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Who is Captain of Risk Of Rain 2? — All You Need To Know

Risk of Rain 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the hit indie-roguelike game of the same name. Developed by Hopoo Games and published by Gearbox Publishing, it takes the classic roguelike formula and gives it a 3D twist. 

You are a survivor, dropped into a hostile alien world with nothing but your wits and a few basic tools. You must battle your way through hordes of alien foes and challenging levels, as you attempt to make your way back to safety. 

Indeed, it’s action-packed adventure filled with plenty of surprises. If you’re like most newbie players, you may wonder who is Captain and what he contributes to the game. In this guide, we’re here to discuss everything you need to know about him!

Who is Captain?

Captain is a character from the hit game Risk of Rain 2. He is one of the playable survivors in the game, and is a figure shrouded in mystery. 

He is a former space soldier and is equipped with a powerful array of weapons, making him a formidable opponent. He is also a master tactician and strategist, making him a great asset to any team. 

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain loadout

Captain is a highly skilled survivor who is capable of holding his own in any situation. His primary weapon of choice is a large plasma cannon, and he also wields a variety of other weapons such as a grappling hook, assault rifle, and a flamethrower. 

He is also capable of using explosives and special abilities to help him survive and succeed. With his tactical knowledge and powerful arsenal, Captain is a force to be reckoned with in Risk of Rain 2. 

He is a bold and brave survivor who will do whatever it takes to survive and protect his team.

How Does Captain Play?

He is equipped with powerful energy weapons and a special shield generator. 

He is a tank-like character who specializes in close-range combat and has the ability to shield himself and his allies from incoming damage. 

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain gameplay

Captain can absorb and deflect damage from enemies. His shield generator can be used to create a protective dome around himself and his allies, allowing his to focus on attacking enemies without worrying about taking damage. 

Captain has two main weapons, a powerful energy cannon and a short-range explosive launcher. The energy cannon has a high rate of fire and can lay down a barrage of bullets on enemies, while the explosive launcher can deal heavy damage in a wide area. 

He also has two special abilities that can be activated in a pinch. The first is a powerful dash move that can be used to quickly close the distance between him and his enemies. 

The second is a powerful energy shield that can absorb a large amount of damage. Both of these abilities can be used to great effect in various situations. 

What are Captain’s Abilities?

1. Defensive Microbots: Passive

The defensive microbots of Captain in Risk of Rain 2 are a unique and powerful defensive asset. They are small, robotic drones that serve as a defensive perimeter for the player. 

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Defensive Microbots Passive

Each microbot is equipped with a unique combination of defensive abilities, such as energy shields, laser beams, and kinetic barriers. 

These are capable of attacking and defending against enemies, thanks to their various weapons and shields. They can be used to create a wall of defense, blocking enemy attacks and providing cover for the player. 

The microbots also have a variety of settings, allowing the player to choose the right combination of defensive powers for any situation. 

The microbots are also able to regenerate their energy shields, making them an invaluable asset in tough fights. They can also be upgraded and customized to better suit the player’s needs. 

With the right upgrades, the microbots can be made even more effective against enemies. 

2. Vulcan Shotgun: Primary

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Vulcan Shotgun

The Vulcan Shotgun is a powerful and versatile weapon used by Captain in Risk of Rain 2. This lightweight, semi-automatic shotgun is capable of dealing high damage in a short amount of time, making it a great choice for close-quarters combat. 

Its wide spread of pellets makes it ideal for crowd control, and its impressive rate of fire allows for quick reactions in tense situations. It is also equipped with a suppressor, which reduces its sound signature and makes it far more discreet than other weapons.

It features a large magazine capacity, allowing for sustained fire and reloads in the heat of battle. Its range and accuracy are also quite impressive, making it a great choice for medium-distance engagements. 

Furthermore, its recoil is relatively low for such a powerful weapon, making it easier to control and accurate when aiming. Captain uses the Vulcan Shotgun as his primary attack to quickly dispatch foes in close quarters. 

He can aim down the sights for more accuracy at medium range, or fire from the hip in close quarters. He can also take advantage of its widespread use of pellets to quickly clear out large groups of enemies. 

The suppressor also makes it possible for Captain to take out enemies without alerting the whole map. Finally, the large magazine capacity allows for sustained fire and reloads in the heat of battle.

3. Power Trazer: Secondary

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Power Tazer

It is a device that allows the player to manipulate the environment, teleport between areas, or even create a powerful weapon. Players can use the Power Trazer to move around the map, allowing them to complete objectives more quickly and efficiently. 

It also allows the player to create powerful weapons, such as grenades or landmines, that can be used to take out enemies quickly.

The Power Trazer also has the ability to teleport the player to different areas in the game, allowing Captain to complete objectives or avoid enemies in dangerous situations. This can be very useful in a tight spot or when the player is trying to escape from a difficult encounter. 

It can also be used to create a powerful weapon, such as a rocket launcher or a flamethrower, which can be used to quickly take out enemies or bosses.

Captain utilizes the Power Trazer to his advantage. He uses it to quickly traverse the map and complete objectives. He also uses it to create powerful weapons, such as grenades or landmines, to take out enemies quickly. 

Apart from that, he uses it to teleport between areas to avoid enemies or to reach a certain area more quickly. 

4. Orbital Probe: Utility

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Orbital Probe

An orbital probe is a type of spacecraft used to explore the outer reaches of a solar system. It is designed to operate autonomously in deep space and is equipped with advanced sensors and communication systems. 

The probe allows scientists to observe and study planetary bodies and other cosmic phenomena from a distance. It can also serve as a relay station for communication between ground control and other spacecraft.

In Risk of Rain 2, Captain uses the orbital probe to scout ahead and gather information about the environment. This includes scanning for enemies, mapping out the terrain, and collecting resources. The probe is also used to deploy Risk of Rain 2 items and activate terminals.

The Captain can also use the orbital probe to observe enemy movements and plan strategies. For example, he can use the probe to scout out an enemy base and identify weak points. 

This can give the team an advantage in battle and help them stay one step ahead of their adversaries.

5. Diablo Strike: Utility

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Diablo Strike

The Diablo Strike is an exciting and powerful attack in the video game Risk of Rain 2. It is an incredibly powerful attack that is only available to a select few heroes in the game. 

The attack is incredibly useful as it can cause a large amount of damage in a short period of time. 

The Diablo Strike is a special attack that is activated when the player has successfully built up their energy meter to a maximum level. 

This can be done by collecting items, completing various objectives, and killing enemies. Once the energy meter is full, the player can activate the Diablo Strike by pressing the special attack button.

To activate the attack, Captain must press the special attack button. This will cause Captain to be surrounded by a large and powerful red aura, which will cause massive amounts of damage to any enemy within its radius. 

Captain can use the Diablo Strike to quickly decimate large groups of enemies and progress through the game.

6. Orbital Supply Beacon: Special

Risk of Rain 2 - Captain Orbital Supply Beacon

This is a one-time event that can only be used once per game. It is triggered by the player when they activate a special Supply Beacon located in the center of the map. 

When activated, a massive bombardment of laser beams and missiles fire down from the sky, inflicting heavy damage on all enemies and structures in the vicinity. 

The attack is powerful enough to clear an entire area of enemies and structures in a single turn.

Captain can use the Orbital Supply Beacon to launch an attack from orbit. When activated, the Orbital Supply Beacon will fire a barrage of lasers and missiles down on the battlefield, dealing massive damage to enemies and structures in its path. 

The attack can be used to quickly clear out an area or to turn the tide of battle in a difficult situation. 


Overall, Captain is an incredibly powerful character in Risk of Rain 2 and can be used effectively if the player understands how to use him properly. 

Captain’s primary strength lies in their ability to move quickly and deal massive amounts of damage. This allows him to quickly take out enemies, or even bosses if necessary. 

In addition, his special ability of being able to pick up items from a distance and his passive ability of gaining extra health when they take damage makes him a great character to use when playing solo or in a group. 

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