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Risk of Rain 2: Acrid Build and Guide

Acrid is a dangerous creature that is venomous and may strike in a variety of ways including with melee and long range attacks. This experimental entity is multifaceted, with the ability to maintain its own melee attacks, control a large group of people, and launch harmful ranged strikes. 

Very resilient, it can adjust to its surroundings and deal significant harm to its foes over time. In Risk of Rain 2, Acrid is your best bet if you’re looking for a survivor who can deal a lot of damage immediately. You’ll know more about Acrid Build, Tips, and Loadouts in this article.

How To Unlock Acrid?

Acrid is a rare survivor in Risk of Rain 2. Players must first break through all nine cells in the Void Fields, a perilous place where they must charge cell vents to withstand the toxins outdoors. Players must traverse a purple-portal cave in the Bazaar’s basement to reach the Void Fields.

The Void Fields are challenging and require proper preparation. Due to the game’s random number generation, travelling across cell vents is best done on Drizzle difficulty with combat-sustaining supplies.

After charging all nine cells, the player can use Acrid, a powerful survivor with many devastating skills. If you want a powerful and unique character, Risk of Rain 2’s Acrid is worth the effort to unlock.

Acrid jumping on terrain

Acrid’s Abilities

Here’s the complete breakdown of Acrid’s abilities to enable you in using this character in the best possible way.

Passive: Poison

Poison, Acrid’s first passive ability, damages over time. Acrid slowly poisons foes. For 10 seconds, Acrid’s poison ticks three times. This attack deals 10% of the target’s maximum health. Although Poison is potent, its damage over time impact cannot kill a target.

Alternative Passive: Blight

Acrid’s alternative passive, Blight, replaces Poison with a stronger damage-over-time effect that stacks and kills targets. Kill 50 foes with 1 HP to unlock Blight in the Easy Prey challenge.

Primary Ability: Vicious Wounds

Vicious Wounds, Acrid’s main ability in Risk of Rain 2, allows him to execute a three-hit combo on an enemy, with every third blow causing 400% damage and restoring him for 10% of his maximum health over 0.5 seconds. 

Vicious Wounds has no cooldown but a delay that strike speed items can lower. Acrid may rapidly use the skill to attack enemies and heal himself.

Acrid abilities

Secondary Abilities

Ravenous Bite: Acrid’s alternative secondary ability is Ravenous Bite. He may bite an enemy for 320% damage and poison, escalating the damage by 2% for each 1% of the target’s health. This ability is great for close-quarters combat because it regenerates Acrid.

Neurotoxin: Acrid’s Risk of Rain 2 secondary ability, Neurotoxin, launches a toxic bolt that deals 240% damage and inflicts Blight or Poison. It can be used while sprinting or during Vicious Wounds without interruption. Acrid can use Poison or Blight from a range and keep striking while moving.


Caustic Leap: Acrid’s default Utility skill, Caustic Leap, lets him leap and inflict 320% damage to foes. This crowd control capability creates an acid pool that poisons Poison and stuns opponents. Acrid’s Utility leap abilities have two base charges, giving him more flexibility and mobility in combat.

Acrid leaps

Frenzied Leap: Acrid’s second Utility skill is Frenzied Leap, resembling Caustic Leap. Acrid may jump into the air and deal 550% damage with a stun and shortened cooldown. Due to Acrid’s Poison-based attacks, players can easily accomplish the Pandemic challenge by inflicting Poison 1000 times to unlock Frenzied Leap.


Epidemic: Acrid’s lone special ability in Risk of Rain 2 complements his Poison and Blight passives: Epidemic. If the plague bolt hits anything, it causes 100% damage and quickly imparts Poison and Blight to up to 20 targets. 

It gives Acrid more battle mobility when sprinting. Acrid needs Epidemic to rapidly distribute damage-over-time effects and defeat groups of opponents.

How To Play Acrid: Tips And Tricks

Acrid isn’t great at one-on-one combat, but he shines in boss battles. Given his slow reflexes, close quarters fighting with him should be avoided whenever possible. The best use of his skills is to poison foes and inflict damage on them. 

You can finish off your foes with a single blow from Acrid’s melee attack if they are weakened and near death. This tactic will help you make the most of Acrid’s abilities and defeat your foes throughout the game.

Acrid Build Inclusions

Poison is Acrid’s most powerful ability in Risk of Rain 2 since its damage increases in proportion to the target’s current health. As the game progresses, Ravenous Bite and Frenzied Leap become less useful because Acrid is now required to fight in close quarters. Acrid is best utilized in a DOT (Damage Over Time) tank role, despite his hypermobile nature. 

The Ukulele, Visions of Heresy, Backup Magazine, Gasoline, Tri-Tip Dagger, and Will-o’-The-Wisp are all examples of items that have a synergistic relationship with one another. These items have the potential to improve Acrid’s performance in battle.


Acrid is a valuable character in Risk of Rain 2, especially in boss fights. His Poison ability scales with the target’s health, making him effective at gradually whittling down enemy health. Although he may not be as effective in sustained combat, his mobility and crowd control abilities make him a valuable asset in larger battles. 

Acrid’s hit-and-run approach may take some practice to master, but with the right items and strategy, he can be a formidable character in the game. Overall, Acrid is a worthwhile choice for players who enjoy a damage-over-time gameplay [1].

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