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Fuel Cell in Risk of Rain 2 — Why Is It Better Than Lysate Cell?

Fuel cells are a crucial aspect of the gameplay in Risk of Rain 2, a popular third-person shooter game that places players in a hostile alien world. In the game, fuel cells are used to power the teleporter that players need to activate to move on to the next level. 

However, the acquisition of fuel cells is not always a straightforward task, as they are often guarded by dangerous enemies or hidden in hard-to-reach locations. Furthermore, players must manage their limited supply of fuel cells carefully to ensure that they have enough to progress through the increasingly challenging levels. 

In this discussion, we will explore the role of fuel cells in Risk of Rain 2, their importance to the gameplay, and some strategies for effectively managing them in order to successfully complete the game.

What Is the Fuel Cell?

The fuel Cell is an item that provides an additional charge to the player’s equipment. This extra charge can be activated during the equipment’s effect or at any other time. 

The Fuel Cell is considered to be an incredibly powerful item because it also grants a 15% reduction in the cooldown time for all charges, which includes those not obtained from the Fuel Cell. 

As players collect more Fuel Cells, the stacking cooldown reduction scales down per stack, but having ten Fuel Cells can result in an approximate 80% reduction in all equipment charges.

ROR Fuel Cell 2

Essentially, this means that the Fuel Cell is a highly valuable item that can greatly enhance a player’s gameplay by providing additional charges and reducing the cooldown time for their equipment, ultimately making it easier to progress through the game.

Items That Do Not Work Well With Fuel Cell

Here are the following items in the game that are not recommended to be paired with the Fuel Cell.

The Remote Caffeinator

This can be paired with the Fuel Cell to provide additional charges. While it is not entirely useless with the Fuel Cell, its effectiveness may not be as significant as other equipment options. 

When used, the Remote Caffeinator calls down a dispensing machine that can deal a high amount of damage in a small area of effect, which is equal to 20 times the natural damage of the player’s survivor. 

However, this effect is inconsistent due to the mobility of enemies, which can move out of the machine’s range. As a result, the Remote Caffeinator may not be the most optimal equipment choice for players who are looking for more reliable and consistent benefits. 

Instead, players may want to consider other equipment items that can provide more consistent damage output or utility, such as items that provide increased mobility, damage reduction, or healing.

ROR Fuel Cell 3

Eccentric Vase

An equipment item in Risk of Rain 2 that allows players to create a “Quantum Tunnel” for traveling in a straight line to the other end of the tunnel. 

However, this item has several disadvantages, such as the player being vulnerable to attacks while traveling through the tunnel, the travel time not being impressive, and the inability to perform any actions until exiting the tunnel. 

The Vase also has a 45-second cooldown and the tunnels last only 30 seconds, making it a less favorable choice compared to other equipment options. The Fuel Cell item does not benefit significantly from the Eccentric Vase unless it is used to reach a non-accessible location with no other means of mobility. 

Therefore, unless there is a specific need for this item, players should consider choosing other equipment options that offer more significant benefits.

ROR Fuel Cell 4

The Crowdfunder

This item can be toggled to fire a stream of projectiles that deal damage to enemies. While the Crowdfunder can be powerful, it does not benefit significantly from the Fuel Cell item. 

This is because the damage output of the Crowdfunder does not scale with the player’s equipment or any other stats, meaning that additional charges of the Fuel Cell would not make a significant difference in its effectiveness.

The Radar Scanner

This is a useful equipment item in Risk of Rain 2 that can reveal all interactables, such as Teleporters, Newts, and the Altars, on the map. However, the value of having multiple charges of the item is limited since using it once shows all the available information on the map. 

Therefore, having additional charges for the Radar Scanner may not be as beneficial as other equipment options that provide more useful or versatile effects.

ROR Fuel Cell 5

The Trophy Hunter's Tricorn

This enables players to turn a boss item into a joke item through extraction and conversion. While this can be a fun and amusing feature, the usefulness of the Trophy Hunter’s Tricorn is limited. 

This is because the item can only be used once per boss and will not provide any additional benefits after the first use and it may not be the most optimal choice for players who are focused on progressing through the game or optimizing their equipment loadout.

Equipment Choices That Offer Strong Synergies with the Fuel Cell

The following are equipment items that pair well with the Fuel Cell, enhancing their performance and making the game more enjoyable.

Spinel Tonic

This provides a powerful buff to player stats for 20 seconds but has a 60-second recharge time and a potential downside of a permanent debuff. The Fuel Cell can reduce the cooldown of the item, preventing the debuff and allowing players to maximize the buff. 

When paired with Gesture of the Drowned and additional stacks, players can achieve a 100% uptime on the effect. This makes the Fuel Cell an excellent pairing for Spinel Tonic, maximizing its benefits without the risk of permanent debuffs.

ROR Fuel Cell 6

Bottled Chaos

Despite its random nature, it can provide some notable utility if players have low cooldowns on their equipment items, making it a useful equipment item to pair with the Fuel Cell. While the effects of Bottled Chaos can be unexpected, they are generally more beneficial than harmful. 

This can make for a fun and exciting gameplay experience, as players never know what they might get from using this item. However, it is important to note that the nature of Bottled Chaos can sometimes be unpredictable, and players should exercise caution when using it.

Gesture of the Drowned

This reduces 50% of equipment cooldown upon collection and immediately activates the equipment when it refreshes. When paired with the Fuel Cell or additional stacks of itself, the cooldown time for equipment is reduced even further. 

This combination can lead to a cooldown time of roughly 35% of the equipment’s natural wait time. Since there is no risk of equipment hurting the player upon use, this item is incredible when paired with the Fuel Cell.

ROR Fuel Cell 7

The Royal Capacitor Synergizes Well with the Fuel Cell

When used together with Gesture of the Drown, the Fuel Cell deactivates one of its passive effects, except for equipment that requires a target to activate. It becomes highly useful when combined with items that allow keeping a charge. 

The Royal Capacitor is an excellent example of this, dealing massive damage when rapidly activated. Other items can also work well with the Fuel Cell, enhancing their performance by reducing cooldown times and providing additional charges.

Lysate Cell or Fuel Cell: Which is Better?

The Lysate Cell in Risk of Rain 2 provides a secondary charge of the special skill but no cooldown reduction. Its usefulness depends on the player’s other equipment items, and it may be a viable option if keeping the Remote Caffeinator or Executive Card. 

However, it only provides one extra Engineer turret and may not be ideal for facing Void Fiend without the Essence of Heresy.

In contrast, the Fuel Cell is a powerful item that offers cooldown reduction and extra charges for all equipment items, making it difficult to replace. Players should carefully consider their equipment items before deciding whether or not to choose the Lysate Cell.

ROR Fuel Cell 1

Wrapping Up

Overall, the Fuel Cell is a powerful equipment item in the game that can enhance the performance of other equipment items by reducing their cooldown times and providing additional charges. 

Its versatility and usefulness make it a valuable addition to any player’s loadout, and it can greatly enhance the overall gameplay experience [1].

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