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Huntress Build in Risk of Rain 2— A Complete Guide to The Glass Cannon

One of the most exciting aspects of Risk of Rain 2 is the wide variety of playable characters, each with its own unique playstyle and builds. One popular character is the Huntress, a deadly archer who can dish out high damage from a distance and quickly move around the battlefield. 

Thus, we will unravel different Huntress builds, including equipment choices, skill priorities, and gameplay strategies, to help you dominate the game and achieve victory. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new player, you will find valuable insights and tips to enhance your Huntress gameplay and take on the challenges of Risk of Rain 2 with confidence.

How To Unlock The Huntress

The Huntress is commonly referred to as a “glass cannon” due to her high damage output but low health pool. This means that while she can dish out significant damage to enemies, she is also highly susceptible to being taken down quickly if not played carefully. 

She is a high-risk, high-reward character in Risk of Rain 2 due to her extremely low base health of just 90. Although she has a quick base speed of 7 m/s, she can be easily taken down if not played carefully. At first, players may feel that the Huntress is weak, but with practice and the right strategies, she can become a formidable force on the battlefield. 


Unlike some other characters in Risk of Rain 2, the Huntress is available to players by default, meaning that she can be played from the start of the game without the need to unlock her through gameplay achievements. This makes her a popular choice for new players looking to get a feel for the game and learn the basics of combat and equipment management.

Abilities of Huntress

The Huntress is a long-range specialist who primarily relies on her bow for damage output. With her low health pool and lack of melee abilities, getting too close to enemies is highly risky, as she can be taken down easily. The following are her best abilities:

Default Abilities


This is the Huntress’s primary attack, which fires a volley of arrows in a straight line. When activated, Strafe allows the Huntress to quickly fire a seeking arrow that deals 150% damage to the target. 

This makes it an effective tool for taking down single targets or dealing burst damage to multiple enemies in a line. Additionally, Strafe can be upgraded with various equipment items and skill upgrades to increase its damage, range, and speed, making it even more effective in combat.

Laser Glaive

A secondary attack that launches a seeking glaive capable of bouncing up to six times, dealing 250% damage. With each successful bounce, the glaive’s damage increases by 10%, making it an excellent option for taking on groups of enemies. 

By targeting the nearest enemy in its path, the glaive can quickly move from one target to another, dealing increasingly high damage as it bounces. 

Aim for clusters of enemies, allowing the glaive to bounce between them and deal increased damage with each hit. However, it’s important to note that the glaive can only bounce a certain number of times before returning to the Huntress, so players need to use the skill strategically and avoid wasting it on missed targets or situations where it is not effective.


This allows her to instantly disappear and teleport a short distance in the direction she is facing. This ability is useful for dodging enemy attacks and repositioning during combat. 

One effective strategy for using Blink is to move quickly in and out of range of enemy attacks, allowing the Huntress to deal damage from a safe distance while minimizing the risk of taking damage herself.

Arrow Rain

Arrow Rain is the Huntress’ special ability that allows her to teleport into the sky and rain down a barrage of arrows onto a targeted area. This powerful skill slows all enemies in the area and deals 330% damage per second, making it an excellent choice for taking on groups of enemies or dealing significant damage to bosses. 

However, it’s important to use Arrow Rain strategically, as it has a long cooldown period after each use. Players should avoid wasting the skill on missed targets or situations where it is not effective.

Unlockable And Alternative Abilities


A secondary attack is available to the Huntress, which allows her to draw back a volley of three seeking arrows for 3×100% damage. If the attack is a critical strike, six arrows are fired instead of three. Flurry is an agile attack, meaning it can be used while moving, making it an effective tool for dealing damage while dodging enemy attacks. 

When combined with other skills, Flurry can become a powerful tool for taking down both single targets and groups of enemies. One method involves combining Flurry with the Huntress’s Blink ability to create a hit-and-run tactic. 

By quickly teleporting in and out of range while firing a volley of seeking arrows, the Huntress can deal significant damage to enemies while avoiding their attacks.

Huntress against boss

Phase Blink

This allows her to instantly disappear and teleport a short distance in any direction. The skill is agile, meaning it can be used while moving, making it an effective tool for dodging enemy attacks or quickly closing the distance to an enemy. 

One unique aspect of Phase Blink is that it can store up to three charges, allowing the Huntress to use it multiple times in rapid succession. This makes it an ideal skill for repositioning during combat or escaping from dangerous situations quickly.


The Huntress’s alternate special skill, enables her to teleport back into the sky and fire up to three energy bolts at a targeted area. Each bolt deals 900% damage, making it an extremely powerful tool for dealing with groups of enemies or bosses. 

An advantage of using Ballista is that it can be aimed manually, allowing the Huntress to target specific areas or enemies with precision. Additionally, the skill’s backward teleportation can be used to quickly escape from danger or reposition during combat.

Best Items for The Huntress

Backup Magazines

To enhance the Huntress’ crowd control ability and increase her airborne time with Laser Glaive, Backup Magazines are practically necessary for any successful run.

Backup magazine

Rose Buckler

For increased survivability, the Rose Buckler is an excellent choice as it provides armor while sprinting. To prolong the Huntress’ aerial movements and increase Blink charges, the Hardlight Afterburner is a must-have item.

Hardlight Afterburner

To prolong the Huntress’ aerial movements and increase Blink charges, the Hard Light Afterburner is a must-have item. 

By granting extra Blink charges and reducing the cooldown period, the item enables the Huntress to stay in the air for longer periods, dodge enemy attacks more easily, and reposition herself quickly during combat.

Alien Head

This provides a significant reduction in cooldowns, which is essential to maintain her unparalleled mobility. By reducing cooldowns by 25%, the Alien Head allows the Huntress to use her abilities more frequently, making it easier to stay on the move and remain airborne.

Mobility items

For improved movement speed, Paul’s Goat Hoof or Mocha are great choices, with Mocha also boosting attack speed. However, the Hopoo Feather stands out as the best option for the Huntress, allowing her to stay airborne between skill cooldowns even without the other mobility items.

Attack Speed Items

Increasing the Huntress’ attack speed is crucial, making items like Predatory Instincts highly valuable. For players who choose Flurry as their primary attack, crit-boosting items such as Lens Maker’s Glasses are essential. However, without these items, Strafe may be a more effective option.


An equipment item that provides a significant boost to the Huntress’ attack and movement speed. This item increases her attack speed by 7.5%, allowing her to unleash attacks more rapidly and her movement speed by 7%, making her more agile and harder to hit.


This item grants a 75% increase in damage to enemies who have over 90% of their health remaining, making it an effective tool for taking down high-health enemies quickly.

The Old War Stealthkit

This item turns the player invisible if they have under 25% health, allowing them to evade enemy attacks and move around the map undetected. It also increases the player’s speed by 40%, making it easier to escape danger or pursue enemies.


This item has a chance to start a lightning chain on up to 3 enemies, doing a total of 80% damage, making it an effective tool for taking down groups of enemies quickly.

Dios best friend

Dio's Best Friend

This item offers a second chance after death, allowing the player to resurrect at the location where they died with full health and shields.

Strategies on How To Play As The Huntress

The Huntress Rotation

When playing as the Huntress, it’s essential to have an effective rotation to maximize her damage output. An optimal rotation would involve using her: Glaive, Blink, Primary Attack, and Ballista abilities in a specific order.

Huntress gameplay

Although this rotation may seem obvious, it can be very effective when executed correctly, leading to a higher chance of success in the game.


As the Huntress, you can utilize a technique called “juggling” to stay in the air and evade non-ranged enemies. The process involves using Blink to get in the air, then using Laser Glaive to slow your fall, and Ballista to teleport you backward in the air and slow your fall further. 

By repeating this process and utilizing items like Backup Magazine and Hard-light Afterburner, you can stay in the air for extended periods of time.

What Abilities Should You Opt For The Huntress?

Huntress gameplay

Wrapping Up

The Huntress is undeniably a powerful and versatile character in Risk of Rain 2. With her long-range attacks and mobility-focused abilities, she can deal massive amounts of damage while evading enemy attacks. 

By utilizing a combination of her primary, special, and utility abilities, as well as various equipment items, players can optimize the Huntress’s effectiveness in combat. 

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