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How To Beat Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a challenging third-person shooter video game developed by Hopoo Games and released in 2019. The game features fast-paced action, a variety of unique characters to play as, and procedurally generated levels that increase in difficulty as players progress.

However, with the right strategy and approach, players can beat the game and enjoy the satisfaction of triumphing over its challenging gameplay. 

In this article, we will explore some tips and tricks that players can use to increase their chances of success in Risk of Rain 2 and provide advice for players looking to improve their performance and beat the game.

How To Defeat Mithrix To Beat Risk of Rain 2?

Here are the phases to help you defeat Mithrix and beat the game:

Phase 1: Mithrix

During this phase, it is important to focus on taking out the minions and avoiding Mithrix’s attacks.

Phase 2: Lunar Chimera

At 50% health, Mithrix will create a shield that absorbs damage. In this phase, players must defeat a set of clones that Mithrix summons. These clones will also have shields that must be destroyed before they can be defeated.

Lunar Chimera skills in risk of rain

Phase 3: Mithrix

At 25% health, Mithrix will enter his final phase. In this phase, he will continue to use his melee attacks and summon minions, but he will also start using powerful ranged attacks that can deal a lot of damage. Players must continue to dodge his attacks and focus on dealing damage until he is defeated.

Successfully defeating Mithrix in all three phases will trigger the game’s ending and result in victory for the player or team.

How To Finish Risk of Rain 2 After Defeating Mithrix

Finishing Risk of Rain 2 after defeating Mithrix involves a few steps. After defeating Mithrix, players must enter the Celestial Portal that appears in the arena. The Celestial Portal takes players to the Moon, where they must defeat a final boss, the Alloy Worship Unit (AWU).

After the credits, players will unlock the “Prismatic Trials” game mode, which features randomized challenges that change each day. Additionally, players will unlock “Artifacts,” which are special modifiers that can be added to the game to make it more challenging and rewarding.

Finally, players can continue playing the game on higher difficulty levels or with different characters and builds to further test their skills and explore the game’s content.

Voidling Ending - Planetarium

Collect ten Lunar Coins: Lunar Coins are a special currency that can be found throughout the game. 

Activate the Newt Altar: Players must activate the Newt Altar by paying ten Lunar Coins to summon the Newt, a special creature that drops a special item called the “Beads of Fealty.”

Collect the Beads of Fealty: This item will allow players to access the special portal that leads to the Planetarium.

Find the special portal: The special portal that leads to the Planetarium can be found on the fourth level. The portal will only appear if the player has collected the Beads of Fealty.

Entering the purple portal

Defeat the Void Fields: These challenges involve fighting waves of enemies and collecting special items.

Find the special item: After completing the Void Fields, players must find a special item called the “Primordial Teleporter.” 

Defeat the Void Reaver: The Void Reaver is a powerful boss that requires a specific strategy to defeat. Once defeated, players will unlock the Planetarium / Voidling Ending.

Obliterating Yourself - The Easiest Way to Beat Risk of Rain 2

If you choose to obliterate yourself instead, you will sacrifice your character and all of your accumulated items and money in exchange for unlocking new content and progressing your account level. 

Obliterating yourself in Risk of Rain 2 can help you beat the game in a few different ways:

Unlocking new content: When you obliterate yourself, you earn progress toward unlocking new characters, items, and challenges.

Obliterate yourself from existence

Saving time: If you’re having trouble with a particular run and don’t think you can beat the final boss, obliterating yourself can allow you to end the run early and start a new one.

What Build Can Be Used By Any Survivor?

Only if the Artifact of Command is turned on, allowing users to choose the things yourself, does this tactic apply. To achieve the limit of 22 Fuel Cells and maximize the build’s potential, collect as many unusual drips of Fuel Cells as you can. 

Use the Disposable Missile Launcher equipment to launch missiles that, regardless of their distance, search outside and strike the closest foe on the whole battlefield.

In addition to eliminating adversaries, this strike will also show you where they are on the map, making navigation easier. With crucial hits, The Lens-Glasses Maker’s might increase the rocket impact.

You may launch an unlimited volley of missiles and destroy foes prior to they appear if you collect 22 Fuel Cells. Think about things that improve mobility and defenses for frequent item dropping, including Tougher Times, Paul’s Goat Hooves, and  Energy Drinks.

Tips to Reach the Final Stage in Risk of Rain 2

You must get to the Sky Meadows stage to qualify for the last stage. This location is accessible in level five and is going to be accessible once every five stages. 

A notification about a Primordial Teleporter coinciding with the moon will appear. This indicates that there is a unique teleporter on the field. The secret to locating the teleporter is to keep an eye out for airborne flakes.

Any air flake in the vicinity of a standard teleporter would be red. For the Primordial Teleporter, you’ll notice that the flake has acquired a bluish tint and it also differs from a typical teleporter in design by possessing a reactor-shaped one as opposed to horns.

Similar to a standard teleporter, you must beat a boss and a large number of opponents in order to fully engage the Primordial Teleporter. You will access the last level once you’ve completed and turned on the Primordial Teleporter.

Primordial teleporter

Tips to Beat the Final Stage

One can take advantage of the boss battle and dispose of it fast in each stage by using the suggested construct, which is available to every survivor. You will still have a charge on your gear even after the boss removes your things in the fourth stage because it will remain with you then. 

Like other games similar to Risk of Rain 2, by using skills of your survivor and precise firing, you could still defeat the boss. It’s best to pick a survivor with mobility because getting back on board may pose the most difficult aspect. Those survivors who can’t leap can use objects like the Volcanic Egg or Milky Chrysalis to get over obstacles.


In conclusion, beating Risk of Rain 2 requires a combination of skill, strategy, and luck. To improve your chances of success, it’s important to master the game’s mechanics [1], understand the strengths and weaknesses of each character, and experiment with different item combinations and strategies.

To defeat the final boss and escape the planet, you’ll need to be well-prepared with powerful items and abilities. With persistence, practice, and a bit of luck, you can overcome the challenges of Risk of Rain 2 and emerge victorious.

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