shooter game where players must survive on an alien planet filled with dangerous creatures and hazards. One way that players can level up their characters in Risk of Rain 2 is by collecting and using items.

One example is the laser scope—a new item in the game. To know if your gameplay can benefit from this item, we’ll be discussing more about Laser Scope this article. So, let’s get started.

Laser Scope: What Is This Item in Risk of Rain?

In Risk of Rain 2, critical hits are a key component of dealing damage to enemies. Critical hits deal double damage to enemies, and some items in the game increase the chance of landing a critical hit. 

However, the Laser Scope is unique in that it increases critical strike damage rather than critical strike chance.

When you pick up a Laser Scope, it adds a 100 percent critical strike damage bonus to your current damage output. This means that if your attack would normally deal 100 damage, with the Laser Scope, it would deal 200 damage on a critical hit.

Laser scope description

If you have multiple Laser Scopes, the critical strike damage bonus stacks. For example, with three Laser Scopes, your attacks would deal 300 percent damage on a critical hit.

Railgunner’s passive works differently, as it does not increase critical chance. Instead, Railgunner’s passive allows shots to pierce through enemies and obstacles. 

Upon hitting an enemy’s weak point, which is indicated by a red crosshair, there’s a guarantee to deal a critical hit. The bonus crit chance from items like the Lens-Maker’s Glasses is converted into critical damage.

How Critical Strikes Work in Risk of Rain 2: Summary

Critical strikes in Risk of Rain 2 always have the same chance of occurring and are not affected by proc coefficient. 

Damage over time effects, like bleeding or burning, cannot result in critical strikes. Items that rely on other sources of damage to activate, like AtG Missile Mk.1, only benefit from critical strikes if the source of damage that activated them was a critical hit.

Risk Of Rain 2 - Captain’s Doom Strike Utility

Items that deal damage by themselves, like Egocentrism in Risk of Rain 2, can critically strike without relying on other sources of damage. Lastly, items that apply status effects are not ideal to pair with the Laser Scope.

Items That Work Well With Laser Scope

Aside from the laser scope, there are other items that can increase your critical hit rate in Risk of Rain 2. It’s important to experiment with various options to achieve greater damage bonuses, instead of relying solely on a single item. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of additional items that can be used to enhance your gameplay [1] experience.

Lens-Maker’s Glasses: The game features a wide range of items that can be picked up to aid the player, with Lens-Maker’s Glasses being one of them. It is a green-tier item, which means that it is relatively common and provides a moderate boost to the player’s abilities. 

When a player picks up the item, their critical strike chance is increased by 10 percent. Critical strikes are attacks that deal extra damage, and having a higher critical strike chance means that a player is more likely to land a critical hit.

Lens Makers glasses

Predatory Instincts: An item that provides a base critical strike chance of 5 percent, similar to Harvester’s Scythe. Additionally, it grants a temporary attack speed buff of 12 percent with each subsequent critical strike, which can be a valuable boost to a player’s damage output. 

This item is particularly useful when combined with other items that boost critical hit chance or provide additional benefits, such as the Laser Scope.

Additionally, it can be a powerful addition to any build that prioritizes speed and agility, allowing players to quickly take down enemies and maneuver through the game world.

Harvester’s Scythe: It provides a flat 5 percent critical chance increase, as well as a flat 8 health heal every time a critical strike is landed. 

This can be a valuable item for increasing a player’s survivability, especially if they have a high critical strike chance and are able to land frequent critical hits. This is a great item that offers considerable healing benefits.

Prismatic trials about to start

Shatterspleen: This item has several uses due to its unique effects. Firstly, it provides a 5 percent critical hit chance, making it easier to land critical hits. 

Additionally, it permanently adds a 2.4x base damage bleed effect on all critical hits as long as there is at least one stack of the item. 

This bleed effect deals damage over time and can stack up to five times, making it useful for taking down high-health enemies. 

It also causes an explosive effect upon the death of any enemy affected by the bleed effect, dealing a 4x base damage explosion and 15 percent of the enemy’s maximum health as damage. 

Irradiant Pearl: This is a rare and powerful item that can only be obtained by converting Risk of Rain 2’s Lunar Item into a Boss Item in a cleansing pool, with a 20 percent chance of dropping.

Irradiant pearl found

It also buffs the player’s  damage, movement speed, making them more agile, attack speed, and armor, lethal, and able to withstand more damage.

Wrapping Up

To utilize the Laser Scope effectively in Risk of Rain 2, it is essential to understand its capabilities and limitations. The item offers a significant increase in critical hit chance, which is valuable for building a critical hit-focused build. 

However, it is important to note that it does not affect base damage, and that it can be difficult to stack enough critical hit chances to maximize its effectiveness.

Ultimately, the key to using it correctly is to balance it with other items and focus on building a well-rounded build that can handle a variety of situations. With the right combination of items and strategies, players can make the most of the Laser Scope’s critical hit potential and dominate in the game.

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