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Most Recommended Risk of Rain 2 Characters + How To Unlock Them

Risk of Rain 2 is an action-packed rogue-like game with a variety of characters to choose from. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, making them both unique and challenging to play. 

From the Engineer, a versatile and balanced character who can build and maintain turrets to the Loader, an incredibly powerful character with the ability to manipulate gravity, each character provides an engaging experience. 

If  you’re up for a challenging solo experience or a thrilling team-based game, Risk of Rain 2’s cast of characters has something for everyone. So, here’s a quick overview of the top characters in Risk of Rain 2:

Risk of Rain Characters: Top Choices

Risk of Rain 2 has a lot of characters! So in this guide, we have listed the top choices and ways you can unlock them.


The Huntress is a playable character in Risk of Rain 2. She is a powerful ranged fighter with an arsenal of deadly weapons, including a bow and arrows, a crossbow, and throwing knives. 

She possesses the ability to quickly move around the battlefield, making her a formidable foe. She is very agile and can quickly switch between her weapons to take down her enemies.


Her primary attack is her bow and arrows, which shoot multiple arrows in a short span of time. She can also fire a powerful crossbow that can easily take down even the toughest enemies. 

The Huntress build in Risk of Rain 2 can be unlocked by default at the beginning of the game. 


Bandit is a robotic thief, programmed with a single mission: Steal as much loot as possible. He is equipped with a variety of gadgets, including a grappling hook and a rocket launcher, as well as a unique melee attack called the Burst and Blast. 

The Bandit Build in Risk of Rain 2 is seen as a master of stealing and pilfering. His grappling hook allows him to quickly traverse the environment, while his rocket launcher can be used to take out large groups of enemies in a single shot. 

Additionally, Bandit’s Sticky Fingers ability allows him to grab and throw items such as crates and boxes, allowing him to quickly grab items and gold. This playable character can be unlocked through completing any of the third stages.

Risk of Rain Character Bandit


MUL-T of Risk of Rain 2 is a robotic survivor that is capable of quickly traversing the map and dealing out heavy damage with his various tools and weapons. 

MUL-T is designed for survivability and versatility, as he can equip up to four different tools and weapons to best suit the situation. His primary weapon is a nail gun that can fire off a barrage of nails, while he has access to a variety of tools such as a deployable drone, a repair tool, and a portable forge.

MUL-T can be unlocked by beating the Teleporter Event five consecutive times. This is also known as the Verified Challenge.


REX is a robotic juggernaut and a powerful warrior who is adept at close-range combat. He has a unique and powerful set of abilities that enable him to deal with large groups of enemies quickly and efficiently. His ultimate ability is a colossal slam attack that unleashes a powerful area of effect shockwave.

Risk of Rain Character REX

Completing the Power Plant Challenge is the only way to unlock this character.

Void Fiend

Void Fiend is an alien from another dimension with the power to control gravity and manipulate the fabric of space-time. Void Fiend is a powerful character with a unique playstyle that revolves around using its gravity-controlling abilities to manipulate the battlefield. 

It owns the ability to create gravity wells, launch shockwaves, and dash in any direction.

This character is unlocked through the Dragged Below challenge where you need to beat the Planetarium Boss, or you can either complete the Simulacrum’s wave 50.


This robot-like character is a long-range fighter who excels in taking out enemies from a distance. Railgunner’s main weapon is a powerful railgun, which uses electromagnetic force [1] to deliver bolts of electricity at an extremely high velocity. This weapon is capable of destroying most enemies in a single shot. 

The Railgunner Build also has access to a variety of special abilities such as a grappling hook, a shield to protect against incoming attacks, and a rocket jump that allows him to quickly move around the map.

Risk of Rain Character Railgunner


Heretic is also known as Ku-skan. She’s not just a typical character, but a secret character. You cannot select her out from the character selection window; rather, you must change into her by simultaneously holding all four Heretic artifacts. 

This is a worthy goal, as she is regarded as the game’s strongest survivor, with incredibly potent talents, super-high base vitality, higher motion and base attack, and the ability to triple leap.


He’s a battle-hardened soldier who fights with a heavy assault rifle and a unique ability that allows him to summon a crystal shield that protects him and his allies from harm. His shield is especially useful in boss fights, as it can absorb a large amount of damage and keep your team alive. 

Captain of Risk of Rain 2 is a locked character, which means that you’ll need to complete certain objectives in order to unlock him. 

To unlock Captain, you will need to reach the end of the fourth stage or the Washed Away Challenge and defeat the final boss. After that, Captain will be unlocked and you will be able to select him as your character.


Ex-convict Acrid is a poison-spewing badass who dispatches foes with devastating melee-ranged strikes and face-melting DoT, and possesses the highest basic damage status among the survivors.

Risk of Rain Character Acrid

In order to unlock Acrid, you’ll have to surpass the 9 challenge cells you will encounter in the Void Fields. This challenge is also known as the To Be Alone Challenge. 


As its name suggests, this character is a giant, humanoid robot with incredible strength and durability. It is equipped with an array of weapons and tools that it can use to devastate enemies. With its powerful laser arm, it can cut through enemies with ease. 

It also has a grappling hook that it can use to move quickly and reach higher areas. Its shoulder cannon can fire powerful explosives, and its shoulder shield can protect it from damage.

Defeating the alloy worship unit that can be found in the Siren’s Call is the only way to unlock the Loader. This is called the Guidance Offline Challenge.


Mercenary is a well-known mobile melee fighter. He is skilled in ducking and dodging into and out of combat and excels in an attacking playstyle that capitalizes on the invulnerability given by his abilities.


To be able to unlock this character, you’ll have to destroy oneself at the Obelisk to complete the True Respite Challenge.


Risk of Rain 2 Artificer is armed with a variety of damaging skills and is able to defeat even the most tanky foes, but her only defensive ability is Ion Surge, which enables her to soar indefinitely. 

To acquire Artificer, you must accomplish the Pause challenge, in which you have to liberate the survivor who has been stuck in time.


Instead of depending upon his own might, Engineer utilizes a range of deployable devices, which he puts up in a number of protective actions, namely turrets that get the same goods he possesses.

Risk of Rain Character Engineer

Engineer is unlocked by achieving Engineering Perfection in Risk of Rain 2 by passing 30 levels in any number of runs.


With its procedurally generated levels and ever-increasing difficulty, Risk of Rain 2 offers a challenge that rewards players for their skill and perseverance. By playing with friends, mastering the game’s mechanics, and experimenting with builds and strategies, players can maximize the fun they have with this unique and rewarding game.

Apart from that, unlocking characters in Risk of Rain 2 can be done by playing through the game’s campaign, unlocking characters through the in-game store or using unlockable codes. With the right approach, players can unlock all the characters in the game and experience the full potential of this game.

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